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Guest Host Todd Herman

Jul 24, 2020

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence
  • FOXNews: More than 2,000 Portland demonstrators take to street for 57th night in a row, clash with feds
  • AP: Portland standoff with US agents ongoing after mayor gassed
  • BizPacReview: Disturbing video shows protesters march out kids and tots holding ‘F– the police’ signs in Portland
  • FOXNews: Andrew McCarthy: Trump critics wrongly mount political attack on his use of fed law officers to protect cities
  • BizPacReview: Democrat Oakland mayor votes down further police budget cuts after vandals trashed her house
  • BizPacReview: Chicago Mayor orders iconic Columbus statue removed in dead of night as protesters swarm her home
  • FOXNews: Allen West slams Chicago leaders: ‘Didn’t know Columbus was responsible’ for recent murders
  • BizPacReview: MLB turns Opening Day into Black Lives Matter tribute as all players, coaches kneel before national anthem
  • FOXNews: Trump says he told Republicans Dems wouldn’t allow payroll tax cut: ‘We have to go on to the next thing’
  • BizPacReview: Rep Gohmert turns tables on Leftist cancel culture, calls on Dems to change party name over rich history of racism
  • AP-NORC poll: Optimism fades jobs lost to virus will return
  • The Hill: Congress set for brawl as unemployment cliff looms
  • The Hill: Fauci to young Americans: ‘You are becoming part of the problem’
  • AP: Trump calls off Florida segment of GOP National Convention
  • AP: Black protesters say focus on feds hasn’t derailed message
  • AP: Joe Biden has a long to-do list if he wins the White House
  • BizPacReview: ‘He will re-offend’: Cali on alert, Newsom under fire when state releases violent pedophile from psych facility
  • ‘FOXNews: Should have never happened’: Thin Blue Line members killed in Texas crash; illegal immigrant charged
  • Reuters: Federal agents’ use of force at protests faces internal U.S. government probes
  • Reuters: The wealthy Republicans who want to oust Trump in November’s election
  • Reuters: Airbus offers subsidy concession to end U.S. tariffs
  • New York Post: Charlamagne tha God slams Biden for calling Trump ‘first’ racist president
  • New York Post: Joe Biden: ‘People’ don’t distinguish between Chinese and other Asians

  • @EthicalSkeptic: We dipped below epidemic threshold for ILI/CLI viruses for 4 MMWR weeks, then surged back above as of 7/11.
  • UK Times: No known case of teacher catching coronavirus from pupils, says scientist
  • New England Journals of Medicine: Study from China, found what every other study has been finding
  • The Todd Herman Show: Dr. Scott Atlas of Stanford Medical Center: Kids at greater risk from the flu & the mask hysteria
  • @boriquagato: Few EU countries provide real day of death data
  • The Blaze: Nobel Prize-winning scientist explains why COVID lockdowns may have cost more lives than they saved
  • UnHerd: Sunetra Gupta: Oxford epidemiologist on COVID-19 lockdowns: ‘We might have done better by doing nothing at all’
  • AIER: Lockdown is not based in science, social distancing invented by 14 year old girl
  • @andrewbostom: Covid-19 Beasts of the Northeast
  • @yinonw: NY, NJ, CT, and MA all have had more deaths per capita than any US State and any country in the world.
  • @EthicalSkeptic: We have been below epidemic threshold for 6 weeks now
  • Washington Post: Coronavirus vaccine developers have a ‘bizarre’ problem. There’s not enough sick people
  • The Blaze: CDC might stop calling COVID an ‘epidemic’ because of major drop in mortality rate
  • Powerline: Whither Coronavirus?
  • @pwyowell: Sweden update 22 July
  • @boriquagato: Daily deaths and ICU have dropped to basically zero in sweden.
  • NCBI: A cluster randomised trial of cloth masks compared with medical masks in healthcare workers
  • New England Journal of Medicine: Outside of hospitals, masks do not work
  • CDC: “Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza … ”
  • AAPS: Association of American Surgeons and Physicians on Masks
  • @kylamb8: The Philippines, a highly compliant mask-wearing country have seen cases increase since the masks
  • @andrewbostom: The Atlantic Magazine in Data-Stacking lies about Florida deaths!
  • @AlexBerenson: The real story out of Florida is incredible: 150,000 #SARSCoV2 positive tests in the last two weeks, and effectively NO change in either total hospitalizations or ICU use statewide
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