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RUSH: I mentioned at the top of the program I was going to get into this next item in detail. I have to set it up properly. It’s a strange thing to understand. If somebody would email you this, you would look at it and say, “What’s wrong with this? This is great.” And then you realize this is being used as a way of illustrating that white people are bad, that white people are engaged in supremacy and privilege. And white people, mean-spirited, racist, bigot, sexist, this is what this stuff is attempting to say. And yet you would look at it, say, what the hell’s wrong with this? This is awesome. So it takes somebody like me to explain this to you. ‘Cause exactly what I just described happened to me.

When I first saw this, I knew somebody sent this to me as a warning, “Be on the lookout, Rush, this is the latest attempt to separate us by –” I looked, what in the world could be wrong with this. Then I found out what is wrong with it. What I’m gonna share with you in a minute is titled, “Aspects and Assumptions of White Culture in the United States.” There’s a caveat that says, “While different individuals might not practice or accept all of these traits, they are common characteristics of most U.S. White people most of the time.”

Meaning, beware, these are not good, these are mean-spirited, extremist examples of white behavior, and they are the roots of white supremacy and privilege and all of that. And this thing I’m describing — I’m gonna read it to you here in a minute — is being pushed out by organizations that are being fed with your tax dollars. These are these famous nonprofits, 501(c)(3)s. It’s being promoted by the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the Smithsonian.

When I saw that the Smithsonian was putting this stuff out, it is intended as an attack on white culture. It is intended as an attack — ’cause all it is, really, it’s not white culture, it’s Western civilization values that Marxists and communists despise. But for this stuff to appear at the Smithsonian as evidence of what’s wrong in America is outrageous.

They’re pushing this stuff out as the Marxist, African-American agenda that whites are bad, that whites are threatening, that whites are dangerous because they believe in self-reliance. They believe in family. They believe in the rule of law. This is unacceptable. These things are examples of white supremacy.

As I say, these are not white values. They are normal human values. They are the values of Western civilization. They are the values of time-honored decades and millennia of human behavior, the result of the attempt to find a way to live harmoniously, productively, successfully, and happily. That’s what these values are. They are not exclusive to any race. They are exclusive to Western civilization and anti-communism. They are exclusive to societies who wish to be free.

And I am so sick of this stuff being demonized. So let me just start with the list. Some aspects and assumptions of white culture in the U.S. that you are to oppose and be wary of: Rugged individualism, self-reliance. In white America, individual is the primary unit. Independence and autonomy are highly valued and rewarded. Individuals are assumed to be in control of their environment, which leads to you get what you deserve.

Those four things under the topic rugged individualism are opposed by Marxists, communists, and Democrats, and they are considered a threat. Another aspect of white culture and behavior is competition. And if there is anything the left despises, it’s competition, ’cause competition leads to losers. Competition leads to sadness. Competition leads to disappointment. Competition leads to winners. Competition leads to differences. Competition leads to all kinds of sadness and disappointment.

In white culture in the United States, you are to be number one. You are to win at all costs. You are to master and control nature. You must always do something about a situation. You can’t just sit there and do nothing. You have to do something. This is a threat. Decision-making. You are told to make decisions. This is threatening. This is something that’s exclusive to white culture, is decision-making?

And, of course, the worst thing about competition is that the majority rules. These are things, remember, the Smithsonian has posted this as examples of white bigotry, white racism, white sexism, white supremacy. These are things that people of color and minorities are supposed to oppose, be wary of, and dislike. Majority rules when whites have power.

Justice. In white America, it’s based on English common law. Whites protect their property. That’s not good. Communication in white America, the king’s English rules. Don’t show your emotion. Don’t discuss your personal life. Be polite.

Those are not things to aspire to. Those are things that lead to sadness and disappointment and racism and sexism and bigotry, discrimination. Holidays in white America are based on Christian religions. They’re based on white history and male leaders, and we are to ignore them. History in white America is based on northern European immigrants’ experience of the United States. There’s a heavy focus on the British empire. And the primacy of western and Judeo-Christian ethics — folks, this is just nothing more than Western civilization.

This is the result of human beings living in freedom for a long time and deciding what values and behavioral norms lead to the most productive, the most happy, the most content, the most worthwhile life. The best way to raise kids. These are not things that some single person decided and forced on everybody. This is what society and culture discovered itself living in freedom.

Another aspect of white supremacy and white culture in the U.S. is the Protestant work ethic. Hard work is said to be the key to success. This is opposed. Hard work is the key to success is another way that whites exclude other races. How in the hell can that be? You are to work before you play. If you didn’t meet your goals, then you didn’t work hard enough. The Protestant work ethic defines everything in white culture. With hard work as the key to success. Is it not?

Remember, these are people to whom Make America Great Again is controversial. Make America Great Again, those are fighting words to some people. So hard work, the key to success. You know, something else. Isn’t this kind of playing into some stereotypes, that certain people are lazy? Really? Is it only white culture that has a work ethic? This is absurd. The work ethic is something that is present in human beings no matter what race they are or religion or creed. But these things have been posted now the Smithsonian and at the National Museum of African American History as examples of what’s wrong with America.

Now, where’s the compromise on this stuff, folks? Where do we cross the aisle and meet these people halfway? There is the opportunity to appease people? They oppose virtually everything that has made America what it is on the basis that it’s exclusive white supremacy behavior.

Status, power, and authority is another topic in white dominated culture America, wealth equals your worth. There’s a heavy value on ownership of goods, space, and property. Well, that doesn’t jibe with communism, you don’t own diddly-squat. The state owns everything. You don’t own private property. You’re not allowed to own anything. That leads to competition, leads to disappointment, leads to sadness, leads to different outcomes.

Under status, power, and authority, your job is how you are, your job is who you are. And another problem with white culture in the United States is a respect for authority. Not making this up. In white culture in America, there is an out-of-proportion orientation toward the future, as in planning for it. This is not good. That’s racist. It is sexist. It is bigoted. And it is exclusionary.

In white America, delayed gratification is a lifestyle. That’s simply saving. Saving some money for whatever reason, rainy day, what have you. This is not good. It’s unfair. You realize all this stuff is unfair in these people’s view, that progress is always best and that tomorrow will be better. No, it won’t. Tomorrow is gonna suck for most people, these people think. It’s mean-spirited to tell people that hard will work will get ’em where they’re gonna get and that tomorrow will be better and that progress is best and self-reliance is a key, rugged individualism, all these things are how they keep other people down. It’s how white people keep minorities in the gutter and unable to rise up.

There’s even a section here on aesthetics, the aspects and assumptions of white culture in the United States. Well, aesthetics are based on European culture, and women’s beauty is based on being blond and thin, like Barbie. Honest to God. That’s what it says here. And this, of course, blond, thin women like Barbie, that is really exclusionary. That’s really racist. That’s really sexist. Man’s attractiveness is based on his economic status, his power and his intellect.

Is something wrong with these things? These are universal Western civilization values, again, that are time-honored and time-tested, just as marriage as the best way to raise kids is something that’s been learned and discovered over the millennia of human life. And also under aesthetics, the dominant white menu is steak and potatoes. Bland is best. In religion, white culture, United States, Christianity is the norm. Anything other than Judeo-Christian tradition is foreign, and there is no tolerance for deviation from the single God concept.

What do you mean, no tolerance? For the single God concept. What do you mean, no tolerance? There’s tolerance for everything in this country. Anyway, I have shared with you about half of this, as examples of what’s really wrong in America. What’s really wrong in America is white culture, and these example of white culture are what keep minorities essentially on the plantation. Some horrible stuff.

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