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RUSH: A ten-year saga has thankfully come to a close. That’s how long the Little Sisters of the Poor nuns have been fighting Obamacare’s mandate to provide contraception in their health care plans. That goes against their Catholic faith. So finally, on Wednesday, the Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s executive order exempting the nuns from Obama’s mandate.

For 150 years, Little Sisters of the Poor nuns have run homes serving elderly people in poverty. The Democrats who passed Obamacare refused to acknowledge that as a religious order, the Little Sisters could not be forced to provide services that violate their religious beliefs.

Writing the majority opinion, Justice Clarence Thomas said the Trump administration had the authority to provide exceptions for religious and conscientious objections. He said the statute in plain language allowed the administration to make religious and moral exemptions.

Now, this decision wasn’t even close, 7 to 2. Only the leftist Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayor dissented. They’re mad at the Court’s “zeal to secure religious rights to the Nth degree.”

But they’re really mad at the First Amendment, which states that Congress cannot make laws that infringe on religious freedoms.

The right thing was done, even though it took ten years. It’s clear to anyone who respects our Constitution that Obama never had the power to impose this mandate in the first place.

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