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RUSH: Have you heard about this cop that got beat up on the Brooklyn Bridge during a protest? (interruption) Do you know who that cop is? (interruption) That is a guy that took a knee and hugged the protesters way back when to show solidarity with them. And some guy came along with a cane and just beat the tar out of the guy on the Brooklyn Bridge, same cop, and now they can’t find the perp.

What are they gonna do, give him a medal? What’s de Blasio gonna do, give this guy a medal? This is classic. This cop — and he’s not the only one — took a knee. The protesters are gathered. I’m sure you remember the photos. The protesters are gathered, they’re in line, and the cops are facing them also in line, and they’ve got their riot gear ready to go. And then out of nowhere the cops kneel. They take a knee a la Kaepernick, a la the National Football League.

And then some cops actually went up there and gave one of the protesters a hug, and one of the cops who did that is the guy who got tarred and feathered by this cane attack on the Brooklyn Bridge. (interruption) What do you mean, what does it mean? It means you can’t appease these people. You can’t meet ’em halfway. You can’t show them that you’re even sensitive to their cause.

They don’t care about you. They’re not interested in you agreeing with them. They’re not interested in you coming over to their side. They don’t want you to do that. They want to force you to do that. They want to intimidate you into doing that. They’re not gonna be impressed if you decide to show on your own to show solidarity.

That’s what awaits all of these people, Millennials and others, who think we just have to show we can cross the aisle. We just have to show that we mean them no harm. We just have to show that we can work with them. We just have to show them that we understand what they’re mad about.

None of that matters. This is not how whatever problems we have in the country are gonna be solved, folks. These people that we’re up against are gonna have to be defeated. Their objective for this country has nothing in common with what we want.

And, in fact, the Smithsonian institute has published a hit piece, it’s intended to be a hit piece against white culture. And I’m gonna give you some examples. The Smithsonian has done this! But I’m getting ahead of us myself. I’m actually setting the table here. I want to get started on some other things first. We’ll circle back to this.

But wait ’til you hear what the Smithsonian has done. I think it’s probably a white person named DiAngelo, who is being made famous as a white person dumping on white culture in order to curry favor with the mob, Black Lives Matter and so forth.

And so this person, whoever did it, has literally put together a classic explanation of Western civilization culture, not white culture. It is a list, it is a recitation of character and behavior and virtue that is time-tested through the human civilization to be an excellent way to live. And yet it’s posted at the Smithsonian institute or at the Smithsonian as an example of white supremacy, an example of white privilege, an example of how the white race is attempting to force its own culture on minorities in America.

Of course it’s as absurd as saying the United States is out there trying to impose freedom on the world. We do, but in the form of liberating the oppressed. And of course I was unaware that freedom is an imposition. I thought freedom is a great thing.


RUSH: That’s right. The cop that got beat up on the Brooklyn Bridge is the top uniformed cop in the NYPD. He’s the chief. Not the commissioner. The commissioner doesn’t wear a uniform. The commissioner’s Tom Selleck, if you watch Blue Bloods. No. The cop that got beat up is the top uniformed cop in New York.


RUSH: I got a guy out there, and I’ll make a point about something, “Yeah, yeah, you know, you’re exactly right. One thing you may not know is,” every email, “One thing you may not know is…” The most recent example is this cop. They got a woman in custody who they think is who beat up the cops on the Brooklyn Bridge. The cop is the highest ranking uniformed cop in the NYPD. He’s not the commissioner, but he is the highest ranking uniformed cop. That’s what the guy said, “You may not know that he’s the highest ranking uniformed cop, in addition to everything else you were right about.”

I pointed out that these are the people that took a knee and went up and hugged these protesters some weeks ago when all of this unrest began ’cause they thought they would show solidarity. They would indicate that they, too, don’t support and are fed up with what happened to George Floyd. And it’s a great lesson. You cannot appease these people.

I’ve been trying to teach the Republicans this in dealing with the Democrats in the House and the Senate for 30 years. You can’t cross the aisle. You can’t appease them. You can’t give them a percentage of what they want and quiet them down. You can’t give them anything of what they want, all or a little bit, and have them like you. You can’t get them to give up their radical nature and behavior by giving them things, appeasing, it just isn’t possible.

They have no desire to get along with you. They have no desire to live peacefully alongside you. They have no desire to even acknowledge you exist. Read the Bari Weiss resignation letter from the New York Times. She is no conservative. Look at the way she was treated by these radical leftists that have taken over the New York Times. They had no desire for her to be there. They wanted no part. And there’s nothing she could have done to make them accept her.

But why should she have to? Why should any of us have to kneel, bend over, or otherwise compromise who we are in order to get their acceptance or approval? Who the hell are these people? Most of them are a bunch of idiots and don’t even know what they think they know. They’re wrong about the founding of the country. They’re wrong about what the country is. They’re wrong about the nature of the country. They’re wrong about the nature of American civilization.

Why in the world would anybody want to appease them? ‘Cause it isn’t gonna calm them down. Isn’t gonna stop them from blowing up buildings. It’s not gonna stop them from setting things afire. It’s not gonna stop them from trying to harass, intimidate you, and beat you up.

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