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RUSH: Here’s Steve in Winsted, Connecticut. Great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Radio-news-only dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I heard the chant from Portland, Oregon, “Every city, every town, burn their precinct to the ground,” and I think that promotes nothing but violence, and it should probably be the slogan for the Democrats.

RUSH: You have heard that slogan, the chant, “Every city, every town, burn their precinct to the ground”?

CALLER: Well, I just think that it might fit for their slogan.

RUSH: Oh, it’s a slogan? That’s your slogan you think that ought to be using?

CALLER: Yeah. (chuckles) That was their chant in Portland, Oregon.

RUSH: Oh. Okay. That was the chant that they used in Portland. Well, look… (sigh) Yeah. There’s no question here they’re doing all this on purpose, and there’s no question they’re promoting the violence. What’s remaining as a fascinating thing the Democrats are now trying to hide it.

It’s been 60-some-odd days in a row now in Portland, and you have to make an effort to find the video. At first, the video was everywhere. But now you have to make an effort to find it because it isn’t working as they intended. Anyway, I appreciate the call, Steve. Thanks much.


RUSH: Yesterday, my friends, we had a call from somebody talking about all of the Black Lives Matter yard signs. He was a taxi driver in St. Louis, and he was talking about all the Black Lives Matter signs that he sees when he drives around St. Louis, and I never see any. Of course, I don’t go driving around neighborhoods in St. Louis. But I don’t go drive around neighborhoods in a lot of places.

I’m too famous. I can’t do that kind of stuff. But I’ve seen pictures of them, and I know that they are out there. I’ve been told that you can find them here in South Florida if you drive around certain neighborhoods. So I got an email. “Dear Rush: I know this is anecdotal, but there are tons of people under age 35…” Oh, this was also part of the discussion we had yesterday.

There was a poll out. It was two-thirds of young people support Black Lives Matter. Two-thirds have gone all in on agreeing with the civil rights-supposed component of Black Lives Matter. I’m expressing frustration with this because Black Lives Matter is not a civil rights organization. They are an admitted Marxist organization, and I was saying, “If this poll is accurate, we’re finished.

“If two-thirds of American young people have actually thrown in with Black Lives Matter on the basis that they believe it’s a civil rights organization, that they’re right about America being a reprobate country, then we’re finished.” But this email is about the yard signs and that poll. He says, “I know this is anecdotal, but there are tons of people under age 35 who are just saying they believe in Black Lives Matter.

“Because you wouldn’t believe the immense social pressure that people my age are under out here. I can tell you — and admittedly this is anecdotal. I don’t have polling data to back it up, Mr. Limbaugh. But I can tell you, people I know don’t believe it. Even those who say they support Black Lives Matter, they don’t believe it. But if you don’t post that stupid Black Lives Matter black square on Instagram or wherever, you’re gonna catch hell from your friends.

“You’re gonna catch hell from classmates, friends, whatever. So you make it look like you support ’em as a way of getting left alone.” Now, it would make sense if you get polled that in order to avoid deranged lunatics screaming at you, people just shut up, they say the words that they think they want to hear, and it’s a way to keep people off your back. Look, I myself know people — young people — who are gonna vote for Trump.

But they put these Black Lives Matter squares on their Facebook pages and everywhere. “It’s just kind of like what you say, Mr. Limbaugh, about the reason the rich always come out in favor of tax increases. It’s ’cause it keeps the people with pitchforks and the garbarians at the gate away from ’em. Same thing here on the Black Lives Matter yard signs.

“I’m in a few group chats where people who are Trump supporters live in affluent neighborhoods adjacent to the rioting. They put those signs in their yards so the mobs will not attack their property. It’s literally for protection, especially because if you defend your property, the police won’t come in places like LA. You could end up like the McCloskeys,” and nobody wants to end up like the McCloskeys.

So you put a Black Lives Matter yard sign up under the theory that people leave you alone. “So,” he says, “if I were you, I wouldn’t worry about the poll, because I don’t think it’s anywhere near true like your instincts said,” and that is a comforting thing. Speaking of angry people, the official program observer and archivist Mr. Snerdley sends me a note today. He says, “Question for you, all-knowing one.

“I’ve been thinking about the 1992 era when the Drive-By Media trope then was the angry white man, as defined by the movie Falling Down.” You remember who starred in that movie? Michael Douglas starred in the movie Falling Down. It was a deranged white guy feeling like he was losing control of his life. As a white guy, he was being blamed for everything — and, as a result, he was getting really, really mad.

