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RUSH: Now, I have made the point brilliantly and cogently over the years that the media, these people in the media, are disconnected from us, that they congregate among themselves. That’s all they know. And they actually work to impress other journalists.

Let me draw you the contrast. When I do this program — and it’s been the case since I have been doing radio — the audience is all that matters. You made the decision to listen here, I want to make sure that that’s a worthwhile decision, that you’re not wasting your time. So what I do, everything I do here is not for me. It’s for you. I’m lucky in that the things that I care deeply about, a lot of you do too.

So I don’t have to try to fake it. I don’t have to try to imagine what you want to hear and then do that. I’ve really benefited from being able to be as honest as I know how to be and having that reacted to by a huge majority of people. The media couldn’t care less about their audience, folks. I have been trying to make that point in a number of ways over the years in as many different ways as I can.

In fact, the media, media’s the one business where the customer is always wrong. You see something in the media or you read something that you think is biased or wrong or unprofessional and you call them and complain, what are they gonna tell you? They’re gonna insult you and they’re gonna tell you you don’t know how they do their jobs and they’re gonna tell you, “We don’t need you, screw you,” or one variation of that.

But they’re gonna laugh at you. They’re gonna make fun of you. They’re gonna think that you’re just a conservative malcontent. But they don’t have the slightest interest in whether you watch or read or don’t. Who they care about watching and reading is other journalists. That’s for whom they are working. That’s, in their minds, as they go about their jobs, when they’re on camera, whether they’re giving some report, whether they’re beating up on Trump, they want other journalists to be impressed by it. They want other journalists to applaud it. They want other journalists to give it a stamp of approval.

They couldn’t care less what you think about it. And isn’t that obvious? CNN has been losing audience left and right for the entire four years so far of the Trump presidency, do they care? Apparently not. Now, they’ve had some ratings expansion during the COVID-19 business, but prior to that, when it was just hate Trump all the time, every time, numbers were sinking. Did they care?

No. They don’t care. They’re not management. So they don’t care about advertising sales, they don’t care about the business side until they got laid off, and then they tell management to bite the bullet and lose money if you have to because what we’re doing is crucially important. We’ve got constitutional protection. Management says, screw you. We can’t afford to keep you going this way. So papers are shutting down. People are getting laid off left and right, and still the mainstream media couldn’t care less about the audience and their reaction to their work.

Well, lookie here. This is a study that confirms a lot of this. “A new report has confirmed that DC journalists interact with ‘microbubbles’ of themselves of Twitter, disconnected from the wider world. The study of Washington DC journalists, conducted by Nikkie Usher and Yee Man Margaret Ng of the University of Illinois, confirmed the long held belief that beltway media types are disconnected from everyone else. However, the study has revealed that instead of being part of just one ‘Beltway Bubble,’ they are part of many different ‘microbubbles,’ interacting in even smaller communities.

“Usher and Ng decided to apply large, computational social science practices to this study, studying a huge number of journalists. ‘With more than 2,000 journalists in this study, we could not observe each of them individually in real life. So we used their digital life as a way to understand how they interact with their peers,’ Ng said.”

And they found it’s all on Twitter. “The tweets, retweets, and replies, of all credentialed congressional respondents with active Twitter accounts were collected, and then analysed, with the two authors then applying a ‘community detection algorithm’ to discover just who they interacted with.”

This is the number one take-away: “Political journalists in D.C. are people who use Twitter all day. And so the question is what does that do to how they think about the world. And generally, from this paper and a previous one I did on gender and Beltway journalism, it seems to me that it can make things worse,” said one of the authors of the survey, Usher. This is exactly right. They are communicating with each other. They tweet and they exist in very small, little groups. And it is there that they all get their marching orders on how to characterize some latest news event. But it’s all Twitter, and none of it, none of it is at all oriented toward serving an audience of people who want the news. It’s all about other things.

I’m not surprised in the least. But Twitter is the key. And because these people are all Democrats, the Democrat Party has made the mistake of thinking that Twitter is America, so they think that Twitter is their base. And I’m telling you the United States of America and the majority of people who live here are in no way even close to being as radical as what we see portrayed as the Democrat base. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, you name it, the rioting, the looting, all these blue state mayors and governors and the things that they are permitting and allowing in their states and cities are not representative of a majority of the thinking in this country.

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