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RUSH: There’s apparently a nudist beach on Martha’s Vineyard and Professor Dershowitz goes to it, but he hasn’t been seen there for a while because of this Epstein business. Ghislaine Maxwell apprehended.

Let me ask you a question. If Ghislaine Maxwell doesn’t make it, if they take her to the New York correctional center where Epstein supposedly committed suicide with a bed sheet on that cheap little bed, and if she somehow doesn’t make it, if she commits suicide or if she’s murdered, I want to see ’em try to sell, “You know what, we just had another system-wide breakdown. We’re sorry. I don’t know. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong.”

Why did it go wrong after what happened with Epstein himself? Why couldn’t you put procedures in place? “We thought we had, but, you know, this is a rotten place to work and some of the guards here ought to be behind bars themselves in a place like this, so we don’t know.”

But I’ll tell you this, folks. There are all kinds of powerful, wealthy people about whom Ghislaine Maxwell knows everything. Do you know how many hidden cameras there were in Epstein’s homes? His mansion on 71st in New York City — he’s got that private island with that temple, that oddball, gold-domed, blue-striped temple — he had hidden cameras everywhere.

If you go to just a picture of Epstein’s New York apartment, that townhouse, there’s a window right above the front door. Behind that window and recessed is the room, the room that is shrouded in lead so that whatever’s in there cannot be destroyed magnetically. That’s where all the monitors were. That’s where all the monitors from all the massage rooms — massage rooms — all the bedrooms, that’s where Epstein and Ghislaine would go in there and watch that’s going on.

He was running a blackmail operation. That’s how he had so much wealth. And she knows it all. She knows the guys, the people that went in and out of Epstein’s place. I met Epstein once down here. Let’s see. Where was it? He was just sitting alone somewhere outside. I don’t even know where it was. I had met some woman that knew him so I went, “Hey, I know somebody that knows you and,” da-da-da-da.

He said, “Was she nuts? ‘Cause they all are.” I thought, how the hell do I answer this? “Was she nuts, because they all are.” That’s what he said to me. And he invited me to lunch. I didn’t reply. I didn’t go. (interruption) No, no, no, no, no. I did not even reply.

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