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RUSH: Look at this. John Solomon’s website: “Trump suggests DOJ Has Found ‘Breathtaking’ Evidence Of Wrongdoing in Russia Probe.”

What in the world could there be that we don’t already know, particularly breathtaking? Seriously, folks, what could there possibly be that we don’t know? And, you know what? There’s always stuff we don’t know. No matter what story, no matter what event, no matter what, there are always — I was talking about this with Mr. Snerdley yesterday. There is always stuff we don’t know. So I’m intrigued.

Here’s a pull quote. Trump says, “I caught them, we caught them spying, using the intelligence apparatus of our country to spy on an opponent or an opposing party’s campaign both before and after the election.” He was on with Lou Dobbs last night on the Fox Business Channel. “Trump said he didn’t want to ‘get overly involved’ in the Durham review but expects a dramatic conclusion to the investigation of the investigators.”

Now, I know Trump is prone, he sometimes exaggerates and he sometimes tries to say things to force action on them. But this is something, if he’s gonna go out and say things like this, there better be something backing it up. He says, “I do hear it is breathtaking what they found. That’s all I can say, breathtaking. And hopefully it will come out soon. But it is beyond what anybody ever thought even possible.”

I am sitting here thinking, I thought we knew it all. I’m thinking, what else can there possibly be? And then I had to remember my own admonition to self. There are always things we don’t know. Now, there are hearings going on even as we speak. Lindsey Graham’s committee finally got into gear, finally got into action. They’re interviewing and hearing testimony today from Sally Yates. And we have a preliminary story, got audio sound bites on this.


RUSH: The headline here on the Sally Yates testimony before the Lindsey Graham committee, Comey went rogue with the Flynn interview, is what she said. She’s defending the investigation but she took issue with how Comey handled it. She almost has to defend the investigation. You know, she was the acting attorney general. She was one of the foxes that didn’t leave the henhouse after Trump was inaugurated. She was an Obama Regime holdover. And she was in there specifically to sabotage the Trump administration and the Trump Department of Justice while they were getting their feet wet and everybody was getting established over there.

But I disagree with this whole notion. Comey didn’t go rogue. That implies that Comey was off on his own and that’s not what happened. James Comey was doing the bidding the Barack Obama and Joe Biden. There’s a January 5th meeting in the Oval Office, and it’s Obama’s meeting, and in that meeting is Sally Yates, and she is stunned by some of the things that she’s hearing in this meeting.

And it was in this meeting — I mean, you’ve heard this ad infinitum now. It was in this meeting that they set up what was gonna happen the next day. Comey, Brennan, Clapper were gonna go meet Trump at Trump Tower on January 6th, and that was when Comey was gonna tell Trump about the Steele dossier and specifically the golden showers story.

Now, since there are new listeners every day — you know what, there are new listeners every 10 minutes. You wouldn’t believe. Folks, I owe you guys so much. We have set a record for subscribers to RushLimbaugh.com. I mean, you all continue to come in and access the great benefits of membership at Rush 24/7. The model projections for the audience size of this program is just through the roof.

And we have two ways of measuring audience. We have our model projections now along the lines of how they model COVID cases and how they model climate change. We got our own models. And we have the actual ratings from the official ratings people that do that. And in both instances it’s record highs. And it’s really gratifying.

But some of you, because you’re new, you may not know, “Golden showers? What’s that?” Golden showers is the creme de la creme of the Steele dossier. And very quickly, the allegation was Trump found himself in Moscow. He was there on business. Miss USA pageant, some such thing. And he found out that he was staying in the same hotel suite that Obama and Michelle (My Belle) had stayed in. So you know what Trump did? According to Steele dossier, Trump called a bunch of prostitutes to come over and urinate on the bed. The golden showers story.

That’s what Comey told Trump the next day, after that was hatched, after the meeting was planned in Obama’s office on January 5th, they go meet Trump at Trump Tower at January 6th, they tell him that. ‘Cause you have to remember Trump is on record at this point in time as saying he doesn’t need a briefing from the intelligence people every day because he’s smart and has a good memory. And he says, “How often could it change?”

