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RUSH: I’ve got a really curious, curious story here. It’s The Politico, which means it’s a Democrat Party outlet. And the headline: “Biden’s VP Shortlist Comes Up Short.” Now, wait just a minute. There’s something about this that is instantly confusing. This is the subheadline here: “Plenty of the contenders are fine or even good. But all of them come with a ‘but’ attached.”

Now, since they’re all women, is that a physical comment Mr. Snerdley? (interruption) No. I joke. I don’t think it’s in reference to a “butt,” but with these people, you never know. One adviser says that, “There is no one ideal home run choice.” Wait just a minute. This goes against every bit of conventional wisdom we have been told about Plugs and his campaign and his eventual vice presidential pick.

Now, what really happened is this. Plugs, in one of his senior moments, painted himself into a corner when he said that he would select a woman and probably an African-American woman. He kind of sealed the deal. He kind of made it pretty plain. He committed to a black female vice presidential nominee. It turns out that doing so has left him high and dry.

In other words, this story is about all of the potential shortcomings of every one of the potential African-American women. And my question is, how can any Democrat, African-American woman, have any shortcomings? How can that be? Aren’t they the epitome of perfection?

Now, another observation here. Why does the vice presidential pick matter? I’m serious. Because if you look at all the polls, Biden’s up by 10 points here, he’s up by 13 points in that battleground state, he’s up by 14 points over there, he’s up by nine points over there. In the Fox News poll he’s up by 10, by 12, by eight, by wherever. In every poll out there Biden is up double digits.

So why does it matter who his VP choice is? (interruption) No, no, no, no. I know what you’re thinking, “‘Cause, Rush, he’s mental and whoever the VP is is gonna be the president.” No, it’s not. That’s another thing. I’ll repeat myself on this if I have to. The VP choice may think he or she is gonna be the president, but that ain’t gonna happen. It is not gonna be what transpires. Whoever is running the Biden campaign right now is gonna be the de facto power behind the throne.

Now, I think that when Biden has to give up, if he wins and he has to give up the presidency because of his mental deficiencies and the vice president then becomes president, then we’re gonna see a battle. Then we’re gonna have a fun fight between whoever’s running Biden right now and the VP pick.

But don’t forget, whoever’s running Biden right now is gonna make the VP pick, and so whoever’s running Biden right now is gonna pick somebody who is not theoretically gonna be a threat to whoever it is that’s running Biden. But all of that is moot because I pay attention to the news. And the news is that Biden can’t lose. We just had the Charlie Cook Report. It’s baked in. It’s done. Trump’s toast. Trump does not have a prayer. It’s over, even though we haven’t even gotten to August yet. It’s finished.

So why does it matter who his vice presidential pick is, seriously. It looks like Biden can win this thing on his own. So what does it matter? Well, let me answer it. What these people are telling us is, with this story, with this story, Biden’s VP short list comes up short, they’re telling us they don’t believe the polls, either. They don’t believe any of it right now. And they would be very wise not to believe ’em.


RUSH: Now, back to Biden and his VP choice. Seriously, folks, he’s painted himself into a corner here. Why in the world does the VP choice even matter if he’s leading so big in these polls? Well, the answer is he isn’t leading in these polls that big. His majority is nowhere near what they’re reporting, and the media is very concerned about who his VP choice is gonna be because all of them have something wrong with them that could hurt the campaign.

And the story talks about what some of those things from candidate to candidate to candidate. (interruption) Well, okay. Let me give you an example. This is Ryan Lizza who wrote the story. “All the Democrats I talked to agreed there are lots of good candidates but that there isn’t one obvious candidate.” There’s nobody that stands out as the obvious choice. … But she hasn’t run for office before. (Rice) But she hasn’t won statewide. (Rep. Karen Bass) But she hasn’t been a team player. ([Fauxcahontas], Harris.) But she hasn’t had enough foreign policy experience. (Several).” That’s a lot of them.

“‘I don’t think there is an obvious frontrunner,’ he said. ‘And that’s why it is going to come down to trust and relationships. There is no one ideal home run choice,’ said the person whom the campaign has consulted about several potential running mates.” Well, this comes out of the blue, doesn’t it? Because up ’til now, every one of these women was the creme de la creme.

Every one of these women could have been smoking. Every one of them could have been a great, great choice. Now none of them are? What is this? None of them are, and yet it’s Biden who’s painted himself into the corner by suggesting he had to pick a black woman? Now none of them are solid? Every one of them has some bandage that presents a problem?

And yet what does it matter anyway because Biden’s leading so big? What all of this means is that you shouldn’t be believing anything in the news about Biden leading in the polls, about Biden being way ahead of Trump, about the American people preferring Biden. None of it’s true. They couldn’t write this story if all those other things were true.

And it also means they are not confident that Biden is gonna win this thing despite everything they’re saying and reporting. They’re worried about just the exact opposite. They’re worried that Trump has magic to pull out of a hat and will do it again. Every time you see a story centered on the fact that Trump may not leave if he loses, what that means is, “We actually think he’s gonna win.”

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