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RUSH: I’ve got the show all prepped, I’ve got it ready to go, I’ve told the broadcast engineer the first two sound bites I’m gonna use and then I get this. Breaking news from ABC News: “Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, says that all New York school districts can open for the fall.”

Now, wait just a minute. There isn’t a “but.” So far there isn’t a “but.” For Andrew Cuomo to do this, do you realize what a concession this could be made to look like to Trump? Do you realize what a big — I mean, since everything in the media these days is: Can we make it look bad for Trump? Can we make it look good for the Democrats? Can we make it look good for Biden?

Oh, by the way, Biden, he stepped in it again and doesn’t know what he’s done. He doubled down on it and doesn’t know what he’s done because he’s not the guy writing what he’s saying. And he’s not the guy who’s writing his tweets. We’ll get to all that in a minute. But for the governor of New York, at this stage — I guess if you’re gonna open the schools, you’ve gotta do it quick. If you’ve made up your mind you’re gonna do it, you gotta do it.

To open the public schools in New York this fall means there’s gotta be a reason. There’s gotta be something going on, Mr. Snerdley, that is forcing — ’cause Cuomo doesn’t want to do this. Do you think? These blue state governors do not want to do anything that could in any way be seen as helping Trump. I mean, who is it in American government that has been single-handedly pushing and moving to get the schools open? I gotta tell you, it’s Donald Trump.

And who is it that’s been opposing it? Who is it that’s been thinking it’s not realistic? Who is it that’s been demanding all kinds of things if they do it? The teachers unions. So Governor Cuomo is, in addition to everything else, is standing up to the teachers unions and telling them to go pound sand. Now, the teachers unions are demanding all kinds of things. They want, for example, the latest demand, if there is in the entirety of the New York public school system — and this was before Cuomo opened ’em up today — if there is one case of COVID-19 found at any school, they gotta shut down the entire school system. That is a demand from the teachers unions.

And I think it’s not just in New York. I think it encompasses a couple of other places too. So does this portend something here? Is there already that we can’t really see, but we suspect it, is there already a ripple effect across the country that the Democrats’ plan here isn’t working? By the way, the latest polling data, the latest polling data narrowing the gap.

In fact, there was one headline that I saw that suggests that the polling right now between Trump and Biden is identical to where it was with Trump and Hillary. And for that to happen, it means that Biden is losing significant ground.


RUSH: Now, earlier today I shared with you at the top of the program, break-ins from the governor of New York, all New York school districts can open for the fall, New York Governor Cuomo says. I said, whoa. I said to myself. Said wait a minute. What is this? The only guy talking about opening the schools is Trump. What the heck is going on? What does this mean? Well, we may have a better understanding now. It’s conference call with members of the media, and here is Governor Cuomo earlier today.

CUOMO: All school districts can open. Everywhere in the state, every region is below the threshold that we established, which is just great news. And look. Let me say it this way. You look at our infection rate, we are probably in the best situation in the country right now, as incredible as that is. So if anybody can open schools, we can open schools.

RUSH: All right, now, if anybody could open schools, we can open schools. So this is gonna happen in September, late August. But what’s gonna happen in October? Remember what he says, he’s got a qualifier here. Did he sound half sleep there in the bite? “All school districts can open everywhere in the state. Every region is below the threshold that we established. This is great news. Let me say it this way. You look at our infection rate -” what happens if these numbers change?

Can you see him closing the schools in October if he opens them? Can you see him doing that? Politically, can you see him: “You know what? Rising number of cases from the fact that the schools were open. We tried to do what the president wanted, but it’s just sad.” I wouldn’t put anything past them. There’s nothing he says here that portends that there’s a trick going on.

I guess I’ll just take it at face value. He’s opening the schools here and really this is something for Donald Trump. This is something that Trump single-handedly has been pushing. I’m talking about on the political side. The Democrats are still and their teachers unions are still madly, violently opposed to it.

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