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RUSH: Well, we have a couple of polls, I guess, research studies that may explain a lot. One of them I had not heard of, and the results in this one are gonna stun you. Maybe they won’t.

Anyway, folks, great to be back for yet another day, another three hour excursion into broadcast excellence. Rush Limbaugh, your guiding light, America’s Real Anchorman revved and ready. The telephone number if you want to be on the program today, 800-282-2882. The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

There is a strategic communications firm out there, much like you may have heard of the McKinsey & Company. This group is called Kekst. And they’re not widely known, but they’re big. They are hired by Fortune 500 companies do all kinds of PR, strategic communications, market research, audience research if there’s an audience involved. And their work is largely never made public. It’s inside baseball kind of stuff for the people that hire them.

Now, I, as a powerful, influential member of the media happen to know many people who use the work produced by this firm, Kekst, K-e-k-s-t is how they’re spelled. And he sent me the latest work product. And it’s a gigantic PDF file chronicling their research on COVID-19, not just in the United States, but around the world. And going through it the relevant page or slide — because what it actually is is a slide presentation much like a keynote presentation or whatever the equivalent is with Microsoft — the relevant slide is found on page 24 of this document.

And it is essentially this. The average American believes that 9% of the U.S. population have already died from COVID-19. Nine percent of the U.S. population is 30 million people. So the average American thinks that 9% of the population’s already died, 30 million people are dead. Now, why would they think such a thing? Sadly, it is a testament to the Drive-By Media.

The Drive-By Media has been reporting case numbers. They have been orgying, they have been orgasming, if you will, over case numbers, every day, brand-new numbers of cases. And what have I been telling you? I’ve been telling you that the attempt here is to convince people that case numbers equal death numbers. The way the media has reported this is, if you get it, you die. They haven’t come out and specifically said this. They don’t have to. They can use the power of suggestion and false reporting in a number of ways. And it’s been successful.

So, as the case numbers mount — I mean, the true number of deaths, I think today we’re gonna pass 150,000 dead in the United States. And yet the average American thinks that 30 million people have already died. Now, if you think that 30 million people have already died, what would you be doing? You’d be hibernating. You’d be hiding. You wouldn’t want to go back to work. You wouldn’t want to send your kid back to school. You would not want to do anything that would result in the country reopening or the economy reopening.

Thirty million people. The average American thinks 9% of the population’s toast. So one of my friends that sent me this said, “If I thought that, I’d be in my basement too.” And, by the way, we’re not alone. Perceptions in major European countries are almost as far off the mark. In the U.K., the average citizen there thinks that 7% of their population has died. In France, the average French citizen thinks that 5% of their population has died.

But we in the United States are the leaders. The average American thinks that 9%, 30 million people, have already died. So you’d have to say that the propaganda effort to link the number of cases of COVID-19 with the number of deaths is working, when in fact the death rate is coming down. The mortality rate is coming down. It is not increasing as the number of cases increase. And yet the average American thinks something entirely different.

Now, here’s the second poll. And I tell you, folks, this one, this is just as bad if not worse. Gallup has come out with one of the most hard-to-believe polls that I have seen in my life. And I just have to tell you, I hope for the sake of the country that the media has not been able to fool this many Americans, ’cause here’s the data.

Gallup claims that Black Lives Matter protests have changed 65% of Americans’ views on racial justice and that half of the respondents now feel connected to the protest cause. They also claim, Gallup does, that more than one in four young adults have participated in a Black Lives Matter protest. Now, my belief is and my strong hope is, my suspicion is that this poll is just another attempt at shaping public opinion rather than reflecting it.

I just refuse to believe that most Americans support this insanity that we see out there. But then we have to ask ourselves, does the average American even see it? I saw footage today of Portland, Oregon, that I hadn’t seen before. This was not riot footage. This was footage of the city, downtown, in a quiet moment where the rioters had gone to bed or whatever they were off doing. There was no activity whatsoever. The place looks like Dresden in World War II. It looks like it’s bombed out and literally destroyed.

And I’m looking at it, I’m thinking, they’ve got a mayor out there who is supporting this. And in Seattle they’ve got a mayor out there supporting this. In fact, folks, this is so strange. We’re coming to an election in November where the Democrat Party is taking a stand. They are staking their electoral future in favor of rioting, looting, arson, and destruction, specifically of federal property.

The Democrat Party seeks power. They are seeking to win the November election by supporting violence and attacks on law enforcement and the defunding of law enforcement. The Democrat Party seems to think that this is a winning message — and then if you look at the hearing yesterday, which wasn’t a hearing. You know what that hearing was?

