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RUSH: This is Alex in my hometown, Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Welcome to the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Great to speak you today. I just wanted to real fast ask you, what do you think the president’s incentive to keep Dr. Fauci on the task force is? Because my view on that is a lot of the people I know who support the president do not like Fauci, and an alliance between the two is alarming to them —

RUSH: I think it’s an old adage, you want people peeing inside the tent, not outside the tent.

CALLER: You think so?

RUSH: Trump recognizes that Dr. Fauci has universal respect, deservedly or undeservedly, has universal respect among certain people out there. And the best thing he can do is doing what he’s doing. He’s just ignoring Fauci I think like he’s ignoring some of these generals that went south on him, eventually just ignore Fauci. Kicking him off the task force would be like the ultimate offensive tweet. People would just go nuts over it, and you can effectively do what you want without actually doing it, and I think that’s what Trump’s doing.

You got people out there that are making the point that are on the task force, like Admiral Giroir saying, look, Dr. Fauci is not infallible. Dr. Fauci has been wrong about a lot of things that he has said. And so it’s evening out. He doesn’t need the distraction of the pile-on that officially canning Dr. Fauci — Dr. Fauci’s the ultimate sympathetic figure. He’s a little guy. He’s from Brooklyn. He’s perceived to be not opinionated and harmless and all of this other stuff. The last thing that Fauci appears to be to anybody is a villain, except people like you who may have —


RUSH: — a very heightened awareness of his techniques and what he’s actually trying to do. A lot of people realize he’s trying to undermine Trump by winking and nodding at the media when they go after Trump. I would agree with you if you think that.

CALLER: Us Cape Girardeau guys understand that type of thing for sure.

RUSH: Ha. There’s no question about that. Us Cape Girardeau guys are ahead of the curve on most everything. In the first two critical months Dr. Fauci bought the Chinese propaganda that there was little threat. He started sending incoherent messages about the Chinese role, the cruise ships. He made us believe that there was nothing serious here in the first two months of this, don’t forget.

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