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RUSH: Once again we have one of the greatest examples of — this is worse than bias, but it’s how it’s being characterized. Does anybody remember when Mark Zuckerberg, just last week they had the tech head honchos in a virtual Senate hearing over antitrust. Tim Cook from Apple was there. Zuckerberg was there. Jeff Bezos was there from Amazon, Washington Post. You had Sundar Pichai from Google. They were all there.

And does anybody remember Zuckerberg telling Congress that Facebook had no desire to be the arbiter of truth, that that’s not what they were there to do? No, no, no. And we don’t want to be the arbiter of truth. When he said that, I cocked my head, I looked at him, well, then what the hell are you doing? If you don’t care to be the arbiter of truth, then why do you ban anybody?

And, by the way, Mr. Zuckerberg, who is your medical doctor that knows everything about hydroxychloroquine sufficiently so that when President Trump talks about it you can pull down his tweet or his Facebook post. I mean, Twitter and Facebook both apparently have people on the staff that know more than the doctors who prescribe this stuff and will take down anything somebody says that is in support of hydroxychloroquine.

Well, what this is about, Twitter and Facebook removed posts from Donald Trump, the Donald Trump campaign specifically, that linked to a video from Trump’s interview with Fox & Friends yesterday in which he said that kids really don’t get coronavirus much, they don’t get it severely. So they pull Trump’s tweet down and his Facebook post claiming — his campaign’s post — because when he said children are almost immune from the disease, they say that Trump posted false information.

Before I get to the real piece de resistance here, a couple of headlines. CNN, May 21st, 2020. Headline: “Children have fewer coronavirus receptors in their noses, study finds.” San Jose Mercury News: “Kids are less likely to get infected by coronavirus and spread it to others.” The Trump campaign is exactly right when they said that kids are almost immune, and yet Facebook and Twitter pull it down as unsuitable. The Trump campaign post was unsuitable. It was not true. It was unethical. It was dishonest.

And yet Zuckerberg said last week, “We at Facebook do not want to be the arbiters of truth.” “Kids less likely to get infected by the coronavirus and spread it to others,” San Jose Mercury News — that’s right in big tech’s backyard — and CNN back in May, “Children have fewer coronavirus receptors.”

The Twitter employee — are you ready? — the Twitter employee who announced why the Trump campaign account was suspended is the former press secretary for Kamala Harris. Yes, my friends, exactly right. Tim Murtaugh, the Trump campaign, says that Silicon Valley’s hopelessly biased against the president. This is so far beyond bias. This isn’t just bias. This is — I don’t know. I’m having a problem conjuring up the words that I want to use today.

But I’m telling you, this goes way beyond just bias. When Facebook hires the former press secretary for Kamala Harris and puts him in charge of what is suitable and unsuitable for the Trump campaign to post, call it bias if you want, but it goes way beyond that. What is this guy’s name? I had it right here at the top of the Stack. I don’t know. It’ll come to me. But we’ve got all these different headlines. “Facebook, Twitter take down video of Trump saying children almost immune from COVID-19.”

Twitter official who announced Trump’s suspension, ex-Kamala Harris press secretary. Facebook’s policy communications manager is an ex-Hillary press secretary.

So the Facebook people judging Trump’s tweets worked for Hillary’s campaign. The Twitter clown judging Trump’s campaign worked for Kamala Harris, who’s only in the top tier potential choices for Biden’s vice presidential running mate.


RUSH: The Twitter executive that pulled down the Trump campaign tweet, “Children are almost immune from coronavirus,” Nick Pacilio is his name. Not that it matters, but he’s the former press relations spokesman for the Kamala Harris campaign, or for Kamala Harris. It might be both as senator and for her campaign. Nick Pacilio is the guy, from Brooklyn. And he literally just takes Trump tweet down because “it was in violation of the Twitter rules on COVID-19 misinformation, and we have required removal,” except it’s not misinformation.

There’s news all over the Drive-By Media that simply backs up what Trump said, that children are more immune to the virus than anybody else. That’s all Trump said. It was about opening the economy and opening schools. But they got somebody at Twitter, the guy that used to be the press secretary for Kamala Harris, who knows more than Donald Trump, and pulled down the campaign tweet.

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