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RUSH: Do you know what the Republican convention theme this year is going to be? They’ve announced it. “Honoring the Great American Story.” “The theme for the 2020 Republican National Convention will be ‘Honoring the Great American Story’ and is set to highlight America’s ‘greatness, opportunity, and President Donald Trump’s bold leadership’ …

“The first day of the convention, which falls on Monday August 24, will detail ‘the Land of Promise.’ Tuesday will focus on the ‘Land of Opportunity.’ Wednesday will highlight the ‘Land of Heroes,’ and on Thursday, speakers will discuss the ‘Land of Greatness.'” Everything the Democrat Party has been ripping to shreds for the last couple of months — every statue they’ve been tearing down, every looting and every explosion and every bit of unrest in every city they’ve been behind.

The exact opposite of what the Democrat Party has been standing for, has been illustrating itself to represent.

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