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RUSH: Hey, Mr. Snerdley, a quick political question. Are you gonna vote for Tucker Carlson for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024? (interruption) You’re not? (interruption) Hmm. ‘Cause apparently the Republican Party’s excited about that. Well, I’m telling you what I’m reading. I like Tucker. (interruption) No, no, no, don’t misunderstand.

I think Tucker’s great. I’m just asking you the question. It’s in the news out there. I know you’re into that party stuff.


RUSH: Okay. Let’s see. Some things I gotta get in here. Oh. Mr. Snerdley, would you vote for Kanye West? (interruption) Before we start just discarding, what is Kanye West doing? If Kanye West actually runs, who does it hurt?

It hurts Biden. It would take the African-American vote away from Biden, if he’s serious about this. I don’t know, man.

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