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RUSH: Okay. So the president finally gave the Drive-By Media what they have been demanding. They have been scratching, they have been clawing, they’ve been crying, whining and moaning, they’ve been demanding that the president set an example. (interruption) No, not his tax returns. No, no, no. Not his resignation. No, no, no, no. They had been demanding a photo — well, actually, they have been demanding that the president wear a mask, a COVID-19 mask.

You know why? They want to take a photo of Trump wearing the COVID-19 mask. And you know why they want to do that? Because the mask is the symbol of fear. The mask is the symbol that we’re all gonna die. And when the president doesn’t wear the mask, the president doesn’t convey that we’re in a big, big, big problem. When the president doesn’t wear the mask it makes it look like it isn’t any big deal and it makes it look like the president’s not afraid of anything. And if the Trumpster isn’t afraid of anything, why should you?

So they’ve been desirous, they have been scratching and clawing and demanding that Trump wear the mask. And so Trump went to Walter Reed, the Army hospital in Washington, and wore a mask. And I’m gonna tell you, folks, the Drive-Bys are gonna be demanding that he stop wearing the mask pretty soon.

Put the picture up in the Dittocam, Brian. Look at this. I submit to you there is nobody in America that looks better wearing a mask than Donald Trump. Look at that. Some of you may have already seen the photo ’cause it’s been out there since Friday. But if you haven’t, we’re posting it here on the Dittocam at RushLimbaugh.com. That is exclusively for members of Rush 24/7. But fear not. All these examples on the Dittocam will be on the main website at RushLimbaugh.com.

But look at that. I mean, that just looks studly. It looks powerful. Have you seen anybody that looks better than Trump in a mask? I haven’t. Pelosi and Schumer look like idiots. Biden looks old and withered. But Trump looks like a badass, folks.

Trump looks like somebody — well, here, put the picture of Biden up there. Here’s Biden, half the time he forgets to put it on his mouth, folks. Here it is dangling from his left ear.

So go back to Trump. Now, you tell me, which of these two photos is the more powerful and the more inspiring? And Trump is also younger, stronger, madder, meaner. Look at those eyes. He’s focused. You know, a lot of people, I have to tell you, a lot of people look like idiots in these masks. They just can’t help it, like this guy, like Biden. I mean, even when Biden’s got the mask in the right place, it just doesn’t work. So, we’ll see. They got what they wanted, but I don’t think that is what they wanted.

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