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RUSH: Okay, now, I did something today that I don’t normally do. You know, Twitter and me do not jibe. I hate Twitter. I think it’s a sewer. I have thought that for many, many moons, long before I even stated so — and I’ve been stating so for years. I think Twitter is an absolute… It’s a refuse of the garbage, for the garbage of our society. I don’t think there’s any question about it.

I don’t think it represents anything near a majority of thinking. I think it’s the anonymity that Twitter provides its screwball users. I don’t even think the people on Twitter that are ludicrously insane are as insane as they behave on Twitter. Some of them are. There’s no question. In fact, some of the federal law enforcement people have been commenting on what they’ve witnessed in Portland.

These descriptions are amazing.

Now, I am a man of words. Lexicon. The language. How to use it properly and persuasively. One federal agent said that these are “pasty white” nobodies who are “drug-addicted,” “catatonic-with-hate” people, just “frothing-at-the-mouth.” They have no reason for existing other than their outright hatred, which is probably of themselves. But since they don’t want to think that, they hate everything and everybody else.

He said it is stunning to watch who’s actually engaged in all of this behavior out there.

I’ll expand on the Twitter business here in a minute.


RUSH: Here I got the story. This is Debra Heine at American Greatness. “DHS Agent: Portland Rioters ‘Mentally Ill,’ ‘Drug Abusers,’ ‘Catatonic With Hate.'” They are not average Americans. They’re not mothers. They are not grandmothers. They are not whatever the Democrats and the media are telling you they are. They are sick puppies. They are mentally deranged. They are off. They are not normal people in any way, shape, manner, or form.

And yet we got this Gallup poll trying to tell us that two in three Americans support this and have been moved to join this and that 25% of them have gone out and participated in one of these. That’s BS. Absolute BS. And at the root of this, it’s not just Black Lives Matter, it is Antifa. And I’m telling you that Antifa, these people are the same anarchists that have been around since 1999 in Seattle at the first World Trade Organization meeting that they got together and protested. It’s just a bunch of paid leftists rabble-rousers.

They are not average Americans fed up with the racism and bigotry of their country. They don’t even like America, and they never have. “The deranged antifa mob that has rioted in Portland, Oregon for 60 consecutive days is full of ‘mentally ill, frothing-at-the-mouth individuals’ who seem ‘almost catatonic with hate.'”

You know what catatonic means? Catatonic means you’re just in a stupor. You’re just in a state. You’re conscious, but you have no consciousness about you. You’re just a zombie. You’re walking around zombie-like, and you are dominated and governed by your outright hatred. And you don’t even know what you hate. You’ve been talked into it, and it’s what drives you, and it’s what governs you.

In other words, we’re dealing with a bunch of very mentally ill people that the Democrat Party believes are its base. And the Democrat Party is taking its behavioral cues from these people. That’s what my buddy Andy McCarthy says in his National Review piece today, that his Democrat buddies acted out the way they did in that Barr hearing yesterday because their voters demanded they act that way. Could be.

Here’s a pull quote from this story. “I’m seeing African American Federal Protective Service inspectors, twenty year’s law enforcement officer, being called the N-word to their face for the first time in their careers, by a scrawny, pasty white booger-eating communist [crap]head.” I substituted the word “crap” for the actual word here. This is exactly right. This is exactly who these people are.

An honest media would be telling somebody. Instead, the media is trying to make these people out to be the greatest patriots among us, the greatest dissenters among us. Yeah, they hate America. That’s what makes them great. That’s what makes them worthwhile. The Democrat Party base is a bunch of mentally ill, scrawny, pasty white, booger-eating communist crapheads who are zombie-like and walking around town — in Seattle, too — catatonic with hate.

What a great description of who these people are. What a great description of what’s behind the curtain on Twitter. These are eyewitnesses. These are Department of Homeland Security agents and others watching this. I thought I would never see the day where the Democrat Party would become anti-federal government. I mean, pro-federal government is the reason for their existence. An ever growing and ever expanding, an ever powerful, increasingly powerful federal government is why the Democrat Party exists. And look what they’re doing. They have thrown in with a bunch of crapheads who want to burn down federal courthouses.

Do you realize the Democrat Party has corrupted the American judiciary by getting a bunch of leftist activists appointed as judges. This is how they have insurance for when they lose elections. They have a bunch of judges who just write laws when the Democrats are not running the show in Washington. And they to want burn down the courthouses where their leftist judges do their work? Why? All because it’s calculated that this is how they damage Donald Trump?

Now, here’s the thing I did about Twitter. I think Twitter has been one of the most damaging things to ever happen to this country. I think the evidence is clear. You can tack on Google and what they’re doing in the corruption of their own search engine and their attempt to virtually eliminate conservative media. And they’re doing it. So I thought that I would do some short little research today.

After that hearing yesterday, I wanted to see if I could find evidence that the Democrats were proud of it. And what would that evidence be? That evidence would be a bunch of video of various Democrats asking Barr questions and then saying, “I’m reclaiming my time, you buffoon. You don’t get to answer the question.” I thought I was gonna hear, “No, no. No. I’m reclaiming my time.” It was an embarrassment spectacle. I thought that if the Democrats were proud of what happened yesterday, that there would be evidence of that hearing all over the place.

