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RUSH: Last Saturday, two police officers in McAllen, Texas responded to a domestic dispute call. Both officers were ambushed and murdered by the suspect, who then took his own life.

One of those slain officers, Ismael Chavez, leaves an 18-year-old daughter, Savannah Chavez. She posted an emotional tribute to her dad on social media, praising him as a hero who died doing the job he loved. She said that words could not describe her pain. She wrote that she would miss her dad very much, but she was glad that he was at peace. She closed with the words: Blue Lives Matter.

And within minutes, the ugliness of social media reared its hateful head. The grieving 18-year-old was attacked as a racist for saying Blue Lives Matter. She was told her father had a “choice” in becoming a cop, as if that justified his murder.

Now two things. First, the left wants to send social workers instead of police to domestic disturbances like this. That will not end well.

Second. The American left, these heartless liberals, will not even respect the feelings of a teenage girl who just lost her father. Their vile, bitter, politically inspired hatred is all that counts in their world. Savannah Chavez’s grief doesn’t matter to them at all. There’s probably only 10 or 12 of them — and that’s the thing about this — making them look like tens of thousands.

The truth is, no lives – of any color – really matter to these people and they shouldn’t matter to us because they’re nonentities. Who are they? We don’t even know. Screw ’em.

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