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RUSH: This is Alyssa in St. Louis. Great to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Listen, I agree that the left is upset because they lost the election. But that is really not the whole story. I think the bigger part of it is that the elected political class is afraid. They are afraid that their corruption and that their abuse of power, that the curtain is gonna get pulled back on that by Trump.

RUSH: So they’re afraid of Trump?

CALLER: They think Trump is dangerous, yeah, they do. ‘Cause Trump could pull the curtain back. I mean, there is so much corruption. The Obama White House itself, the FBI, the CIA, the State Department under Hillary Clinton. And really, frankly, the bureaucracy itself, I think, there is a great deal of corruption within it. And I think that it is the elected political class, not just Democrats, but Republicans, too, that are afraid of being exposed. And they’re fighting.

When you see just the pure quantity and they would say anything, they will burn cities down, they will accuse Trump of ridiculous things that are patently false. They will do and say anything. It just says to me they are scared. I think the people around Biden are afraid, you know, for probably a whole set of different reasons. But I just think that there is a great deal of fear and that is what is driving all of this vitriol.

RUSH: So specifically, you think they’re afraid of being exposed as corrupt and the details of that corruption, thus…? What’s gonna happen to them if that does happen? What do they fear will happen to them?

CALLER: Well, I think that it will be proven… What will be exposed, it will prove that they were corrupt, and hopefully Comey goes to jail and McCabe goes to jail. And it derails — it really derails the Democrat Party, that it damages the Democrat Party, that a majority of Americans realize, “Man, the Democrats are dirty.”

RUSH: So you think that Comey and McCabe are worried…? Don’t misinterpret my tone here. I’m not… I’m just —


RUSH: You think Comey and McCabe are worried that they’re going to jail?

CALLER: Um… Well, they should be. But that it will be clearly obvious that they are criminals, that they —

RUSH: It will be clearly obvious if what happens? What needs to happen for this to become “clearly obvious”?

CALLER: I guess —

RUSH: ‘Cause to you it already is. To me, it already is.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: We’ve known the truth of this for three years. We’ve known the truth by virtue of when it began. We’ve known that this was a hoax and a bogus coup from the moment it began. In three years, nothing has happened. There hasn’t been one shred of accountability to these people. You and I already know all of this is true —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — and they know that we know it’s true and they’re laughing at us.

CALLER: I think if Trump is — or let me just say, when Trump is — reelected, because I believe from the bottom of my toes that he will be. I think that there could be more stuff that comes out and that Durham — and I don’t bank everything on Durham. But that it gets laid out. The way Bill Barr lays things out clearly, that it just can’t be denied.

RUSH: Well, that may be true. But I just don’t see where there is any indication anybody is going to, quote-unquote, “lay it out.” In fact, what I’m hearing is (sniveling), “Ah, we may have to wait. Ah, don’t want to affect the election. Ah, we’re not… We don’t want to be political with this. We want to keep this solidly on the legal side so we may have to wait ’til after the election for our report,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

What’s frustrating to me is it’s the same old thing. We already know! We know everything. We know the January 5 meeting with Obama. We know the January 6 meeting with Trump. We know everything they did. We know every lie they told. We know every attempt they used to put spies in the Trump campaign. We know all of it, and we’ve known all of it for three years — and yet there’s an entire swath of the American population that remains totally clueless about all of it.

Anyway, I’m way long here. I appreciate your time. Great talking to you.

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