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RUSH: Audio sound bite roster time. This is just to illustrate the sourpuss attitude. The Democrat Party just can’t come to grips with the fact that they can’t beat Trump. They are destroying this country. They’re destroying the economy. They’re destroying everything, simply because they cannot accept that they lost. They cannot accept that they were rejected.

And they are literally destroying everything they can to make you pay the price for rejecting them. So what we have here to start is we have a montage of the Democrats and the Drive-Bys talking about Trump preparing to steal the next election using federal troops.

Listen to this…

MAXINE WATERS: When he tells you, he cannot commit, uh, to stepping down, believe him. These federal agents — unidentified, in unmarked cars — are they in practice for what they’re going to do when they resist, uh, the fact that this president, perhaps, is not going to be re-elected?

JOHN HEILEMANN: A genuine attempt to — through intimidation and potentially through force, to — try to steal this election. This is a dress rehearsal, a trial run for first an attempt at voter intimidation on Election Day…

STEPHEN COLBERT: Jackbooted thugs, the Trump-stappo.

SUNNY HOSTIN: We are going down this slippery slope and (crosstalk) we have the actions of a dictator!

MAUDE BEHAR: This is part of Putin’s plan that Trump is going along with.

CHUCK SCHUMER: I’m very worried. They did it before.

DICK DURBIN: The Trump administration would follow the example of Vladimir Putin, with these so-called green monsters who would arrive without any insignia or any indication of who they were fighting for.

JOE BIDEN: (pointing his finger at the camera) Putin knows I mean what I say. This is a violation of our sovereignty.

RUSH: Folks, it is hard to actually stay civil and react to this. You notice what these people say in this bite. John Heilemann, journalist: a general attempt through intimidation, through force, to try to steal this election. A dress rehearsal. A trial run for an attempt at voter intimidation on Election Day.

They have been accusing Trump of this for four years lying through their teeth. They’ve been accusing Trump of colluding and meddling with Russia. They have been saying that they election of 2016 was illegitimate, when it wasn’t.

These people have done more to damage the integrity of our electoral system than Vladimir Putin could ever dream of. The Democrat Party and their allies in the media have done more to literally wreck the honor and the integrity and the trustworthiness of American presidential elections than any saboteur could ever dream of.

Stephen Colbert, jackbooted thugs, the Trumpstapo? He’s a comedy guy, supposedly. There’s nothing funny about what these people are lying about. Sunny Hostin: We are going down a slippery slope. We have the actions of a dictator. There’s not a single thing they’ve accused Trump of yet that has been true. Joy Behar, whose IQ would fit in a thimble. This is part of Putin’s plan that Trump is going along with? Does she not know what the Mueller report said? And I only mention that because Mueller was her god. I mean, this is just — as I say, it’s difficult to react to this in a civil way.

Chuck Schumer: I’m very worried. They did it before. No. Nobody’s done it before. You guys are doing it now. You guys in the Democrat Party are who is wrecking the American election in 2016. You know, folks, they know they’re gonna lose it. They know they’re gonna lose in 2016. They know that Joe Biden can’t beat anybody. They know that Joe Biden can’t possibly be elected president. He’s gotta come out of his hole in Wilmington, Delaware, at some point. When he does, it’s over.

They know he can’t beat anybody. They know that they’re gonna lose. They are now setting up the excuses in advance. Trump cheated. Trump used voter intimidation. Trump has corrupted the electoral system. Meanwhile, they are putting out all the polls that show Biden winning by 13, by 12, by 10, by whatever, making it look like it’s a slam dunk win for Biden. Why are they doing this?

We didn’t have any trouble finding the bits for this montage. On one hand over here they’ve got Biden winning bug, all the polls that they trust and believe. On the other hand, Trump tampering with the election? Why? Isn’t it irrelevant? Biden’s up by 12. Biden’s up by 13. Biden’s up in every battleground state. Biden’s up in every battleground precinct. Biden’s up everywhere Trump won last time. Biden is up everywhere Hillary lost. So what does it matter if Trump toys with the election? It’s over, right?

“Well, no, Mr. Limbaugh this is the point. You see what’s happening, Trump knows he’s going to lose and so he’s already tampering with these things. It would destroy Biden’s leads in the polls.” Nah. These two things don’t go together, not by people confident they’re gonna win. If you’re confident you’re gonna win, you don’t run around, start talking about how Donald Trump is going to corrupt the election with voter intimidation. Not if you think you’re gonna win.

If you think you’re gonna win, you do nothing to taint the result. If you think you’re gonna win, you do everything to legitimize the result. You don’t do what they’re doing. If you think you’re gonna win and you think you’re gonna win by 12, if you think you’re gonna win by 13, if you think you’re gonna send Trump packing, you do not at the same time and out of the other side of your mouth start talking about how the election’s gonna be rigged and how it’s unfair. Because you’re just destroying your own guy’s big win when you do it.

Here’s Bobby Rush, no relation. It’s his last name. This was last Wednesday on the radio program on SiriusXM. Bobby Rush is a Democrat from Chicago, House of Representatives, congressman. Question: “Trump and Department of Homeland Security talking about that they may send in law enforcement types into Chicago. The Mayor said, no, this isn’t going to happen. And I say we don’t need military style weapons in our local police department. Can you respond to that?”

BOBBY RUSH: Anytime you send a group of armed bandits, outlaws, no, in a uniform, no name, no identification, and you just snatch up innocent people and you take them off to some unrecognized, unknown place, you know you are really terrorizing our nation. For Trump to talk about sending federal agents in Chicago, we won’t stand for it. What Trump is really trying to do, Trump is really trying to instigate a race war. He wanna have black folks fighting white folks so he can rise up and say, “I’m the real Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan and I’m the President. Re-elect me.”

RUSH: Yeah. That’s what Trump wants. Trump wants to be able to stand up and say, “Hey, I am the real Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. It’s not Sheets Byrd. It’s me. Don’t forget it. And I’m also president.” These people are nuts. Donald Trump wants to stand up and proclaim that he is the real Grand Wizard of the Klan? He wants to start a race war?

Mr. Rush, let me tell you something. Before you guys get off on this race war, you better fix black-on-black crime in your town. Black-on-black crime in Chicago is killing more blacks than anything happening on your suggested race war. And then you might want to go to Portland, then you might want to go to Seattle. You might want to take care of the damage that’s being done out there that’s being instigated by your party, not Donald Trump. Nancy Pelosi yesterday, CBS’ Slay the Nation.

PELOSI: This president, I have a new name for him. Mr. Make Matters Worse. He has made matters worse from the start. Delay, denial, it’s a hoax, it will go away magically, it’s a miracle, and all the rest. And we’re in this situation that you spelled out some of the numbers very clearly early. So it makes matters worse. Now they want to send our children to school.

RUSH: Now to make matters worse, they want to send our children to school? To make matters worse, they want to send the children to school? They don’t even want to do that. They want to shut down the schools, they want to shut down the economy, they want to shut down your business. Folks, the Democrat Party wants to destroy everything just because they lost an election that they can’t believe they lost.

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