Well, the intelligence people don’t like that. They want first dibs on the president every morning. They want to be the first people to brief him. They want to have the shot at shaping the presidential day. And everybody does. Everybody vies for access to every president. That’s what the chief of staff does. The chief of staff, among other things, controls who gets in and who doesn’t to the Oval Office, a meeting with the president.

So Trump’s out there publicly saying, “I don’t need to meet with the intel people every day.” That didn’t go over with the intel people. They had already hatched the coup attempt, so all this did was steel their resolve. But Comey wasn’t rogue. Comey went into the January 6th meeting with Trump with orders.

So Sally Yates, once again she’s trying to lay as much of this off on Comey as she can while defending the investigation. There’s no way this investigation could be defended, folks. It was illegal. It was unethical. It was really illegal. It was a violation of all norms in our government. It was an attempted coup. It was a way, an attempt to overturn the election results of 2016.

Comey didn’t go rogue. This is a major, major point. He went in there with orders from Biden and Obama the day before. And if you want proof, his own testimony, when talking about the meeting with Trump, he leaves the meeting after having told Trump about the golden showers, he leaves the meeting, he calls Clapper and says, “Mission accomplished.” Now, somebody going rogue does not call a compatriot, a comrade, and say, “Mission accomplished.” He called Clapper, said, okay, I did my duty. I’ve done what we planned. I told Trump about the golden showers.

That made it news. That’s how they wanted to get the Steele dossier in daily news reporting. And when you tell the president about something, it makes it news. So Clapper — he’s the bald-headed guy that sounds like this — Clapper’s one of these guys, by the way, who was testifying before every congressional committee that he never saw one shred of evidence that the Russians had anything to do with the election. And he’s every day on CNN lying through his teeth calling Trump an agent of Putin, calling Trump a spy, a traitor, but in his testimony under oath he admitted, and the same thing with Brennan and the same thing with all these other clowns.

No, we never saw one shred of evidence that Trump was messing around with the Russians. And yet for two years they’re on television lying about it. It’s just astounding what these people did and what they heretofore have gotten away with. So he calls CNN after Clapper is told by Comey, “Mission accomplished.” Clapper calls CNN, tells them about it, CNN runs the story. CNN gets a Pulitzer Prize for running this story, and they didn’t do jack. All they did was take a phone call from James Clapper. “I do think Trump is a Russian agent.” That’s who he is, a weird looking bald-headed guy. The kind of guy you can’t believe would be in any kind of position of power.

Here’s Sally Yates up there testifying today that Comey went rogue in the way he conducted the Flynn interview, not the January 6th meeting. I’m just using that as an example to show you he did not go rogue. He was following orders like a good foot soldier. So Yates is throwing Comey under the bus here. The January 5th 2017 meeting set the course. Flynn was gonna be entrapped. The Logan Act was one possible way to do it. Trump was to hear nothing about it. Yates was in that meeting. She heard what was said. She’s now throwing Comey under the bus at the Lindsey Graham committee.

Everybody that attended that January 5th meeting is complicit. Comey may be more culpable than some, but everybody there knew that Trump was being set up. They were doing it. They were eager to do it. They were excited to do it. They were doing everything they could to overturn the election results.

And, remember, Obama called the meeting. Obama was calling the shots. Comey did not go rogue. He was a good soldier. He’d already let Hillary off. He had already exonerated her for her illegal server and her emails and all the stuff that she had done. She should have been indicted. She should have been charged. So now it was time to take down the guy who committed the heinous crime of defeating Obama’s chosen successor. And that was Donald Trump.

Now Trump is saying that the Department of Justice has found breathtaking evidence of wrongdoing in the Russia probe.


