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RUSH: Clark in Averill Park, New York, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Incredibly happy to be here, Rush. Here’s the question. Why are you still in this fight? You’ve been doing this for 30 years or more. You don’t need to be here anymore. What is it that’s driving you to sustain this fight during this horrific political climate that we’re in right now?

RUSH: What a good question. Well, A, above and beyond everything, is I just love doing this. It’s what I’m best at. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to do it. You know, most people — not most. A lot of people never really get to do what they absolutely love. What they absolutely love is their hobby. They have to go through other things in order to pay for being able to do their hobby. I lucked out, and I got to do exactly what I have wanted to do since I was 8 years old, and had the added benefit of being successful at it.

Now, why am I still in the fight? It’s worth it. We’re talking about — and I assume you’re talking about with my health and the diagnosis I have, living with it. It doesn’t matter. You know, it’s the country. It’s worth saving. It’s worth doing everything possible to save it.

And it’s not that I think it can’t be done without me. It’s just that I consider it a great opportunity to be able to be part of the effort and that to not be here, to resign or quit or go away and find other things do with my time would be squandering the opportunity. ‘Cause the day’s gonna come where I can’t anyway. So I may as well maximize the time I have while I’m able. I really appreciate the question. That’s quite perceptive. I wish I had more time to answer it, but I don’t.


RUSH: I’ll tell you something else, folks. The presence of COVID-19 eliminates a lot of other opportunities that would otherwise be available. It just basically shut them out and shut them down.

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