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RUSH: Tom in Dexter, Michigan. Great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon. On Tuesday, you opened the show with a report on sexist architecture and ejaculating buildings, and I almost drove off the road laughing.

RUSH: Well, it happened to be a true story. It was women — leftist women — have been shocked and frightened by skylines that they say remind them of ejaculating buildings. You know, these gigantic phallic-symbol buildings.


RUSH: It was a true story, and it was all rooted in how this male-dominated, white supremacy culture is attempting to subtly intimidate and manipulate everybody.

CALLER: Likening a skyscraper to a priapic penis is a phallic fallacy. There’s only one reason to build a tall building, and that’s money. Until my day job succumbed to the coronavirus, I was a senior project architect on very complex science buildings that have budgets of eight and nine figures. And I’ve never had a client say, “Oh, by the way, put some sexist discrimination in the building design while you’re working on it.”

RUSH: Oh, of course. I don’t know one person that designed a building like that and said, “Let’s scare the women! You know what? Let’s make this thing look like it’s ejaculating all the time and really intimidate the women.” Nobody thinks that way!

CALLER: I have actually built one building that does have an ejaculating-type feature that might qualify for an ejaculating building. It’s a linear accelerator.

RUSH: A linear accelerator. What does it look like?

CALLER: Well, this one actually looks like a gun in the plan, and it’s designed… It’s a facility for rare isotope beams, and this thing produces a hot stream of very large subatomic particles traveling at six-tenths the speed of light, and we smash ’em into a target to see what parts fall out.

RUSH: Sounds like the gigantic collider over there.

CALLER: It’s a little different. The big colliders are racetracks. They’re circular. This one’s linear, so it’s more like a drag race.

RUSH: How tall is it?

CALLER: This one is seven stories underground, has walls that are 17 feet thick.

RUSH: Wait a minute. It’s underground?

CALLER: Yeah, it’s underground, because you can’t build these things above ground. You gotta put ’em in concrete.

RUSH: So women would not be able — driving by this building —


RUSH: — to think of it as ejaculating anything?

CALLER: It’s in the middle of a midwestern college campus, so nobody’s protesting outside because they don’t know what goes on inside the building.


CALLER: But it is generating this very hot stream of subatomic particles.

RUSH: (chuckling) Did you think I was making this up? Is that why you started laughing? You thought it was a good bit?

CALLER: I thought it was a good bit. I couldn’t believe that anyone looking at a skyscraper… You lived in New York, and you know the reason why they build tall buildings where they do is because of the price of land. It’s cheaper to go up than it is to go flat you can’t buy the neighborhoods property.

RUSH: Obviously.

CALLER: And they only build them in two places in New York because the bedrock is close to the surface.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: That’s why you only see those two little clusters of skyscrapers.

RUSH: That’s why I’ve always thought that the streets of New York should be paved with gold. Look at the property tax that they collect on one block of high-rise buildings.


RUSH: It’s incredible. The streets ought to be paved in gold around those buildings with all that property and the other taxes that they are collecting.

CALLER: And instead they’re wasting it on murals.

RUSH: Yeah, Black Lives Matter murals in front of Trump Tower, designed to tick off Trump. The only problem with that is Trump doesn’t live there anymore. This is true story, though. It was a story about women genuinely thinking and in fear that skylines featuring tall buildings are designers intimidating them with the faux ejaculation of buildings.

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