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RUSH: So the media is just overrun now. We’ve set another record, 77,000 cases in one day, new American record, new worldwide record, whatever, in certain parts of the country, the death toll is rising as well. This is all being laid off on Donald Trump. It’s all Donald Trump’s fault and other Republican governors.

I have a question. What do you think we need to do? I’m serious. What do you think needs to happen? There’s a question before. Can this be stopped?

Can we change these numbers? And if we can, what’s it gonna take to change the numbers? And then, if you think you know a way to change the numbers, should we do whatever you think is the way to do it?

I don’t even know if the numbers are accurate. We’ve got this story from Fox 35 out of Orlando that 300 different testing sites reporting 100 percent positivity. And a bunch of them were not even higher than 7.6% positivity, 9.4%. There’s so much bogus information. We can’t trust anything we hear. This is another great, great disappointment. We don’t have a single institution that we can rely on. Some of you can’t even rely on your church anymore. You’ve got pastors that are out there that have gone all political, all the time.

And it’s a sad, sad realization. Where do you go to believe what you’re gonna hear? The media doesn’t fulfill that role anymore. Their job is to make it sound as bad as them, their job is to make it sound as bad as they can and getting worse and no end in sight. And that’s what they were doing. And that’s what you’re faced with every day if you’re going to consume news.

And then you’re gonna be told it’s all Trump’s fault because Trump doesn’t care. But even if Trump cared it wouldn’t matter ’cause Trump’s incompetent. He doesn’t know what to do. So since he doesn’t know what to do, Trump’s just ignoring it, Trump’s just hoping that it’ll go away.

Well, that’s what the NFL’s doing. Then Major League Baseball — do you know what happened to me last night, by the way? I’m sitting around, I’m channel surfing, I have Apple TV. I have Apple TV because of the way it enables me to watch TV. Anyway, I use Apple TV and DirecTV. I go back and forth.

And the great thing about Apple TV is there’s an “up next” cue. If you’ve watched anything, it remembers that and tells you when the next episode of whatever you’re watching. There was an intrasquad St. Louis Cardinals game last night at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. And because I have the MLBatbat.com app and because I have used it, right there in the “up next” cue was St. Louis Cardinal intrasquad became. So I said holy, holy.

So I clicked on it, and they were in the eighth inning, and they said there is gonna be another one tonight, but they hadn’t decided what time because it’s so hot in St. Louis that they’re gonna try to choose — probably be a night intrasquad game. It’s gonna be televised. And then I assume that other teams are doing this as they prepare to play their season. And it was odd. It was an intrasquad game, and it was a real game, and there were no fans.

There might have been five people sitting in the seats behind home plate, probably team officials properly distanced. But the stadium was empty, Mr. Snerdley. Totally empty. My brother’s a big Cardinals fan, so I send him, “Hey, there’s an intrasquad going on right now, it’s the eighth inning, you’re probably gonna miss it,” I said, “but they’re gonna do another one tomorrow night,” meaning tonight. He couldn’t wait to tell his friends and his cousin — my cousin, too. People are hungry for this stuff.

So, anyway, what would you do? What would you do to stop? Well, the one thing you can do is stop watching the news. But if you think that there’s something we can do to change the number of cases, the number of deaths, what would you do? “Is there anything that can be done?” may be the most important question.

There were no fake crowd noises in the intrasquad game, that I heard, anyway. But I didn’t watch it long enough to see what kind of production value they were putting into it. I just saw it was the eighth inning, said this thing’s gonna be over. Something else I wanted to watch.

But seriously, seriously, folks. We have locked down. That didn’t do a thing. Locking down didn’t stop the march of the disease, the virus. It didn’t do a damn thing, except destroy the United States economy in two months. But it didn’t have any effect on the disease. Now, the media will not tell you. The media wants you to believe that locking down and shutting down stopped the disease and not nearly as many people died or would die. That’s BS.

You lock down all you want. The minute you open up, we get what we got right now. The minute you open up. But you lock down again, we’re finished. If we lock down, if the Democrats convince a number of states to lock down again, we’re finished. Can’t recover from it a second time. Not as you would want to recover from it. Mean, t

There’s always gonna be an America and there’s always gonna be an American economy, and there’s always gonna be — well, there won’t always be America as we know it, but there’s gonna be an America. We shudder to think what that America would be if certain people win.


RUSH: Anybody want to take on my question? What are we gonna do? We got 77,000 cases that are reported in one day. It is a record. Now the death rate supposedly is catching up with that. What are we gonna do? What is there to be done? Anybody have any ideas?

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