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RUSH: You probably recognize the name Janice Dean. She’s the senior meteorologist for Fox News. Unfortunately, she’s getting news coverage herself, for a tragic reason.

Ms. Dean recently lost two family members to the coronavirus. Both her mother-in-law and her father-in-law were among the staggering number of New York State nursing home casualties: at least 6,600 deaths.

Janice Dean is now adding her voice to those demanding a full, independent investigation into what happened. Ms. Dean says the examination must require the state health commissioner and others in the state government to provide real answers and accountability.

What we already know is horrible. Under Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, nursing homes were ordered to take thousands of patients sick with the coronavirus — even though there were plenty of available hospital beds elsewhere in the state. Those New York nursing homes became factories of death, as the corona patients infected vulnerable elderly residents.

So far, Andrew Cuomo has been protected by the media. He hasn’t been called out by CNN, Axios, the New York Times, or the Amazon-Prime Washington Post. They’re too busy trying to blame the coronavirus on President Trump.

Ms. Dean. You, your loved ones, and thousands of other families deserve to know what happened and why. Sadly, I doubt you’ll get those answers from Democrats or their drive-by media accomplices. They’re still trying to sweep it all under the rug.

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