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RUSH: Here is Robert Redfield. He is the director of the Centers for Disease Control. The Coronavirus Task Force held a little press conference today. The Scarf Queen was there and Dr. Fauci. By the way, have you heard what Dr. Fauci said? Dr. Fauci says that the lower coronavirus death rate is a false narrative. What? Dr. Fauci, in an interview with the Alabama Democrat Senator Doug Jones running for reelection, said that it is a false narrative to take comfort in a lower rate of death.

Well, what is false about pointing out that the coronavirus death rate is down to where it was back in early March? How is that a false narrative? Well, Fauci’s downplaying it. He said that taking comfort in news of declining coronavirus death rates is a false narrative, encouraging complacency. He downplayed the apparent low death rate of the pandemic in a press conference with Democrat Alabama Senator Doug Jones on Tuesday. Jones is up for reelection. Fauci is in there doing his best to help him.

Fauci characterized taking comfort in news about declining mortality as an empty comfort claiming it’s a false narrative to take comfort in a lower rate of death.

I literally do not understand this. False narrative? The death rate is back to where it was in March. As the number of cases climb, the number of reported indicates climb, the death rate is not climbing. It means more and more people are getting this disease and we’re testing ’em, finding out people who have become infected, but the death rate is going down. How is that a false narrative? “Well, because it’s complacency.” Complacency? “Yeah.”

What does that mean? “Well, it just means that people are not gonna take it seriously anymore. If you can get the disease and not die, then we’re gonna –” Why isn’t any of this good news? Why isn’t any of this positive news? I can give you the answer. The answer is politics. We can’t have any good news. We can’t have any good news between now and November. No matter what it is, we cannot have it. No good news permitted.

You see what Little Brian Stelter is doing? He got his copy of Mary Trump’s book, and he’s actually taking pictures of pages that he thinks have really damaging stuff and tweeting them. I kid you not. Little Brian, he tweeted a page where Trump’s sister, Marianne, “He’ll never win the presidency. He’s a clown.” So Little Brian took a picture of that page, and that was the biggest insult on the page, that Trump’s own sister says he’s a clown, he’ll never get elected. And he tweets it out.

And then somebody read Little Brian’s tweet, some guy named Tim Carney, who said: “Trump is never going to recover from this.” I don’t know if he meant the specific insult from Trump’s sister, Marianne, “he’s a clown,” or whether it’s the book in its entirety. But the idea that Trump is never gonna recover from it? I don’t think it’s gonna have anywhere near the splash. The fact that Little Brian’s having to take pictures of it, where is this massive demand?

Remember, we were told yesterday they moved the publication up because of massive public demand, and here’s Little Brian and, by the way, Simon & Schuster, are you happy with CNN taking pictures of pages and tweeting them out? Who owns the copyright to this book? When’s the last time this was permissible? But he’s snapping pictures of pages where he thinks there are big-time insults and tweeting them out.

Redfield, the Coronavirus Task Force met today, and Fauci was there and the Scarf Queen. And, of course, the subject of opening the schools came up and here is a portion of Dr. Redfield who runs the CDC and his remarks.

REDFIELD: I want to make it very clear, that what is not the intent of CDC’s guidelines, is to be used as a rationale to keep schools closed. We’re prepared to work with each school, each jurisdiction, to help them use the different strategies that we propose that help do this safely, so they come up with the optimal strategy for those schools. I think it’s critical and it would be personally be very disappointing to me, and I know my agency, if we saw that individuals were using these guidelines as a rationale for not re-opening our schools.

RUSH: So Redfield here attempting to say that they at the CDC are gonna work with the schools on reopening. Apparently, the CDC put out some new guidelines on how to behave properly in the midst of the virus, and some people said, “It sounds to us like you’re advocating schools stay shutdown.” So Redfield goes out there. “No, no, no, no, no. I want to make it very clear, that’s not the intent of our guidelines.”

Do you realize how the intent doesn’t matter? If he gave them the data that they want that allows them to say, “See? See? The CDC says don’t open schools,” then that’s what they’re gonna do. And he can go out and CYA and say, “No, no, no, we didn’t intend to do that,” when in fact he may have.

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