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RUSH: I got a great opportunity here to illustrate the way the left thinks things happen on this program, and it’s current. Stand by there on audio sound bite number 2 and number 3. This is on BBC Radio 4 and it happened today over in the United Kingdom.

BBC Radio 4’s podcast, How They Made Us Doubt Everything, episode 6. It is an unidentified actor recreating an advertisement, and the host here is some guy talking to the Climate Investigations Center Founder Kert Davies about an alleged plot to challenge climate change science. This is BBC, Radio 4, there are two soundbites to this and here is the first one.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Stop panicking. I’m here to tell you that the facts simply don’t jibe with the theory that catastrophic global warming is taking place. So, folks, grab hold of yourselves and get the whole story before you make up your mind. Right now, you can get a free packet of easy to understand information about global warming. Just call this number 1-800…

PETER POMERANTSEV: This advert you’re hearing was sent to the radio host Rush Limbaugh in 1991.

DAVIES: Rush Limbaugh was the most widely listened to conservative talk-show host at that time on radio stations across the country. We have the language that Rush Limbaugh read on the air.

RUSH: So, that actor is me. (imitating voice) “Stop panicking. I’m here to tell you that the facts simply don’t jibe with the theory.” So they’re putting together this bit, today, BBC 4, U.K. “Rush Limbaugh was the most widely listened to conservative talk show host at the time on radio stations across the country.” Still is, you dummkopfs. Still am. I don’t remember this stupid ad.

I’ll guarantee you if the ad ran, fine and dandy. But if people on this program came up with the idea that global warming was a left-wing hoax, it was because of me, not some silly, stupid ad. Because global warming, man-made global warming is part of the Democrat, left-wing, Marxist agenda. I hope you people at the BBC are getting this, because you are participating in a hoax, in a fraud. There is no man-made global warming. We don’t have the ability, we don’t have the power because if we did we could have stopped it. But we can’t.

Nobody’s saying climate change isn’t happening ’cause it happens every day. The earth is not static. The earth is changing constantly. Ice age, steaming age, Sahara dust age. We have no control over it. The best we can do is adapt, which is what we do. But causing it is intellectually absurd to believe this.

But, anyway, these guys, BBC 4, they’re very concerned here because man-made global warming is not important to a lot of people, and it doesn’t poll anywhere near where these people want it to be, one of the top five most important issues. And more and more people have fallen by the wayside and don’t believe it. Now with COVID-19, they couldn’t even care less about it. Here’s the second part of the bite where the host and the Climate Investigation Center founder continue discussing it all.

PETER POMERANTSEV: This is written by a group calling themselves the Information Council on the Environment. It’s run by the group that represents the electrical companies in America.

DAVIES: The key line from that one is that they want to reframe the science from fact to theory. They talk about targeting lower educated white males.

NARRATOR: In 1991 pollsters had already clocked that what they called the lower educated older white males could be swayed on climate change. They had decided the way to reach this audience was through a new phenomenon of conservative radio hosts who were beginning to question the mainstream media and liberal elites. Sound familiar? We put this to Rush Limbaugh, but at the time of broadcast he hasn’t responded.

RUSH: Well, that’s because nobody told me that you were trying to reach me, but I wouldn’t have responded to you anyway because you people are idiots and don’t have the slightest idea about this issue. Why in the world do you think I’m gonna respond to a bunch of klutzes like you who want to try to convey that the problem in America from issue to issue to issue is dumb, stupid, uneducated white males?

You guys are white males. What makes you not dumb and stupid? I guess you’re white males. I haven’t seen you. But by the way, this is another great point. In 1991, this is 30 some odd years ago, 28 years ago, and that’s how long white men have been blamed, dumb, stupid white men have been blamed for everything. And the reason that conservative media has been so successful is that we found a way to reach stupid white guys.

It would make sense that liberals have lost them because the liberals are so smart, so elite, so intellectual, it makes sense that the liberals could not keep these people in their audiences. When in fact you take a look at some of the biggest stupidity, some of the gigantic sophistry that’s happening out there today is found in the Democrat Party and on the American left, some genuine, real stupidity.

Remember we were asking last week if you remembered — what was the name of that movie starring Michael Douglas? (interruption) Falling Down. The angry white male made about that time — 1991, 1992 — it has been a meme, if you will, it has been a hashtag, if you will, for almost 30 years. There’s nothing new about it. And it is intellectually vacant as a realm of criticism. It’s one of the most easy and stupid criticisms you can make, but it serves their purpose because how do you indict an entire population, the stupid, uneducated, white male. And then you blame him for everything, including the anger.

And why is he mad? Because he’s been rejected. He’s been rejected by intelligent, elite liberals. He’s been rejected by the university and by academe, he has been rejected by a higher class of women, he has been rejected by his own children. They add all this stuff up, and this is how they tell themselves that they are failing to win politically.

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