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RUSH: Here’s Eve. Eve is in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Boy, what an honor. Longtime listener, big fan. And, Rush, I wish you well.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I have a question for you and I’ve asked it of numerous people. My question is, why the hatred of President Trump? He’s not even elected. He gets elected legitimately, and people hate him to the point where you have the FBI going after him, the whole Russian collusion to take him out. And he wasn’t even in office. He didn’t put any — outside of the fact he was gonna go in and drain the swamp? Do you think that was it? I don’t understand why they hated him before he even —

RUSH: To understand the threat that Trump posed — and the threat that he posed was simply because of things he said that he was gonna do, it’s a great question, Eve, and to properly understand, you have to know who those people really are. That wasn’t just the FBI, and it wasn’t just the intelligence community. It was the entirety of the Washington political establishment.

CALLER: But to have that much power and for it to go through at that level, I —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait.

CALLER: — it actually frightens me to think that this has been going on as long as it is and still going on.

RUSH: Wait. That what has been going on?

CALLER: That the undermining of our president.

RUSH: Oh, no, no, no, no. Let me try this again. Trump was, of course, the focus and the target of this, but to understand the hatred, if you just look at it for what — the hatred appears irrational. You don’t understand it. All he did was run for president, get elected, he said he wanted to make America great again. Why is that controversial? You’ve gotta understand who these people are. You gotta understand what in the world the threat they think Trump possess, to understand their deep paranoia and fear and to understand the irrational reaction and hatred, you’ve got to know who they are, not who Trump is.

And to tell you, here’s who they are. After World War II, the world order was reassembled. Europe had to be put back together. It had been destroyed by all those years of war, World War I and World War II. The Soviet Union was allowed to exist. The Soviet Union was almost permitted to exist. George Patton wanted to keep going and wipe ’em out. George Patton recognized the threat posed by state sponsored communism, and the Americans stopped him.

Some Europeans said no, we are not following them back to Moscow or Leningrad. We’re gonna let them exist. And the New World Order, or the order, was established at that point. And that was the beginning of the desire all of those people had for the eventual day where the world would be governed by a single government, a globalist government that would not be located in Washington. It would be located in Europe somewhere, but where it was was not really the point.

The point was the United States was not going to enjoy singular superpower status after having earned it and achieved it by defeating the Axis powers in World War II, and by allowing the Soviet Union to exist and grow as an enemy and as a communist client state. So from the 1940s all through 2016 the Washington establishment became focused on not America first, but the world first.

Careers, educations, futures, the role for their children, all of this was factored into the planning, factored into how the world was going to be so that various people would be assured of their place of power and authority in it. And it was working. They were going along on just fine. Manufacturing jobs leaving America. America was eroding its superpower status. Then Trump comes along and promises to reverse all of it.


RUSH: Look. I want to try take another stab at this because the question that we had from Eve is really a good one. I’m sure a lot of people are wondering why, this hatred that these people have for Trump certainly is irrational, meaning it doesn’t make any sense to average, ordinary people. All Trump did was run for office. He got elected. He talked about making America great again. Folks, seriously, now. Why in the world did that put the fear of God into so damn many Democrats and deep state people?

Stop and think of this for a second. “Make America Great Again,” remember all of the laughter from New York Times reporters like Thomas Friedman. Oh, how quaint. Oh, how old-fashioned. Oh, how stupid. Oh, how simplistic. Oh, how dumb. Make America Great — oh, my — and then, when they saw Trump was succeeding with it, then it became racist. Then it became, well, what he wants to go is back to the days of slavery. What he wants to do is go back to the days of Ozzie and Harriet. What he wants to do is go back to the days when everybody went to church. What he wants to do is when everybody goes back to closing all the stores on Sunday and nobody uttered any profanity.

The reaction to “Make America Great Again” should have opened everybody’s eyes, that that can be controversial, that there are people who opposed that? And they sure as heck did, folks. And then Trump is out there promising that he is going to stop Obama’s plan to transform America. Well, what was that? What was Obama’s plan to transform America? He was gonna transform it out of the American founding.

The objective of the Obama administration and everybody in the Democrat Party, the deep state back then, the American founding was unjust and it was immoral. It was rooted in injustice and racism and bigotry. And we’re gonna change it. And that was all disguise language. We’re gonna get rid of freedom, is what they meant. We’re gonna get rid of the idea that government answers to the people. Well, we can’t have that. We can’t not be in power when we have to answer to the people. It’s gonna be the other damn way around. People are gonna answer to us. Corporations are gonna answer to us. Everybody is gonna answer to us.

