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RUSH: In 2018, Florida voters approved a state constitutional amendment to restore convicted felons’ right to vote, once they complete their sentence. That wording is important. The amendment allows felons to have their voting rights restored once they complete the sentence.

Liberals immediately tried to pull a fast one. They claimed that even felons who had not satisfied the terms of their sentence were included in the new amendment. For example, if the felon had to pay fines or restitution to the victims as part of their sentence, but didn’t pay — liberals argued that didn’t matter. Why? Because it is “racist” to demand criminals pay fines or restitution. It keeps felons from voting because they are “poor.”

So the Florida state legislature went to work. They passed a law clearly stating that felons had to complete their sentence in full, including paying the fines and restitution as required, before their voting privileges would be restored.

The liberals sued them.

And last Thursday, they lost. The Supreme Court ruled that Florida can compel felons to finish their sentence in full before voting privileges are restored.

Liberals are outraged. As usual. They were counting on the criminal vote to put them over the top in the November elections. Felons are one of the Democrats most important voting blocs. Hillary desperately needed them. And the criminals know it! And now their frozen out, at least in Florida.

Good riddance.

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