And guess what? The hearing was not trending on Twitter, and it hasn’t been, meaning very simply that the sewer dwellers on Twitter didn’t want anybody to see what actually happened there yesterday. If they were proud of it, you couldn’t miss it. If they were proud of it CNN, MSNBC would be going wall-to-wall with video highlights and they’d be focusing on all the Twitter comments that were positive and effusive in praise for what happened. And yet that hearing, or whatever you want to call it, was not — at least when I checked this morning — it was not trending on Twitter. Meaning, they don’t think that it was anything to celebrate.

The Democrats in that hearing yesterday were total jackasses. Normal people who watched that would be repulsed if they saw it. It was a slander fest. Now, there’s a column today by, as I mentioned, Michael Goodwin, New York Post. Headline: “AG Barr Destroys Jerry Nadler in Another House Democrat Testimony Disaster.” So Michael Goodwin saw that, and he says that what happened yesterday is a disaster for the Democrats.

But was it? See, this is the thing. In a normal world, in an America way gone by, such a thing as happened yesterday would never even happen. That kind of behavior in a serious, legitimate congressional hearing, that’s unprecedented. That kind of thing never happens. Except now it does.

You can’t go back at any point in American history and find — well, maybe you can with Schiff and his impeachment hearings, but even then, this was precedent setting, what happened yesterday. And any normal person would look at that and think, “Wow. These Democrats, they committed political suicide. They just slashed their wrists. What is going on?” But did they? How many people actually saw it? I don’t know. I don’t know what the audience for it was yesterday. I don’t know how many people actually saw it.

Now, I know that CNN and MSNBC loved it. They carried it because that’s what they expect the Democrats to behave like. But I don’t know how many people actually saw it. And the fact that it’s not trending on Twitter, the fact that the Democrats are not promoting it, not calling everybody’s attention to it, maybe Goodwin’s right.

But some people think that the hearing had another reason, and it was the Democrats got hours and hours on television to spout their lies unchallenged and that Barr was just a tool, he was just a foil. He was there for the Democrats to spout their full-fledged, hatred-filled talking points, unchallenged. Now, people who think that are obviously very cynical and believe that everything the Democrats do is choreographed to always succeed.

But there are people like Mike Goodwin who think that this was an absolute disaster. And here’s the thing. And not too long ago, something like what happened yesterday would be a disaster that would ruin a political party for months. You know, the most recent example that I can think of — and there are probably more recent — the 2002 Wellstone memorial. The Democrats behaved similarly at the Wellstone memorial than what they did yesterday, except the Wellstone memorial was not in Congress; it was not in the House chamber or the Senate chamber; it was in a church out in Minneapolis.

But it was outrageous. And it cost them the midterms. It did. The American people saw it and wanted no part of the Democrat Party. It was the first time a party did not win off-year congressional midterm elections in I don’t know how long. But I don’t know if they’re gonna pay the same price today as they paid 18 years ago. Eighteen years ago is a long time ago. The Wellstone memorial was 2002. So we can hope.


RUSH: So I did a quick little Google search here, and according to that search, 68 million people in America use Twitter. Now, there are 330 million Americans. So 80%, 70% of the country doesn’t care about what happens on Twitter, and yet the Democrat Party believes that Twitter is America. Look, there’s no disputing that.

This outrageous behavior yesterday by the Democrats in that hearing is because they believe that’s what a majority of Americans expect from them. They believe… I do believe this. They believe a majority of Americans hate Trump like they hate Trump. I mean, their loathing of Trump is so irrational, and their arrogance is such, they believe everybody thinks of Trump now the way they do.

They can’t fathom this Trump support remains solid. They can’t fathom that Trump’s base is still there. They think with the weapons that they have and that they’ve been using, that they have destroyed support for Trump. They’re delusional. Now, 68 million people. But let’s remember something else about Twitter. How many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of bots are there that are faking and being presumed to be real people, but they aren’t?

They’re programmed bots. I’ll guarantee you that every advertiser boycott of anybody on Fox News or anywhere on talk radio is not in any way conducted by anywhere near a majority of human beings. It’s all bots that a few people are controlling. On Twitter, 10 people have the ability to make themselves appear to be hundreds of thousands.

But, you know, when it comes to things like this, the easiest way I have found to deal with targets of boycotts, like advertisers or sponsors… What happens is the advertiser or sponsor after some event will be bombarded with emails and instant messages, texts from people saying, “I am never… I am never gonna buy your product!

“I’ve never gonna use your service again,” whatever. “I am never using you until you cancel your association with X,” and the truth of the matter is, those people are not customers anyway. Those people are not using the service or the product that they claim they’re gonna start boycotting. In most cases, they don’t even live in the state where the business operates.