Here comes Trump saying, “No, no, no, no, no. Nope. We’re gonna go back to where government answered to the people.” But “Make America Great Again.” And it brought ’em all out from under whatever they were hiding behind. That should have — and it did, I think. I think that opened so many people’s eyes. I don’t think Trump had a prayer of winning that presidency for the first two months of his campaign. I think everybody looked at it as a lark and a joke and some other purpose that he had.

But then people saw the reaction to it. They saw the reaction to Make America Great Again. They saw the reaction to Trump’s common-sense philosophy of America as a great place, America as the savior of the world, America as an exceptional place, the home of decency and goodness. That brought ’em out of the woodwork in opposition. “No, we can’t let America become great again.” What did they tell you that meant? It wasn’t good.

America becoming great again, why, that’s when all the racism and bigotry was dominant. It was sick, folks. And it remains sick to this day, the opposition to the premise of making America great. Again, just Make America Great, stop, they oppose. So when it began to look like Trump could win, then the laughing at him and the making fun of him changed into abject fear. “My God. What if he wins? My God.”

Why did they have to get rid of Flynn? It’s the same thing. They had to destroy Michael Flynn because of what he was going to learn as Trump’s director of the national security apparatus. They couldn’t let Flynn get that position. He would learn everything about the coup, for one thing. But he would learn so much more about what actually had been going on within the darkest areas of the deep state, United States.

But let me just briefly as I can. If you think that the people running the United States — and I don’t just mean the president. Folks, there is an invisible group of people — and I don’t mean to make this sound conspiratorial. It’s a product of the size of our government. We got people that have never been elected anything that are writing more laws than Congress is. They are bureaucrats at every cabinet level bureaucracy. And they are writing regulations that limit your freedom and limit what you can do and say and limit how her house can look, limit how big it can be, limit this, limit that.

And they’re not elected. You don’t even know who they are. It’s a lot of power they have. Trump also vowed to get rid of all of that going on. But the point is it’s huge, this the apparatus of invisible, unknown people. And they have paved the way for themselves, they have paved the way for their kids and their grandkids to have a place in this government, in this organization, whatever you want to call it, deep state. And it did not put the United States first.

And the people that we’re talking about largely are leftists and liberal. That’s the vast majority of people in government in these invisible positions at the bureaucracies are liberal Democrats. That’s their purpose. Conservatives don’t like government, don’t want to be part of government, certainly don’t want it getting any bigger. We want it not being a big element in anybody’s lives. The left is entirely different. The world revolves around government and, therefore, them. Liberals are born wanting to be in government. They are born wanting the power that comes along with it.

And so their definition of success is populating government and growing the size of government and growing their positions in it. And we’re not even in that game. And those people do not think of America is any super special place, like you do. They think of America as a problem. You and I would look at America as the solution to most every problem in the world. They look at the United States as the problem. They look at the United States as unjust, undeserving of our superpower status. They think we have plundered, we have stolen resources from other nations and other people. We have used those resources to enhance ourselves and to make ourselves rich. That’s illegitimate. We must pay a price for it.

Look, folks. We’re in a death struggle with communism. And the post-World War II world order established and validated the Soviet communist state, protected it, set it up as a legitimate competitor to the United States. Remember Madeleine Albright, former secretary of state for Obama. “The United States,” she said, “as the lone superpower is the biggest destabilization that the world could ever experience.” They do not look at us as the good guys, folks. The Democrat Party does not see us as the good guys. The American left, socialists, communists, do not see the United States as the good guys. They don’t see us as morally superior. They don’t see us as anything special. American founding, no way, there’s nothing exception about it. It’s an accident.

Madeleine Albright teaches at Georgetown that the American founding is just the accidental intersection of a bunch of people at a certain date range that led to things that were just at the end of the day a big accident. And we look at the United States as blessed, divinely inspired. They don’t even for the most part believe in God.

So to understand their hatred of Trump, to understand the irrationality of their hatred for Trump, you don’t have to know anything about Trump. You have to know who they are. And you have to know why somebody who wants to make America great again so threatens them. And I think that would be almost impossible for most people to understand.

I think most Americans think the concept of America being great is great for everybody, especially those of us that live here. We don’t look at it as a braggadocious thing. We don’t look at it as being any better than anybody else. We look at it as we’re the shining light of freedom around the world, we’re the beacon, we’re the shining city, that’s what we believe. That’s why so many people want to get into this country and live here. That’s why so many people want to become Americans.

But the hatred that they have for Trump is so irrational that it can’t be based on just him. It is a reflection more of who they are and how they feel threatened by all of this. Shrink this down to — I find to help people understand massively complex things, if you can come up with an analogy that people can relate to and understand because it may exist where they live.


RUSH: When Trump said he was gonna drain the swamp, they couldn’t take the chance he didn’t mean it. Now they know he did mean it. Drain the swamp means getting rid of them.

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