It’s true. If you weren’t around in 1992, the angry white man was what preceded the soccer mom. “Angry white men” was how the media and the Democrats attempted to characterize conservative Republicans. Angry white men. The average angry white man was a right-wing lunatic mad at everybody — and as the meme grew, angry white man was also said to be anti-government.

Angry white men were doing things like forming religious cults and taking over places like Ruby Ridge. “So here’s the question for you, Mr. Limbaugh. Who is it that’s angry today? Well, you yourself have said it. It’s white women — affluent, college educated, Millennial aged white women. They are livid. They’re running around, and they’re angry constantly.” In fact, everybody on the left is constantly angry.

They’re never happy. No matter what they get, no matter how much they get. They’re never content. They’re never happy. They never any smile. They’re incapable of it, constitutionally incapable of it. But of the entire group, angry women today… In fact, in fact, it may be sad… Have audio sound bite number 3 standing by. “So with so many affluent white women, Millennial women so angry — in real life, not in the movies.

“They’re burning down buildings. They’re burning cars. Without a doubt, they’re anti-government. They don’t want to defund the police. They attack government office buildings. Another subset of the angry white women are the so-called Karens, who call police on black people that annoy them. So where is the media? Where are the Democrats being critical of angry white women?”

Well, this is easily explained.

These angry white women are not conservative, so they can be mad all they want. In fact, their anger is justified! They’re anger is justified, because who are they mad at? They’re mad at white guys. Men are still angry. White men are still angry. White men are still the problem. And these women, that’s who they’re really mad at. They’ve been disrespected. They’ve been treated rudely. Men are nothing but predator barbarians and so forth.

They’re racist.

They’re pigs.

So it is quite understandable.

Now, there’s an audio sound bite I have here. Apparently the Obamas have a new podcast out. And it’s the Michelle Obama podcast. She interviewed the former president, Barack Hussein O, her husband, and they’re discussing the recent protests, and it takes about 50 seconds. Here it is.

MICHELLE: People in our generation raised our kids to be more open-minded and to be more thoughtful and considerate. We have the words for it, right, when it comes to fathers raising their girls.

OBAMA: Right.

MICHELLE: I do think that the average father today does believe that their girl can be anything she wants to be, and they’re delivering those messages. We delivered the messages at the dinner table, but we didn’t take them to the boardroom. We didn’t change our workplaces. We didn’t change things outside —

OBAMA: We didn’t institutionalize —

MICHELLE: We didn’t institutionalize the values —

OBAMA: Right.

MICHELLE: — that we’ve been teaching this generation of kids.

OBAMA: Right.

MICHELLE: So now they’re growing up. They’re leaving the dinner table. And they’re going out into the world and going, “The world doesn’t look like what I was taught back at home.”

OBAMA: Right.

MICHELLE: You know. And this isn’t right.

RUSH: So what the hell is this? Well, it’s an explanation for why they’re mad, is what this is. But how exciting was that? Spotify has paid a lot of money for this podcast, and how exciting, how magnetic was that? What we have here an insight into the Millennial generation, especially Millennial women, liberals and conservative parents have raised their kids, especially their girls with pie-in-the-sky liberal values. They get out in the real world and they realize it’s not what they were promised, and they are mad, and it’s understandable.

Because they have been ill-prepared, they have been lied to, they have not been told the truth about how mean the world is. They haven’t been told the truth about how rotten and unfair and unequal the world is. They’ve been given this pie-in-the-sky, you can do anything you want, and they get out there and they find out that they can’t. So, once again, if it’s inspiration that you’re looking for in your life, if it is motivation, if it’s anything positive, it’s anything uplifting, you’re not gonna find it in the American left.

Even with the Obamas, you’re not gonna find it. You’re gonna find grievance, you’re gonna find constant reference to struggling and how difficult everything is and how it’s all somebody else’s fault and how you have to work so much harder to overcome these unfair obstacles. And it just never changes with these people. And then people come along and genuinely are trying to be inspirational, positive, uplifting, and in many cases they get ripped to shreds as not being realists, pie-in-the-sky.


RUSH: There is one other piece of polling news to share with you, and it just is indicative that they’re just launching everything they can now. I think it’s a CBS poll. And it is something like a majority of all Americans now support kneeling during the national anthem at NFL games or anything, any other sporting event. Something like that. I don’t have it right in front of me. Fifty-four percent the American people now support kneeling because they support Black Lives Matter.

I don’t believe it for a second. I think they’re feeding off the George Floyd thing. I don’t think it’s about BLM at all.

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