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RUSH: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is worried about the Big Apple. It’s starting to dawn on the guy that economic pain is coming to Manhattan. I warned these people about this months ago. I warned them about it, folks.

Cuomo told reporters that the longer people work from home, the less likely they’ll want to work in the city when the shutdown is over. And he’s worried that rich taxpayers who left may never return. I told them this was going to happen.

Cuomo said that politicians in the old days said people would depart Manhattan if taxes went up, or if the quality of life deteriorated. Well, now they’re gone, but it’s all because of COVID, Cuomo said, not his stupid policies, which is true. He didn’t mention the skyrocketing crime rate though, the rioting, the looting, or general mayhem Democrats have unleashed, ie his policies.

He’s right to be afraid though. In June, tax collections in New York City dropped 46 percent. The state comptroller says New York hasn’t seen this kind of economic decline since the Great Depression.

Well, guess what, governor? You have more to worry about than people working from home or the wealthy leaving. Corporations have figured out they don’t have to be in congested urban areas to do business anymore. They, too, may never come back to the liberal hellhole you and your fellow Democrats created in New York.

So good luck with all of it, governor. Let us know how you make out. And by the way, folks, I have an idea. Cancel all sports. Cancel the games, NBA, NFL, Major League baseball, but let the players kneel. A couple, three minutes, six feet apart from each other. Therefore you can have social distancing and you can keep people together. You can do what Ballmer said. You can let sports keep people unified, but cancel the games and just let players kneel and let’s see what kind of audience that gets.

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