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RUSH: Trump has united the Republican Party. The media is beside itself over this. They have been doing everything they can — when I say media, I mean the Democrat Party — everything they can to bust up Trump and his base support. They have shot their wad. Everything in their ammo quiver they have fired, and they haven’t connected. They are beside themselves. I cannot tell you how frustrated they are. And that frustration is what is driving them toward madness.

So there were some primary runoffs last night. And both of Trump’s endorsed candidates won, one of them in a major, major, major landslide. Donald Trump has united the Republican Party something like now, what is it, 96% of the Republican Party supports Trump. You find it everywhere except in the United States Senate. Pro-America, pro-law and order, pro-peace and prosperity. The message is working. Trump’s endorsements are worth their weight in gold in Republican primaries.

Fake news wants you to believe Trump is losing his base. Fake news wants you to believe Trump’s losing everything. He’s lost the magic. He has lost the mystique. He has lost everything that propelled him to victory in 2016. Not only that, he’s out of touch. His ideas are out of step. He simply lost everything that he had. And of course the opposite is true.

Trump’s passionate defense of America, his passionate defense of America’s founding and history and culture and exceptional people is pitch perfect, and it’s amazing, it’s unique. The Democrat Party — stop and think of this for a second, now — the Democrat Party is ceding, they’re giving away, they’re letting Trump have sole access to America, as founded, to America’s history. They’re allowing Trump sole access and possession, as issues, of our great culture and our exceptional people.

The Democrat Party has invested totally in this counterculture, America is rotten, America’s unjust, America’s unfair, America’s racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic. The Democrats want that because somehow they believe that Twitter is majority thinking America. They believe that Twitter is the majority of thought in the United States. And so they are letting Trump have sole access to everything that a majority of the American people want their country to be.

And so the Democrat Party is really helping Trump in the sense that they’re making it very cut-and-dried the alternatives in this election. The Democrat Party is not even trying to fake that they love and respect America’s history and founding. They’re going all in on the idea that America is fraudulent, that America is bigoted, that America is unjust and immoral and unfair and doesn’t deserve to exist as it does.

That, to me, is what happens when a single political figure drives an entire political party insane. Would you do this? If you had any position of power in the Democrat Party, if you were a political consultant, would you advise the party to abandon the history and the founding and the culture of the United States? Would you advise that party to go all-in on the notion that America is a gigantic lie and always has been and deserves to pay the price for all of the injustice and all of the morality and all the racism and sexism and bigotry that they’ve perpetrated for 244 years. They’re letting Trump own and posse what a margin Americans want their country to be.

And one of the reasons has to be this convoluted impression they have of Twitter. The New York Times has gone all-in on “Twitter represents America.” You can see it. The New York Times, the people there have bought into the idea that a majority of Americans and certainly all of American liberalism, the Democrat Party now despises the United States of America as founded, as built, as developed. It’s mind-boggling when you ponder it because it’s something you wouldn’t think — I mean, I can understand a bunch of radical-leftist nobodies trying to be something adopting it, but a whole political party choosing this and thinking that it is their route to nationwide victory up and down the ballot?

That hating America, despising America, lying about America is the route to winning back their power? In the process of doing this, do you know what else the Democrats have abandoned? The center. They’ve abandoned the precious independents, the great unwashed of the undecided. It used to be the undecided were the key to victory. It used to be 20% of the electorate hadn’t made up their minds because they were not closed minded, they were not Republicans, they were not Democrats. So everybody fought for the 20%. The Democrats have abandoned even 20%, and they are assuming that a minimum 51 percent of the people who vote in this country hate this country and are prepared to participate in overthrowing it and converting it into a socialist-Marxist nation. And they believe that this is their route to power.

They’re not even gonna pretend this time around during the campaign that they are moderates. They’re not even gonna pretend that they’re centrists. They’re gonna let Trump own Make America Great Again, America first. They’re gonna let Trump own the American founding. Most of America is like Trump — resilient, tough, kind, tolerant, principled, optimistic by nature. Trump does not surrender to his enemies. He doesn’t back away from principled fights. Transparent, authentic, cheerleader for progress and accomplishment.


RUSH: Jeff Sessions was trying to win his Senate seat back last night, the Senate seat he held for decades. You know, Jeff Sessions — I know Trump doesn’t like him. I know Trump thinks that Jeff Sessions is not very smart. And it all goes back to Sessions recusing himself from the Russia investigation as attorney general.

