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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a golden opportunity staring us in the face, and that is an opportunity to do great, great damage to academe. I love that word. That’s the academy, meaning institutions of higher learning, which means these indoctrination centers known as universities.

Academe. There’s a great opportunity with all these places canceling their classes, in-person classes, to wreak some havoc out there.


Let me get to the education. You know, I’ve been harping on this all week, that I believe the real problem that we face in America, or the problems, can be boiled down to one particular area that we lost that has given birth to all of this left-wing insanity, and it is our education system. We’ve lost it. We’ve lost the education. We lost the teachers. We lost the presence.

And I don’t just mean a conservative presence. You know, we got a caller earlier this week who is a lone conservative on a college campus somewhere and was referring to the fact that there is no conservatism to be found in the teaching of the American founding. And I reacted, the American founding is not conservative. I understand why somebody would say that. And maybe you could make a case that it is. But the American founding is fact.

The American founding is not something that somebody dreamed up and has an ideological component to it. It really happened. It happened because of real people who did real things. Real people who were brilliant, who did something that had never been done before in the whole course of human history. And it’s no longer taught. It is assaulted. It is destroyed.

The founding of this country is portrayed and taught to young people as something done by a bunch of vilans, racists, bigots, that it was unnecessary due to the whole thing. The whole country was created so that a bunch of rich white people could continue white supremacy forever, slavery forever. And this is why the number one component on the protest march today is educated white women. They are the ones whose minds have been corrupted and polluted by this stuff.

They’ve been taught to hate themselves, to hate their whiteness, that the reasons for all the misery and unhappiness in the world, not just in this country, is due to whiteness, predominantly white men and the white patriarchal culture. And this has been going on for 40 years, and we weren’t even there to counter it. And it was happening in Hollywood, it was happening in movies and on television shows. And it was happening in music lyrics, pop culture, and we weren’t there.

Where were we? We were at think tanks. Yeah. We’re at think tanks. We’re writing policy papers. And we’re telling each other how smart we are and how we are the intellectual link to the primacy of conservatism. We weren’t even on the playing field when this country was being assaulted and destroyed.

But there is now a chance, there is an opportunity to really do some serious damage to this educational establishment that has ruined, for now, this country. I have two stories. The first one here is from Neil Munro at Breitbart. Here’s the headline: “Citizenship Gets Canceled: 25,000 Academics Dismiss ‘Artificial Distinction.'”

Twenty-five thousand teachers, 25,000 academics, 25,000 intellectuals, 25,000 people smarter than you and me.

“More than 25,000 U.S. university teachers signed a petition that touts job-seeking migrants by demeaning U.S. citizenship as merely an ‘artificial distinction’ between Americans and foreigners.”

Their view is there’s no such thing as citizenship. It’s something we invented to say we’re better than other people. American citizenship is a way to say we’re cool, we’re hot, we’re nice, we’re superior to you. You’re not one of us. You don’t have citizenship. You’re not an American. Screw you. This is the kind of drivel and garbage they are teaching in the classroom for 40 and maybe 50 years. And young, impressionable, white, college co-eds have been swallowing it all; they’ve been eating it up; they believing every word of it.

The dismissal of citizenship by academics paid for by you. These people are paid by taxpayers. The dismissal of citizenship as something artificial and meaningless, is being used “to rationalize their support for smuggling their fee-paying foreign graduates into the jobs needed right now by their unemployed American students, said Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies.”

In essence, these academics would rather have the migrants and the homeless and the peasants of the world have first crack at American jobs in this current economy than American citizens because citizenship is unfair. Why, American citizenship is unfair because not everybody is a citizen, and America says who and who isn’t a citizen; so it’s inherently unfair; so we gotta abolish citizenship. And that kind of thinking is everywhere, on every subject that you can imagine.

“‘Coyotes on the Mexican border are at least honest about what they are doing’ as they demand cash in exchange for smuggling blue collar migrants into U.S. jobs, he said. ‘They’re not making pretentious claims about moral superiority — but these white collar coyotes in academia are dressing up what they are doing as a service to humanity.'”

It really is atrocious, if you ask me. It’s just another bit of evidence of the literal poison the anti-American thinking, the anti-American thought, the teaching that’s going on, and American parents just line up and scrounge up whatever it costs to send their kids to these places.

And then these kids come home, and they start telling mom and dad what they’ve learned, which also includes mom and dad are guilty of white supremacy and of economic and climate destruction and unfairness and racism and bigotry and all that. And so mom and dad are sitting there, scrounging up 25 to $40,000 and their kids come home and tell ’em what a bunch of worthless reprobates they are, and they’re trying to figure it out.

And they have hope and faith, well, the kids will figure it out and turn around and straighten up, when in fact every value that these kids were raised with by their parents will be erased, will be sullied and will be poisoned and taken away. And eventually mom and dad will see their kid, somebody they don’t recognize in the middle of the street shouting at a cop all kinds of insults that make no sense whatsoever, filled with rage and signing on to and propping up Marxist, communist organizations, thinking that they’re involved in civil rights.

So Kurt Schlichter at Townhall has a piece called “This Is A Great Opportunity To Destroy Academia.” He said, “This is our chance to undo one of America’s biggest mistakes in the last century, allowing academia to metastasize into the societal tumor that it has become. Technology and economics were already gut-punching this flabby punk before both the double-strike combo of the pangolin pandemic panic and the woke insurrection revealed that not only did the emperor have no clothes but he wasn’t packing much to speak of besides.”

I have no idea what that means, sorry. Let me see if I can make sense of this for you. “It’s going to fight for its life, and its play will be – surprise – more blood money from us to keep it going. But it has been revealed as yet another undead leftist institution, staggering on long after it should have rested in pieces.”

So here’s what needs to happen. “Let’s take this opportunity to drive a stake through the heart of academia as we know it.”


RUSH: Let me quickly run through the five ideas here that Mr. Schlichter has to, quote, unquote, destroy academia. “First, defund the universities. All the kids love the defunding, right? Let the schools compete in the market.”

Boy, that’s so true. Get rid of student loans. It shouldn’t have to cost a family 40 years to get somebody a four-year education. Let ’em compete in the market. Let ’em compete like hotels compete, like airlines compete.

“Second, tax their endowments.”

“Third, student loans need to come from the school,” not from the federal government. “They need to be dischargeable in bankruptcy.”

“Fourth, enforce not merely free speech on campus but ideological diversity. And fifth, we need to stop falling for the notion that our colleges occupy some sort of intellectual, and even moral, high ground. They don’t.” They are actually instruments of destruction of young minds right now. And I’m sorry to have to say that. It’s why journalism’s been destroyed, because the journalism schools have been destroyed by being taken over by a bunch of leftist, corrupt propagandists.

Trump’s got the right idea. Trump tweeted today that he had told the U.S. Treasury to review the tax-exempt status of schools and universities that have become vehicles for left-wing indoctrination. That’s practically all of them. This is why Hillsdale College is so damn important; so valuable; so irreplaceable. More about them in a minute.

Trump wrote, “Too many universities and school systems are about radical leftist indoctrination, not education.” Exactly right. He was probably reading one of my transcripts and transferring it to a tweet. “Therefore,” the president said, “I’m telling the Treasury department to reexamine their tax-exempt status and/or funding, which will be taken away if this propaganda or act against public policy continues. Our children must be educated, not indoctrinated.”


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