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RUSH: Here is Mel in Littleton, North Carolina. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thank you, man. I just want to let you know that, you know, you and Trump are the only voices out there speaking out loudly. And somebody needs to get on these weak-ass Republicans they have put into office, whether they’re governors, mayors, whatever other representatives, to start speaking up, because the only reason the Democrats feel so loud is because there’s crickets. No voices coming from the Republicans at all.

RUSH: Well, first thing, I appreciate that very much. But I gotta tell you, Mel, that there’s a lot of people that are speaking out, speaking up, in conservative media. I could mention the names. If I started mentioning names I would leave some out, not purposely, and then they would be offended. But I tell you, we got some great people that are doing their level best to inform as many millions of Americans as possible. You got Hannity. You got Tucker Carlson. You’ve got Mark Levin. I mean, I don’t know where to stop with this. There’s all kinds, you got local hosts of a conservative bent.

I appreciate your comment. But what your point really illustrates is, there aren’t any Republicans that are pushing, elected-class Republicans. Look, there’s Jim Jordan, who does yeoman’s work. Rand Paul occasionally. You have Louie Gohmert, who, by the way, tested positive for COVID-19 today at the White House. We’re waiting to hear whether he’s suffering symptoms or not.

He was at the Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday. And he was at the White House today ’cause he was gonna fly on Air Force One with the president to Texas ’cause that’s where Louie is from. And everybody has to take a test when you go to the White House. And he tested positive. So we haven’t heard any more details about Louie’s condition. I’m surprised the virus had the guts to invade Louie’s body, but apparently it hadn’t gotten the message.

At any rate, your point that the Democrats seem so loud because it’s their elected officials that are making all their noise. Now, the media, of course, is the Democrat Party as well. But where is our version of Pelosi? And I don’t just mean our speaker because it’s Kevin McCarthy who is the leader of the Republicans. Where is somebody who is as omnipresent as Pelosi? Where is our version of Schumer?

Now, the Republicans will tell you, in their defense, ’cause I’ve raised this with them, they will tell you that they don’t get covered. They’ll call a press conference, they’ll be all assembled, and they’ll say what they think about things, and the media either doesn’t cover it or gives it scant coverage while mocking it and making fun of it. And to a certain extent that’s true, but there are ways to get noticed. There are ways to make the media cover you. It’s who you attack and how. But it clearly appears to be an unbalanced playing field.

But as far as voices, I mean, Laura Ingraham, Shannon Bream. I could mention a whole bunch of people at Fox. Jesse Watters. Jesse Watters is a great up-and-coming, I think destined for greatness down the road at Fox News. So, it’s not that there’s an absence of voices. And, by the way, I think all these voices combined in so-called conservative media are effective.

There’s a reason Trump won. He’s largely the reason, he’s the one who got the votes, don’t misunderstand me. But while everybody thinks that all is lost, the country’s lost, our party’s lost, everything we believe in’s lost, you’re just falling prey to the exact reason the media does what it does, to dispirit you and depress you.

Yet Trump won. He won in 2016. He’s gonna win in November. “But, Rush, we lost the 2018 midterms.” Yes. And that’s what happens historically. I just got word that Louie is asymptomatic and feeling great. So, for those of you in Rio Linda, that means he’s not feeling any effects of the virus.

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