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RUSH: Hey, look at this headline at The Hill: “Trump Renews Culture War, Putting GOP on Edge.”

The article’s premise is that President Trump has gone overboard by calling out Black Lives Matter, NASCAR, and the NFL, and by threatening to veto a politically correct defense bill that changes the names of military bases. And the president really went over the top at Mount Rushmore, supposedly, when he slammed the cultural revolution’s angry mobs of leftists, who are vandalizing monuments and tearing down statues.

According to The Hill, President Trump’s focus on these issues is putting Republicans in a tight spot. They wish he’s just shut up about the culture, and devote his energy to criticizing Joe Biden.

Well, let’s deal with this head on. President Trump hasn’t “renewed” the culture war. Like every other American who pays attention, he sees what the left is doing to this country: the violence, the destruction, the out-of-control lawlessness. What he’s doing is taking the fight right back to them.

President Trump is not cowering in a corner with his tail between his legs, or timidly running away. That’s the M.O. of these scared Republicans who are “on edge.”

This is what pushback looks like, folks, and it isn’t for the faint of heart, which is why “on-edge” Republicans don’t get it.

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