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RUSH: This is Claire in Front Royal, Virginia. You’re next. Great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. So, my question is: Do you think there’s enough of a silent majority or will be by November that even if they succeed in voting by mail or whatever cheating they’re gonna do, that we can still win?

RUSH: Yep. I do. I think there’s… That’s another thing that frustrates me. I think that we are being intimidated by and governed by a minority.

CALLER: Twitter! (chuckles)

RUSH: Utter minority. The majority of people in this country are not represented by what’s happening in Portland and Seattle and the rest of these states and cities Democrats are running into the ground.

CALLER: But even if they cheat, do you think we can still win? Like with vote by mail, if everyone passes it, are there still enough us that we can win?

RUSH: Yeah, I do. Even if they… I think they cheat every election. I think they cheated in 2016.


RUSH: We know they cheated!

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: For crying out loud, they ran a phony coup. The FBI was doing everything they could to see that Trump didn’t win, and we still won.

Now, look at what happened in 2016. Remember, they had 3,000 more popular votes than Trump did. And that was because of California, New York and California. But in the Electoral College, Trump won by a sizable, sizable margin. So they may be able to flood ballot boxes in states that they run and control, like California and New York, Illinois, so forth and so on.

But just in terms of the numbers — now, I’m not commenting on how people are gonna vote. You’re asking in terms of numbers, are there enough of us to still win? Yeah, by us, if you mean people who want Trump to be reelected, if they all show up and vote, yes. Even if mail-in voting, all that early voting, all the attempts the left makes to rig the system, they’ve been doing this for years, and we still keep winning elections.

I mean, Trump won handily with the Electoral College in 2016, and he can do it again. I don’t have any doubt about that. I don’t have any loss of confidence about that at all. It’s all, will people show up? Will they be engaged? Will they think that it’s worth it? You know, that’s what we won’t know. And that’s largely gonna be a get-out-the-vote effort that the Trump campaign is going to have to succeed in.

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