It’s nothing but a bunch of bots. This is another thing Twitter has given us. We documented 10 people, and we named ’em. We identified them, we found out who they are, we found out where they live. Now, I’ve got substantive reasons for my opinions of Twitter. I’m telling you, it’s a hellhole. It is a repository for some of the most damaged, mentally disturbed, angry, loathing people in our country.

That’s what Twitter provides: A residence and a repository for the genuinely sick — and it is stunning. The Democrat Party has adopted Twitter as its mascot, for all intents and purposes. So 68 million people use Twitter. There are 330 million Americans; 75, 80%, whatever, the country doesn’t care about Twitter, and I will bet you it’s further than that.

I will bet that you 80% of Twitter users don’t care about anything other than their latest post on Twitter. I don’t think Twitter is at all the way the Drive-By Media reports it. You know, “Twitter went viral!” “The internet exploded!” No. It’s not happening. They want you to believe that 100% of Twitter users are monolithic, and that they’re organized, and that they all hate Trump, and that any anti-Trump post is being authored and joined in by everybody else on Twitter.

They want you to believe that Twitter is, for all intents and purposes, its own powerful political organization. And it’s just another gigantic misrepresentation that the Democrat Party and the media have engaged in. It’s like, if you missed it, there’s a strategic research firm out there that has surveyed people all over the world. They put out a big release on the data.

I happened to get a copy of it. The average American thinks that 9% of our population has died from COVID-19. That would be 30 million people. Now, you stop and think of this. If the average American believes that 30 million Americans have died, when the number… We probably will hit, I think, 150,000 deaths from COVID-19 today. While that’s way too many, it’s nowhere near 30 million, folks.

It’s nowhere near 9% of the population. So if the average Americans are sitting out there thinking that 9% of the population’s toast, that 30 million Americans have died, is it any wonder they don’t want to go back to work? Is it any wonder that they don’t want to send their kids back to school? Is it any wonder that they don’t want to venture outside?

Because they have been led to believe that every case of COVID-19 leads to death. That’s another thing that we owe to our wonderful Drive-By Media for creating. That’s why they get so orgasmic over the increase in the number of cases, because they’re able to present that as a death toll. They don’t actually come out and say it, but the implication is clear.

And they have succeeded in convincing a whole lot of people that it’s a lot worse out there than it is.


RUSH: This is Mark in Atlanta. Glad you waited, sir. Really great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Dittos. I’ve been a 30-year listener, so this is a thrill, and I pray for your continued health.

RUSH: Well, thank you, sir, very much, 30-year listener just boggles my mind. I’m very appreciative. Thank you.

CALLER: Well, thank you for what you do. Say, you were talking about Barr’s testimony yesterday —

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: — and as I was watching that show yesterday, what occurred to me is that in every way, an intellect, character, moral clarity, from a legal perspective, Bob Barr was superior in every way to Jerry Nadler. And the frustrating part for people like me is to watch that. The only advantage Nadler had over Mr. Barr was that he had the gavel. And it’s just a shame that that’s the best the Democrats have. We no longer have the ability to have a free exchange of ideas and that sort of thing. Nadler just used his gavel and nothing else, nothing else to shut him back.

RUSH: You know, that is a crucial, crucial point, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to make it again. They’re not interested in opposing points of view. They’re not interested in debates. They don’t want to have to win debates in order to win converts. It’s beneath them. There isn’t any other way of thinking other than theirs.

So the idea that they would have to debate, they’d have to win a debate, they’d have to somehow persuade minds and hearts, screw that. They’re just gonna force you, and you’re gonna like it. You’re gonna be forced to agree with them, to see the world they do or else. And you’re gonna like it at the same time, or else.

Now, you talk about how Barr outclassed Nadler. Oh, it’s not even close. You are so right. And there was a time in this country where that would have been obvious to everyone. It would have been so obvious to everyone that Nadler would have been embarrassed.

But I’ll guarantee you Nadler was not embarrassed. I’ll guarantee you they’re throwing parties last night, even though they’re not publicizing what happened. I guarantee that Nadler thinks that he was great yesterday. Because I’ll guarantee you that Nadler’s getting all kinds of tweets from people, “Way to go, Jerry, you took it to him, pal. Way to do it.” Satisfying their unhinged, Looney Tunes, deranged supporters is of paramount interest.

But Barr outclassed them personality-wise. He outclassed them intellect-wise, manners, virtually every way that you want to compare, Barr embarrassed all of them. He says (paraphrasing), “Since when’s it okay to try to burn down a federal courthouse?” He said, “I remember the day the Democrat Party used to think that was a bad thing to do. Is it now okay to burn down federal courthouse?” They got silence. They didn’t say a word.

He said, “You guys, you bring me up here. I’m the hearing. I’m the reason for the hearing. I want to be heard. You’re not letting me answer the questions. I’m gonna answer the damn question.” Nadler would not even let Barr take a bathroom break. Did you people know this? Wouldn’t even let him take a five-minute bathroom break. Barr says, “Well, you are a real class act.” And I guarantee you everybody’s applauding ’cause they think Barr got upset. They think Nadler won it.

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