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RUSH: The anti-American contagion has spread from football and basketball now into soccer. Last Wednesday, the entire FC Dallas team and players from their opponents, Nashville SC, took a knee as the national anthem was playing. The fans at Toyota Stadium in Dallas booed.

Reggie Cannon, a little-known FC Dallas defender, was outraged. He lashed out at the fans, calling their booing “absolutely disgusting.” Mr. Cannon said he was “baffled” and “[tick]ed off” that fans dared to boo kneeling players in their own stadium. “How disgraceful is that?” he asked.

Apparently, this young guy doesn’t understand much outside of soccer balls. Mr. Cannon, let’s put aside the obvious: That most patriotic Americans think the disrespect you kneeling players show to our national anthem is a total disgrace.

What’s also obvious is, you seem not to know where your salary comes from. It’s the very fans who you hold in contempt for not coddling you. They have a right to express themselves, too!

In fact, those fans may express themselves further after your outburst by just staying home and forgetting you and your league exist. Then you’ll have plenty of time to bitch and kneel to your hearts content. While you’re figuring out how to pay your bills in this great country that you seem to hate or dislike.

So kneel on that, buddy, and see what you can learn next time.

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