That was Twitter live.

That so-called congressional hearing, the way the Democrats conducted themselves, that was Twitter live. That’s exactly what it was. If you wonder what I mean when I say this country is not Twitter, the Democrats think that it is. And I’m telling you, the Democrats… Who was it? Michael Goodwin, I think, has a piece today on how the Democrats just destroyed themselves because of the way they acted in this hearing yesterday.

I’m not so sure. Time will tell. But it was either Goodwin or somebody else. No. It was Andy McCarthy. Andy McCarthy has a piece at National Review, and he said the Democrats conducted themselves in the hearing the way they did yesterday because their voters demand it. Well, maybe that’s true, because the Democrats believe that Twitter is America.

They believe that Twitter is a majority of thought in America, and so if they believe that, then they would believe that their voters expect them to treat Republicans the way they treated Barr yesterday. Now, the one thing about that theory is it kind of absolves the Democrats of any blame. It accuses them of being actors in that they’re only acting that way.

They’re only acting rude, they’re only acting anti-American, they’re only acting out the way they did because their voters demand it. In other words, if their voters weren’t demanding they act that way, then they would not be this crazy. Is that true, or have the Democrats become that crazy? ‘Cause I’m telling you, if you can be persuaded to act the way they have been acting because that’s what your voters want…

If it were me, I would say, “We got a problem. Our voters are destroying us. Our voters are putting us in a no-win situation. We can’t…” and I would be fighting it. But, no, they’re just following right along. So I don’t know if it’s really the fact that the voters are demanding they act this way.

I’m sure there’s a certain element of truth to that, but to say that the Democrats are only acting that way because their voters demand it kind of gives them an out, when I don’t think they deserve one. I think they’re making an active decision and strategy decision to conduct themselves the way they did because they believe it’s going to result in them winning.

They believe that that is what a majority of the American people want. They can’t believe it’s just that their base wants that. But, I mean… That’s the point. They are as angry and insane as their base. But to say that they’re doing this because their base demands it kind of puts the onus on the base and gives the Democrats an out. It’s a minor point. It’s not that big a deal at the end of the day because they are acting this way.

You can debate why all you want. But let me get back to this Gallup poll for just a second. Because while it is abundantly clear that the Democrat Party has made the active political calculation that the way to win, the way to get rid of Trump is to clearly support rioting, looting, the destruction of personal property, arson, the destruction of federal property, to violently attack and maim federal law enforcement and police officers.

The Democrats believe that is their ticket to getting rid of the Bad Orange Man, and if we have gotten to that point, then I don’t know, folks. It’s like… Let me now jump back here to this Gallup survey. Black Lives Matter protests have “changed 65% of Americans’ views on racial justice,” even though Black Lives Matter is not a racial justice organization. It’s a Marxist organization.

But then again, that’s something… (sigh) It’s so abundantly clear. That’s what Black Lives Matter says about itself, and yet how many people have no idea that they’re Marxist or communist; that they’re nothing to do, really, with civil rights or racial equality or what have you? Sixty-five percent of Americans’ views on racial justice have been changed.

“Half of the respondents in this Gallup poll now feel connected to the Black Lives Matter cause. Gallup says that more than 25% of young adults have participated in a protest.” Actually, it’s worse. It’s two-in-three Americans support racial justice protests, meaning they support the destruction of Seattle and Portland and what’s going on.

So it’s clear here that the divide that exists in this country between just the two major parties has never been greater. The difference, the contrast in the two approaches to life and governance has never been greater. And the frightening thing is that if you believe all of this stuff… Forget the Gallup survey. Let’s go back to the Democrats for a second, and let me again restate what they are doing.

They clearly want to win the White House. They clearly want to get rid of Bad Orange Man. They clearly loathe Trump and they are poisoned with hatred for him. Their desire to win is as strong as it’s ever been, their desire for power is as strong as it’s ever been, and look at the positions they are taking that they think represent a majority of thinking in America.

To stand in support, not of protests. Riots. Lootings. Arson. The destruction of private property, personal property, federal property. Violent, murderous attacks on law enforcement. They think that’s what’s gonna launch them to victory? They obviously… Folks, they have to think that. They could not be just acting this out. They literally must think that.

Now, why do they think this? We go back to Twitter. They believe Twitter is a majority of thinking in this country. They believe Twitter is America. I do not. As I said, the so-called hearing yesterday, what that was, was Twitter live. You saw the Democrats acting out what happens on Twitter.


