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RUSH: Hey, folks, I told you I’d be back, I told you I’d be back this week. This is the first week, this is the first time in — let’s see — ah, this has to be three months, the first time in three months that I have been back to do a busy broadcast during treatment week. That should speak for itself. It’s great to be here. As always, I woke up today, and I thanked God that I did. It is great to be here.

And the telephone number, if you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882. And the email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us. It’s also…

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny South Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: And I can imagine that you people are just chomping at the bit to tell me what you think of what all has gone on this week. Of course, I, too, am chomping at the bit to tell you what I think about what’s gone on this week. I have the added benefit of going last after everybody else has said what they want to say about Kamala, Kamala, Kamala, whatever, Harris being the nominee, I get to go last. I don’t know what everybody else has said, so if it’s repetitive, “it is what it is.”

By the way, the attorney general, William Barr, alluded earlier today — maybe it was yesterday — that there would be an announcement regarding the Durham investigation. Not all that big a deal, but nevertheless an announcement.

And we now have it. Kevin Clinesmith, a corrupt FBI lawyer who deliberately fabricated evidence to justify spying on Carter Page getting the FISA warrant — that’s what got this all started. They needed a way to spy on the Trump campaign, and they had Carter Page who had been making trips to Russia in the context of doing other work. He was actually an American agent. He was not a Russian agent. He was not anything that the leaders of this coup cast him as.

But Kevin Clinesmith, one of the FBI lawyers who deliberately fabricated evidence to justify spying on Carter Page and getting the FISA warrants, is going to plead guilty to federal charges of falsifying evidence. So it is something. And, as the attorney general said, it’s not a gigantic thing, but it does mean that the grand jury that Durham impaneled has been doing work and that there are indictments.

So, we’ll take it. It’s a move in the right direction. And even though it’s not a gigantic deal to us, it’s gonna send little ripples of fear through the entire cabal of the coup that is still operating, in fact, in my opinion, trying to unseat Donald Trump.


RUSH: I got a couple sound bites here before we go to the break. Evan Perez, this is a CNN sound bite. CNN is reacting to the news story today that an FBI lawyer has pled guilty to lying to the FBI during the investigation into Trump-Russia collusion, the investigation of the investigation, and the investigation into the coup. Kevin Clinesmith. This is the guy who set Carter Page up. I want you to listen to CNN report this as though they are just hearing about this for the first time. They’re acting like they’re really curious. They don’t quite know what this is all about.

EVAN PEREZ: Kevin Clinesmith altered an email to say that Carter Page was not a source of the CIA as part of the preparations for these documents that were submitted to the FISA court. So Clinesmith is now going to plead guilty to one count of making a false statement which is sending that email, forwarding that email from the CIA officer saying that Carter Page was not a source. John, obviously, the president and Bill Barr have been building expectations that something big would come before the election, you know, from the Durham investigation. I guess that this would count as one of those things.

KING: Certainly unethical behavior. We will see if there’s more between now and then or whether this is it.

RUSH: Certainly unethical. Yeah, certainly. We’ll see if there is any more. You think there’s gonna be any more coming here, John? See, we don’t know. Acting like they have no idea what this is all about. The president addressed this, leading off his press conference earlier today. Sound bite number 27 in three, two, one.

THE PRESIDENT: Kevin Clinesmith, a corrupt FBI attorney who falsified FISA warrants in James Comey’s very corrupt FBI, is expected to plead guilty. That’s just the beginning, I would imagine. What happened should never happen again. So he is pleading guilty. Terrible thing. Terrible thing. Fact is, they spied on my campaign, and they got caught.

RUSH: Yeah. And it is just the beginning. And Attorney General Barr did say that something was coming. They didn’t say it was gonna be something major, but he did say that something was coming. PJ Media has a story today. The headline: “Nunes: Obama and Biden Knew About Spying on the Trump Campaign – ‘It’s way worse than even we thought it was.'”

Maria Bartiromo yesterday interviewed President Trump on the Fox Business Channel. Trump told Maria Bartiromo that (paraphrasing), “The Obama administration spied on my campaign, which is treason. Obama knew everything. Biden knew everything. Biden, as dumb as he may be, he knew everything and everybody else knew everything, Maria, and you know it, and Comey and Brennan and Clapper, they were all terrible. They lied to Congress.”

You know, the only one trying to get this story out nationally is Trump. The Republicans are still not doing a damn thing to help him on this. Jordan and Nunes, Jim Jordan, Devon Nunes are about the only ones that are doing their best to have this story spread. And there’s gotta be a reason why the Republicans are recalcitrant here. Maybe some of them were involved. Hell, who knows.

But the Nunes news here, what he’s talking about is that Biden, according to handwritten notes from Peter Strzok Smirk, Biden was the one who suggested using the Logan Act to target Michael Flynn in the famous Oval Office meeting of January 5th, 2017, the meeting that Obama chaired that set up the meeting at Trump Tower the next day where Trump was explained the golden showers story from the Steele dossier.


RUSH: Phil in Cleveland, you’re next on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: (garbled cell) Hey. How are you doing, Rush?

RUSH: I’m good, sir. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Many prayers for you. You are our guiding light. A few weeks ago, you did a show explaining that you were frustrated from the previous show the day before, and you talked about not giving up hope, ’cause it’s so easy at times to see our side get attacked so much when they do everything they’re accusing us of, but you never see anything happen.

And when the Clinesmith guilty plea popped up, I was like, I remembered that show, and I was like, “I can’t wait to listen to Rush’s show.” I think that is close to the core of the Russia probe and Spygate. I can’t wait to look forward to maybe a conservative October Surprise.

RUSH: Now, wait. What do you think the October Surprise is gonna be?

CALLER: I think it’ll be on our side, seeing how, like, the media’s actually covering the, like, the Spygate stuff, even though they’re acting like they don’t (cell drop) they didn’t have any (crosstalk) —

RUSH: Oh. Oh. Oh. Okay, you’re talking about… You’ll have to forgive me, sir. It’s my hearing. I didn’t understand much of what you said. You’re talking about the hoax and the coup and the Durham investigation and the fact that it might be released in terms of time to suffice as an October surprise. I’ll tell you, the Democrats are worried about that. The Democrats are worried about it.

Now, why would that be? I mean, they’re out there saying nothing happened. They’re saying Trump colluded. They’re saying that Trump meddled with the Russians, and he still is, and that the Russians are still trying to affect the 2020 election. So why would they be worried about some kind of truth reveal on this? (whispering) Because they know. Because they know — and I’m telling you, they are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I just hope it does.

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