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RUSH: Here is Jerry in Milwaukee. I’m glad you waited, sir. You’re up next at EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I want to say this. I don’t agree with everything that Black Lives Matter does. I don’t agree with all their ideology, the Marxism. But what I do agree, Rush, is that police accountability is an important thing. It’s not just interactions with police with people who are African-Americans. It’s their interactions with everybody — people who are white, Hispanic, whatever.

We need full police accountability in this country. Qualified immunity lets cops violate the law. And if they violate the law, then it’s usually the cases are thrown out under qualified immunity. Police unions protect bad cops. There are too many bad cops protected. There’s a lot of good cops, a lot of great cops, but bad cops are protected by police unions. So we have a country that the police should be accountable to us, the American people. You know? That’s what we need, and that’s what we deserve.

RUSH: You know what? I would love for there to be somebody to call me and say we need the accountability of the damn United States media. They’ve been lying to people for four years, they’re misleading, they’re misrepresenting, they’re destroying public education, civic knowledge, and there’s no accountability for the mainstream media because they’ve got constitutional protection. There’s no accountability for the Democrat Party and the mistakes they’re making.

The Democrat Party is doing more to harm this country than any number of cops you could parade in front of me. There are so many more destructive agents out there than the cops. The cops aren’t paid diddly-squat for what they have to deal with now. I understand there’s bad actors among the cops. But you’re willing to side somewhat with Black Lives Matter, a Marxist — and you even acknowledge they’re a Marxist, communist organization, but they may have a point on the cops? For crying out loud, this is…


RUSH: All right, audio sound bite time, in Portland, Oregon, KPTV Eyeball TV news. Portland police officer Jakhary Jackson, African-American police officer — by the way, I kind of went off on the last caller. The guy hit a button. He triggered me. “You know, I’m not a total supporter of Black Lives Matter, but there does needs to be police accountability.” There is police accountability. There’s more police accountability than there is media accountability. There’s more police accountability than there’s Democrat Party accountability.

They’re defunding the police. They’re shutting down police departments. They’re reducing in size. In New York they’re destroying the police department. What more do you want? You want police accountability. They’re making it impossible for police departments to recruit people. You’re automatically guilty. You put on the uniform and you’re a racist, you’re a bigot, and you’re a murderer, according to the Democrat Party. According to Black Lives Matter, according to the American left.

Yeah. Okay. Police accountability, fine and dandy. But we need accountability in a whole bunch of other institutions as well that people don’t seem to be upset about at all. We’re not even getting the truth about COVID-19 numbers, the models projecting the death rate and the case rate. They’re not right. They haven’t ever been right. Where’s the outrage?

They continue to be used. They continue to be cited every time a new modeling outfit puts out new numbers, they’re glommed onto like they are gospel. And they haven’t been right yet just like they haven’t been right when it comes to projecting climate change, or anything else that relies on modeling. If you think the cops need accountability, you’re nothing more than a prisoner of your mind having been exposed to too much mainstream media. You’re getting caught up in narratives that you think are really news, when they’re not.

It isn’t news. It’s the advancement of a particular narrative, which can be reduced to being the Democrat Party agenda. So here’s an African-American cop in Portland where the cops are automatically guilty. Trump is wanting to send people in there to straighten it out. The mayor of Portland is not at all interested in any kind of help. The police officer’s name is Jakhary Jackson. Here’s what he had to say about his experience as an African-American police officer during recent protests in Portland.

JACKSON: A lot of times someone of color — black, Hispanic, Asian — will come up to the fence and directly want to talk to me, “Hey, what do you think about George Floyd, what do you think about what happened about this?” I go up to the fence, someone white comes up, “F the police. Don’t talk to him.” I got to see folks that really do want change, like the rest of us, that have been impacted by racism. And then I got to see those people get faded out by people that have no idea what racism is all about, never experienced racism, that don’t even know that the tactics that they are using are the same tactics that were used against my people.

RUSH: He’s talking about these white Millennials, particularly predominantly women, who come up to him and start screaming their lungs out, calling him names, “You racist bigot, you pig, you pig in a blanket, we’re gonna fry you.” And he says they don’t even know what they’re talking about. They’ve just been raised on pure hatred. And they’re engaging in the very same kind of activity they claim to be opposing.

They’re wealthy, white women, Millennials, running up and calling a black cop a bunch of racist names, and they don’t see the irony in that. And he does. He says, “They don’t even know the tactics they are using are the same tactics used by white racists on blacks.” And it is kind of fascinating in a way that these holier-than-thou, white, female, affluent liberal women start shouting all of these horribly rotten, racist names at black cops, and including words like “traitor” and so forth. And they have no idea that they’re actually engaging in the same kind of behavior that they ostensibly oppose.

Here’s Gail. Gail’s in Newfield, Maine. You’re next on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. First of all, I’m a major Rush fan. I pray for you and Kathryn every day.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much.

CALLER: I’m a patriot, and I love our country, and it’s the greatest country on earth. And I agree, this is the most important election of our lives for everything you’ve talked about. My question is very, very simple. We have these riots and this looting going on and killing going on in New York, going on in Chicago, going on in Portland, going on in LA. Our president has offered graciously to go in with whatever force is needed to help and straighten out the situation.

