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RUSH: “The Supreme Court rejects House Democrats’ plea to speed up Trump tax case — Three House committees had told the high court that their investigations into the president’s finances ‘remain urgent.'” The Supreme Court said today that it doesn’t care what the House committees think, that the court “will not speed up the process for getting President Donald Trump’s legal battle with House Democrats over the president’s business records back into the lower courts.”

What the Democrats want the Supreme Court to do is go to the lower court and say, “Broom your docket and put the Trump case back at the top.” The Supreme Court said, “We’re not gonna do that.” They’re not gonna set that precedent. They’re not gonna do it. And so the Democrats, this was their last gasp, the three House committees, at getting something prior to the November 3rd election. And the Supreme Court said, “Nope, not gonna give it to you.”

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