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RUSH: Couple things here. Washington Free Beacon: “Four in Five Black Americans Want Same or More Cop Presence in Neighborhood.” Four out of five. That’s 80%, for those of you in Rio Linda. The people who benefit the most from having the police around are African-Americans. But you can’t say that. Shh. Don’t talk about that, because, remember, African-Americans, they all think alike. They all speak alike. There’s no diversity.

Biden told us this yesterday. Biden said, unlike the Hispanic community, all kinds of diversity there. You go to Cuba, you’ll run into all kinds of diversity among the Hispanics there. But black African Americans, no diversity there. They think alike, they talk alike, they look alike, it’s nothing to see. Biden said it, folks.

“Over 80 percent of black Americans want the police to spend as much or more time in their neighborhoods as they currently do.” They don’t want the police defunded. Is that stopping the Democrats from talking about it? No.

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