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RUSH: This was the “celebration” they’ve always really wanted. Over the July 4th weekend, the American left showed us who they are, and what they believe.

Just outside the White House, on what is now called “Black Lives Matter Plaza,” agitators stomped on and burned a big American flag. They chanted: “One, two, three, four! Slavery, genocide, and war! Five, six, seven, eight! America was never great!” The flag-burning organizers are part of an outfit calling themselves the Revolutionary Communist Party.

At other events, American-hating left-wing radicals called for President Trump and Vice President Pence to be removed from office. In multiple cities, the day was marked by murder and mayhem, including mobs pulling down statues.

I really hope that what’s been on display these past weeks has answered any questions you might have harbored as to who the American left is, what they think of this country, and what they want.

First and foremost, these are not people you can debate or compromise with. They don’t love America. They don’t want our nation to thrive and prosper. They want to destroy it and you. When they say, “America was never great,” that is exactly what they believe.

Now, if the left wins in November, it should be obvious to anyone who loves this country that we will be in deep doo-doo, deep trouble.

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