RUSH: Here’s Bob in Monmouth County in New Jersey. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s an honor to speak with you. I pray for you every day. I just wanted say, you know, everyone’s saying that this was an attempted coup. It wasn’t an attempted coup. It was a successful coup. The prior administration was still controlling the presidency because many of their people were still in their positions at FBI, the DOJ, the State Department. And the news media is going crazy saying Trump isn’t gonna leave office. It was the guy before Trump who never relinquished the office. You know, you can see —

RUSH: Look. That’s true, of course. The thing about the left is you can always guarantee they do what they accuse us of doing. Like they accuse Trump of refusing to leave. It’s not Trump that refused to leave. It’s Hillary Clinton that refused to accept the results. The Democrat Party refused to accept the results of 2016.

Now, I get your point about the coup out there, Bob. They ran it. They ran it. Now, the purpose of the coup was to get rid of Trump. That has not succeeded. They did succeed in derailing some of the Trump agenda, or delaying it. There’s no question. And the ongoing, never-ending investigation with Mueller, the co-opting of the media to make it look like Trump was guilty, it was just a matter of time ’til they proved it, all of that had an impact, there’s no question. I don’t disagree with you about that.

The fact of the matter is, though, that they did not get rid of Trump. They were unable to throw him out of office. They were unable to convince a majority of Americans that something had happened when it hadn’t. I agree with you also that the coup was led by Barack Obama and that the people participating in the coup were in fact given instructions — some might say orders — by Barack Obama and Joe Biden. There’s no question about this. And that may be what Trump’s breathtaking discovery they have at the DOJ is all about. Time will tell on that.

So look, I get your point. They succeeded in that they created all this doubt, they were able to delay the implementation of Trump’s agenda. The Democrats won the House back in 2018. So I’m not disputing that they had some measure of success with it, but they’re the ones that refused to leave. They’re the ones that refuse to accept when they lose. You’re right.


RUSH: I want to continue to bounce off our previous caller. His point was that, hey, this coup did work. It didn’t if you defined it by getting Trump out of office, but I had to acknowledge that they had some measure of success with it. But it is the Democrats. They’re the ones — remember, it was Chris Wallace that asked Trump in the final debate, 2016 campaign, “Mr. Trump, if you lose the election, will you concede?”

And Trump said, “No. I’m not gonna tell you tonight. I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the election. Not gonna tell you right now.” There were two weeks left. “I’m not gonna tell you that I concede -” ’cause Trump knew that what they wanted was a headline, “Trump concedes election, Trump admits he will lose.” That’s what headline they wanted to write was.

And then Hillary’s out there warning everybody, “We’re not gonna have a peaceful transfer of power.” Hillary Clinton. “This is very bad. Trump will not admit that he lost.” And look what happened. It was Hillary Clinton that couldn’t come to grips with the fact that she lost. It was the Democrat Party that wouldn’t accept it. And they still haven’t.

Now, Hillary Clinton, who cannot yet get over this, is warning that Republicans are going to sabotage the postal service and that that is Trump’s strategy for 2020. And she’s basing this on Trump’s criticism of mail-in voting and the fact that he’s dumping all over the post office. That’s not why.

Mail-in voting. As I explained, ladies and gentlemen, the big difference in absentee and mail-in, absentee you have to prove who you are. Very simple. You have to prove who you are. You have to ask for a ballot. You gotta prove that you are registered. You gotta prove that you live where you live. You gotta prove that you vote where you vote. With mail-in, none of that’s required. It is open and rife with fraud.

And yet yesterday Hillary Clinton shared a Philadelphia Inquirer article which details residents’ frustration over mail delays and staffing cuts at the postal service and warns the problems in Philadelphia could become the entire country’s problem under Republican watch. This reminded me of something. Hillary claiming that Trump is gonna sabotage the postal service reminded me — and I went and I looked, and, lo and behold, I found a flashback story.

“The United States Postal Service improperly enabled workers who helped the Hillary campaign.” This is from CNN, July 19th, 2017. “A government investigation concluded that the United States Postal Service “improperly coordinated” with a postal workers union that supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”

So here again is Hillary accusing Trump of sabotaging the postal service after she has already done it in 2016, in a CNN story confirming it. It’s uncanny. These people run around, they level these accusations at Trump or you or me. And we find out later that they have beat us to the punch and have already done this horrible, mean stuff they accuse us of.

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