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RUSH: Well, here we go again. A Los Angeles Times op-ed claims that 75 years ago, American leaders knew they didn’t have to drop atomic bombs on Japan to win World War II. But evil America dropped the bombs anyway.

Gar Alperovitz and Martin Sherwin, a couple of old leftist historians, say that according to “overwhelming evidence,” Japan would have surrendered even without being hit by A-bombs, and that President Truman and knew it.

Now, both of these historians have made their bones slamming America, and here they are ripping the idea that the bombs were necessary to save American lives.

But leftist history revisionism doesn’t change the facts. The opposition that our military faced in clearing the outer islands of Japan in World War II was incredibly fierce. U.S. military planners calculated that an invasion of Japan could cost upward of a million American military lives. We had the bomb, and we used it. We saved lives.

And after we dropped the first bomb, the Japanese still wouldn’t surrender. So, you know what we did? We dropped the second one. And they finally gave up.

See, America, we were attacked by Japan. We went to war. We won. But liberals will never stop trying to paint America as the worst force for evil in the world. They hate this country, and they hate our history. They think we’re the problem in the world, when it is they who are.

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