Sessions was the first senator to endorse him, and it was over immigration. And Trump rewarded him by making him attorney general, something Sessions had as a career objective. And then he recuses himself and didn’t tell anybody he was gonna do it, and it made a lot of people mad, and Trump still isn’t over it. He thinks that Sessions recusing himself was essentially giving the Democrats another weapon to fire at him.

It was unnecessary, and it blindsided Trump. He would have never appointed him if he had known he was gonna recuse himself. If he hadn’t recused himself, we wouldn’t have had Mueller, you know, Trump believes. So when Sessions seeks his Alabama Senate seat, Trump makes sure to endorse his opponent, Tommy Tuberville, who is the former coach at Auburn.

Tuberville is a Trumpist as well. Tuberville is a tough conservative. He’s a good guy. He’s a brilliant football mind as well which means he’s a brilliant tactician and strategist as well. Football is not, contrary to what people think, a dumb guy’s game, particularly at the head coach level either in college or the NFL. But it was a landslide. I don’t have the numbers in front of me here, but it was 67-33, something like that. It was a devastating loss for Jeff Sessions.

I’m sure he hoped that the people of Alabama would send him back, but I’m telling you, folks, Trump was in there, and he was savaging Sessions, and he was hyping Tommy Tuberville. I’ve known Jeff Sessions for a long time. I know Trump’s got his problems with him, but there’s no finer gentleman that you would ever meet than Jeff Sessions. And he’s a throwback. He’s 73 years old. He is a throwback to the America we all used to assume was gonna be the America forever.

He took the stage last night and praised Trump and praised Tuberville, who had just wiped him out in a landslide. He said that Trump’s vision for America is right. He said, “Let me say this about the president and our relationship. I leave with no regrets. I was honored to serve the people of Alabama in the Senate. I was extraordinarily proud of the accomplishments we had as attorney general, including recusing myself from the Russia investigation.” As I said, Trump has never gotten over that.

But, you know, the thing about Sessions, he loses something he — 63-37, he loses something he really wanted badly, his Senate seat back. And he was the definition of grace. You know, people talk about grace and virtue and manner. He praised Tuberville. He said he’s gonna support Tuberville. We have got to keep the Republican majority in the Senate. We’ve got to keep Trump in the White House.

He’s up there telling the people of Alabama who supported him to not get mad and keep supporting Trump and support Tuberville ’cause Tuberville’s gotta beat a Democrat in November to get the seat. It’s the kind of thing that you used to see that we sometimes still do but not much.

It seems to me that Sessions is still in good health. But at 73, I don’t know if he’s gonna run for anything ever again. But even after a 63-37 landslide defeat, he made certain that everybody knows that he is looking at the country and what’s best for it and taking the high road. And he said point-blank that he is going to do everything he can to see to it that Trump gets four more years in office. Now, he, you know, may behind the scenes not do that, but publicly he’s saying everything that you would expect a well-mannered, virtuous and cultured person to say.

He said he’s gonna even campaign for Tuberville. He knows we need to hold Senate, gotta defeat Doug Jones. By the way, some people think it’s Tommy Tuberville, but it’s not. You would think there would be two B’s in there to make it Tubberville but I guess the guy didn’t want to have his nickname Tube so he’s Tommy Tubberville. I remember him when he was coach at Auburn. But listen to him if you haven’t, and I think you’ll be impressed by him.


RUSH: By the way, Dr. Ronny Jackson, the White House doctor for Trump, he was also victorious. He ran in Texas last night for a House seat, and he was victorious. It’s another guy that Trump endorsed, obviously. And we’ve got a sound bite from Tuberville. I want you to hear Tommy Tuberville. He was on Fox & Friends this morning with Doocy and some of the other people there. He got the question, “The president over the last month or so has endorsed a couple of candidates who did not win in Colorado and North Carolina so was the pressure on you to win over Jeff Sessions?”

TUBERVILLE: I’m a huge Donald Trump fan. I think he’s done a great job with four or five people hanging — he’s a quarterback, he’s in the pocket — and he’s got people hanging all over him but he’s still completing passes. This country is in trouble, that’s the reason I’m running. I want to be a part of what’s gonna happen the next few years when we get President Trump re-elected. President Trump knows he’s got to get jobs back, he’s gotta get people jobs, and he’s doing that. He’s working hard. I was on Air Force One with him not too long ago, I said, “Mr. President I don’t know what you’re taking but I want to take it. I want the energy you’ve got.” This guy is unbelievable.

RUSH: Tommy Tuberville is a good guy, and the more you hear him speak, I think the more confident a guy like him you will be.

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