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RUSH: Juan in Fresno, California. You’re next. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Can you hear me?

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: Rush, first of all, I wanted to say, you know, I hope your recovery is going well. We definitely keep you in our prayers and thoughts; so that’s going —

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that, sir.

CALLER: So one of the things I just wanted to say is out here in Fresno — so I’m a 38-year-old Hispanic, and I was telling the guy on the phone that I don’t hear or see anybody that’s saying that they’re supporting Joe Biden or Joe Biden’s campaign at all.

RUSH: Nobody is supporting Joe Biden. You’re absolutely right. Nobody’s supporting Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a nonentity. Joe Biden’s is the guy with a D next to his name.

CALLER: And the other thing is Kamala Harris. So just talking with a couple of my friends that are Sikh and in that community, even the monk community, these people absolutely detest this lady. So I just don’t see anybody or I don’t interact with anyone —

RUSH: Wait a minute. Wait. Why do they detest her? Why did the Sikhs detest her, why do the monks detest her, why do they not like her?

CALLER: I didn’t get far into detail other than what I speculated is like a religious deal, maybe, or just the part of the world that she’s originally from or her parents are from.

RUSH: Well, yeah, she is playing identity games, there’s no question. To certain audiences, she’s African-American. That would offend people. To other audiences she’s Indian-American. That would probably tick off the Sikhs. That’s the thing about these people. They don’t dare be authentic. But look, I want to go back — thanks for the call, Juan. I want to go back to the point about nobody is for Biden. It really is the case.

Biden doesn’t have any enthusiasm behind him. He’s not gonna run around and be seeing Biden yard signs all over the place. I mean, you might see some. But this campaign, the Democrat campaign, the whole thing is fake. Kamala Harris is fake. Biden is fake. This is the Bernie Sanders agenda, and these two people are having to fit themselves into it. This is the price they had to pay. In order for Biden to get nomination, he had to embrace the Bernie Sanders agenda. They had to do this to hold on to Bernie Sanders voters.

The Bernie Sanders agenda is the radical leftist agenda, and the Democrats are having to kowtow to it. And Biden, there is no enthusiasm. Biden has run for the Democrat Party nomination two or three times and never got beyond two or three percent. He is a noted plagiarist. The Neil Kinnock episode. This is one of the biggest — I was gonna say scam. It’s not really a scam, although I guess you could call it that. But this Democrat primary is so odd, there isn’t a one of those people that could beat Joe Biden. This is the most incredible — the most beatable Democrat in that field, outside of Kamala Harris, was Joe Biden. And nobody could do it. Not even Crazy Bernie.

And so now what happens is that Biden just happens to be the guy with the D next to his name on the ballot. To many Democrat voters that’s all that matters, folks. Where’s the D? Where’s the D? Where do I vote, where’s the D? It doesn’t matter who it is. And the Republicans are the same way. Not in the same numbers, in the same percentages, but for the most part Biden is an empty suit, empty vessel. There is no personal enthusiasm for Biden, just like there wasn’t for Hillary. You know, Biden can’t draw a crowd. Biden would not draw a crowd.

The best thing that ever happened to Biden is this virus that keeps him in the basement. It’s a built-in excuse not to have to go out and prove that he has no connection. He has no bond with any of the people that are gonna vote for him. And especially compared to Trump. Trump does have all that. Trump has a connection and a bond with his voters. They have tried to drive a wedge through it. They’ve tried to break it. They’ve tried to make Trump voters sour on him. They have failed. They haven’t made one connection in that regard.

Trump’s connection with his voters is as strong and solid as it has ever been, and it may even be deeper and more solid than anybody knows now. But Biden doesn’t come close to having it. Hillary Clinton did not have it. Barack Obama, strangely — some of you might disagree — Obama didn’t have it. Now, my proof for that is, Obama did everything he could to make the 2016 election about his third term. Remember? (doing impression) “If you want my third term, if you want more of what I did for you, then you gotta vote Hillary.” Well, how’d that work out? It didn’t work out well.

And he’s up there at the convention, and there’s Bill Clinton in the audience, and he’s saying, “Bill, you and I gonna have to admit it. She’s better than both of us.” I about choked. He didn’t believe that. He doesn’t believe anybody’s better than he is at anything, including ceremonial first pitches at baseball games. He thinks nobody’s better than he is at anything. He’s up there saying, “Bill, you and I gonna have to admit it. She’s smarter than we are. She’s more qualified. She may be the most qualified person ever.” What a crock. And that couldn’t sell.

He couldn’t sell her. He’s not gonna be able to sell Biden. Biden can’t sell buy. These people, folks, it’s the most amazing thing. There isn’t anybody on this ticket, on the Democrat side, that has an enthusiastic bond or connection with their voters. And yet we are told that they are gonna win in one of these humongously large landslides. It doesn’t work that way.

Voting is a personal thing. This is why I think Biden is in trouble. He can’t campaign for a host of reasons. They don’t dare let him out of the basement. That three-month mandatory mask business is to make sure that he would never have to leave the basement. But without that bond, there isn’t any accompanying enthusiasm. And so what the Democrats are facing here, they have got to turn out the vote based on hatred of Trump. And they have been relying on that for four years.

So you have to ask yourself, what is the emotional reservoir of the average Democrat voter? Is there enough of a reservoir per Democrat voter to hold on to the abject hatred that they’ve had for four years? Now, I don’t think so. You may disagree with me. I think some of them are probably capable of it, but I’ve had enough experience with emotional reservoirs running dry that I think they’re gonna have trouble.

I don’t think there is as much enthusiasm on the Democrat side as you’re being told that there is. And you know the evidence for that? They’re having to lie about who Kamala Harris is. Folks, they’re having to lie about her being a moderate, a soccer mom. She is a pragmatist. They’re doing everything they can to hide the fact that she is as radical leftist is as anybody in that party is.

Folks, she was the ringleader in the get Brett Kavanaugh episode. She was the one responsible for telling all of the lies. She and Dianne Feinstein, the California connection. This circumstance that they’re in, they’ve got to wrap up the Trump hatred. That’s to substitute for the fact that they do not have an enthusiastic buy-in, and she doesn’t have it, either.

Biden picks her and immediately the media tries to make us. “Oh, my God. That’s the worst thing could have happened. Oh, my God.” People, no, they don’t love her. She was the first out of the Democrat primary before anybody’d ever cast a vote. She is not universally popular and loved and adored and all of that.

There’s a newspaper in Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and it’s a leftist paper like most papers, “Why Biden Blew It — Joe Biden took his time selecting a running mate, which seemed prudent. But he came up with Sen. Kamala Harris of California, which seems anticlimactic. And, worse than that, weak. … What does it say about Mr. Biden as a leader? It does not say much, or at least much that is good.”

Folks, they do not have anywhere near the enthusiasm that Donald Trump has. The voters. They just don’t. Joe Biden is the guy with the D next to his name. And Kamala Harris is somehow another record setter, African-American or Indian-American or woman of color, first time ever vice president. Big whoop.

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