RUSH: This is Peter in St. Louis. It’s great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, thank you. It’s great to be on. I enjoy your show. I just wanted to make a comment. I’m a taxi driver in St. Louis. I’m very familiar with when lawn signs go up. I’m a hundred percent convinced that that 65% in —

RUSH: Wait. Hold on. You’re very familiar with what goes up?

CALLER: Lawn signs. People put signs on the in front of their houses.

RUSH: Oh, lawn signs. Okay.

CALLER: Lawn signs. That 65% poll for Black Lives Matter, in my opinion, a hundred percent reflects the outrage over the killing of George Floyd. It does not reflect support for the full Black Lives Matter. Somehow, the poll was able to capture that in the way it was worded or how they led people or however it was communicated. That’s what they tapped into. Half the Black Lives Matter signs out there came right up after George Floyd was killed. If they had another way to express it, they would have. (crosstalk)

RUSH: Hold it. Are you telling me that as you work —


RUSH: — your average day driving around in St. Louis, you see Black Lives Matter signs like you would see a Trump sign or a Biden sign in the front yard?

CALLER: Absolutely. Lots of them. Yeah, sure.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: And — (crosstalk)

RUSH: Hang on just a second. Just a second.

CALLER: The number of them doubled. (crosstalk)

RUSH: No, no, no, no. Wait, wait. I need to do a survey here. Have you guys seen Black Lives Matter signs in yards? (interruption) Not in your neighborhood. Your…? (interruption) I have never seen a Black Lives Matter sign anywhere like you see a Trump sign or any other politician sign. You saying that Black Lives Matter signs are all over the place in St. Louis?

CALLER: Absolutely. They were originally in the African-American neighborhoods, in some mixed neighborhoods, but they jumped up in a lot of the white neighbors and more upscale neighborhoods after the George Floyd killing.

RUSH: Okay. Here’s what he’s calling about, in case you’re just joining us. There’s a Gallup poll out today which, folks, we all better hope is wrong as it can be. Gallup is claiming that the Black Lives Matter protests have changed 65% of Americans’ views on racial justice, meaning 65%, the American people believe this is a racist nation founded in slavery.

(sigh) And, further, that half of the respondents now feel connected to Black Lives Matter. Your point is, you think this is confusing because what most people were putting signs in the yards for and reacting to was George Floyd, not specifically support for Black Lives Matter?

CALLER: Absolutely. If there’d been a “Justice for George Floyd” sign, that would have gone up a lot of places.

RUSH: You know, I think you have a point, because I continue to see — as I go through my show prep each and every day I continue to see — stories that reference public opinion and how much it has changed since George Floyd’s death, whereas it originally had to do with (public opinion about all of this had to do with) specifically George Floyd and how he was murdered and how he was killed. And now that the media is taking that and just applying it to Black Lives Matter when Black Lives Matter actually doesn’t deserve it, they don’t own it. It’s all related to George Floyd. The exact point that you’re making.

CALLER: That is correct. That’s my point.

RUSH: But the pollsters obviously are doing this purposely, ’cause I’m telling you, folks: I think this is another attempt by Gallup and whoever the pollsters are to shape public opinion and not reflect it. Because I refuse to believe — I refuse to believe — that 65% of the American people support this insanity. Now, I believe that 65% of Millennial white women might support it.

But I don’t believe 65% of the American people do.

I know that this protest is largely driven by Millennial, college-educated white women. You know, more and more women… I’ll show you what I mean in the next hour. But more and more young women in this country are becoming nothing more than hoods! Your average, ne’er-do-well in the ‘hood, white women. And I can explain it, too, why they’re so confused, the competing things they have been taught.


RUSH: Hey, by the way, folks, along the lines of the fact that the average American thinks that 30 million Americans have been killed by COVID, again, when you stop and realize that, then you understand why average Americans continue to hide in the basement. So one of our colleagues, Mark Reardon, KMOX, St. Louis, has done some research. He called the St. Louis metropolitan PD, wanted to find out how many murders there have been in St. Louis so far this year and in the month of July.

And the St. Louis metropolitan PD confirmed 47 murders in St. Louis in July alone. There have been 150 murders to date for the year in St. Louis. In the meantime, in July, how many people do you think in St. Louis have succumbed to the COVID virus in the city? Eight. Eight deaths in July from COVID, 32 in the county.

So in the city of St. Louis, in the county, you have 40 deaths attributable to COVID. So 47 murders in July, 150 for the year, so far, counting murders in St. Louis. So in Chicago murders are far outnumbering deaths attributable to the virus. I guarantee you everybody that hears these stats is gonna be stunned, shocked, because they think COVID is killing everything and everybody, thanks again to our wonderful friends in the Drive-By Media.

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