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RUSH: You know, Trump really ticked ’em off today when he said he was gonna have his RNC acceptance speech in the White House. Pelosi is out there on MSNBC saying she’s not gonna let that happen. She is going to stop Trump from giving his acceptance speech from the White House.

I just love this stuff.


RUSH: Here’s Pelosi, by the way, on Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington. Pelosi is livid. Trump really started a fire today when he announced that he’s thinking about giving his acceptance speech being nominated again by the Republican National Committee at the White House.

PELOSI: It’s very wrong. It won’t happen, let’s put it that way, whether it’s legally wrong, ethically out of the question. It shouldn’t have even be something that was expressed.

MITCHELL: Can you stop him?

PELOSI: He can’t do that.

RUSH: Andrea Mitchell: “Can you stop him?” Pelosi: “He can’t do it.” Okay, then he’ll do it from Air Force One. How about doing it from Air Force One? How about standing atop the steps at the doorway of Air Force One? You know, don’t park it at Joint Base Andrews. Find a way to airlift it into Mar-a-Lago. He’s just toying with them, and they fall for it each and every time.

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