They always say, “No, no, no, we got it covered, we got it covered.” Obviously they don’t. Is there a legal thing he could do to go in and settle this down? And one of the reasons I’m saying is because it breaks my heart what they’re doing to the cities, number one.

Number two, he will get blamed for it even though it’s in Democratic cities. And I keep hearing these little whispers that he’s gonna do something, he’s gonna do something. Take over the answer, Rush. I know you’ll answer it perfectly and tell me what you think he’s gonna do, what he can do, and is it legal. That’s it.

RUSH: Well, A, let’s go in reverse. It would be legal, if he wants to send this troops. Eisenhower has done it, previous presidents have done it. They’ve done it during Brown v. Board of Education. Eisenhower sent the troops in to open the schools in Arkansas when the segregationist senator and the leadership of the state of Arkansas would not comply with federal law.

So, yeah, the precedent’s there. Here’s the problem, Gail, that the president faces. You are aware that ever since Trump took the stroll across Lafayette Park to the church that had been firebombed, and he grabbed a bunch of people in the administration and some military people, and they went with him. And when he got to the church he held up the Bible, and they took pictures, and it was said to be a photo-op. The president was said to be insincere, using everybody that followed him over there.

What happened was that a bunch of military people, including the chairman the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, some other military people, including the secretary of defense said, “I resent the president using me this way. I am not political. The military is not political. And we resent being used this way.” So Trump is very aware in this climate that if he orders the military to go, say, to Portland or to the CHOP zone in Seattle or anywhere, what if the military refuses?

I mean, the intelligence community, already running coups against this guy for the last four years on this totally made up Russian collusion business. We’ve got a bunch of different kind of generals. We’ve got politically correct generals and we’ve got warrior generals. We’ve got political generals and we got generals and admirals and so forth who made it clear they’re not Trump supporters. What if they refused?

I mean, Trump could order the troops in, but the troops are gonna be following orders from the commander. What if the commander’s, what if the chairman of the chief joints refuses? Trump cannot afford to have that happen. And he’s well aware of the political opposition he has and where it is. He is fully aware of every obstacle that he’s gonna have to overcome. Now, you’re saying, “He’s commander-in-chief. They have to.” Yeah, they do. But we live in times that you and I have not experienced before, folks. And that’s a risk that I don’t think that Trump can take.

So the alternative here is to make sure everybody understands that it’s the Democrat Party that’s not doing anything about the rioting and the property destruction and the looting and every bit of this civil — this is not civil disobedience. This is violence. The objective now is to tie it to blue states and the governors and the mayors in them. And that’s what Trump is doing. That’s the best route to go here. And that’s what he’s doing.

And he did it brilliantly at the Mount Rushmore speech, then the next night at the White House July 4th speech. And he’s tying Biden to all of this. That is the smartest thing to do, to let everybody know — ’cause I’ll tell you something. The media has stopped reporting on the rioting. You know, there’s riots every night in Portland, but you’re not seeing the video. They’re not showing you. Not CNN. Not PMSNBC.

You have to look for it in local media to find it, but the national media has stopped televising, as a routine, the nightly disobedience, the riots. So, as far as the American people are concerned, the riots may be over. Even Conrad Black’s piece today, Conrad Black assumes, ’cause he’s not seeing any riots that the riots are over and that Trump has prevailed.

But are the riots over? I think the media has figured out that televising the riots was not hurting Trump. They thought they could damage Trump with this by televising the riots, showing America in chaos, Donald Trump’s fault. But instead, the polling they have on it obviously shows that it’s the Democrats that run these states and cities that are catching the grief for it. As they should.

Trump’s got nothing to do with these people rioting. He’s the only one talking about trying to stop it. The mayors and the governors in these blue states are talking about how these people have the right to riot. They come up with the CHOP zone or the CHAZ zone in Seattle, and this mayor out there calls it a love-in or some such thing.

So I don’t really know if the riots have stopped. But the media has stopped televising them, if they are still happening, and they’ve stopped trying to tie Donald Trump to it. Look, I appreciate the call, Gail.


RUSH: You know, I forgot something. I had it in the Stack of Stuff today. It didn’t ring a bell. I had my memory jogged. The question, what can the president do about the unrest in these cities and states that are run by Democrats? Let me tell you what they’re doing in Oregon, in Portland. Federal law enforcement officers have been using unmarked cars and vehicles to drive around downtown Portland and detain protesters. This has been going on for three days now, since July 14th. Personal accounts and multiple videos posted online show the officers driving up to people, detaining them with no explanation of why they’re being arrested, and driving off with them.

Why you shaking your head? This is what the Trump administration’s doing. They’re doing it. They’re saying to hell with this. Okay. Can’t send the uniformed military in there. We’ll do it with ununiformed military. We’ll do it with unmarked cars. We’ll pick ’em up like we’re taking ’em to Shake Shack. We’re taking ’em to a shack, but it ain’t the Shake Shack. Got bars on the windows and doors.

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