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RUSH: No in-person classes at Harvard. But they’re not gonna stop the teaching — uh, indoctrination. So how are they gonna do it? They’re gonna do it virtually. The students will be logging in on their computers and their devices. Meaning what? Meaning you don’t have to go there! You don’t have to get a fancy dorm or a place to live. You don’t have to spend the money to live in Cambridge, surrounding areas.

I know they’re not gonna lower the tuition. But look at how much it isn’t going to cost — and is Harvard going to have an asterisk by every graduate’s name which says, “This person may not have received the full benefit of a Harvard education because none of it happened on campus”? No! They’re gonna maintain that this virtual education by way of online connectivity is just as valuable, is just as good as if the student had been in the classroom.

They’re undermining… This is what these institutions on the left don’t understand. It’s the same thing happening to Governor Cuomo. He doesn’t know it yet. It’s the same thing happening to Phil Murphy in New Jersey. Don’t know it yet. It’s the same thing that’s gonna happen to Gavin Newsom in California. Don’t know it yet. Let’s say you want to work in high-tech — and in high-tech, the piece de resistance is Silicon Valley.

And because it is, rent and housing in Silicon Valley is ridiculously expensive. In fact, it’s so expensive you can’t live very near where you work. You have a commute that is a minimum of one hour and longer, an hour and a half. But what’s the upshot? If you can work at Apple or Google or Facebook without having to live there, why would you?

If you can have a job at some outfit in Manhattan but you don’t have to live in Manhattan, why would you? Why would you pay the rent? And let’s take it a step further. If you are a business and you don’t have to have employees in your office, why would you pay the real estate prices in Manhattan? You may not. Now, some people might because of the “rich cultural experience” of living in New York. (interruption)

Now, Snerdley is shouting, “It’s a rich cultural experience. People will value it.” Yeah, right. You think people will want to be in New York for the rich cultural experience? (interruption) “The arts.” What do you think’s gonna happen? What, do you think everything’s just gonna be the same someday? You think New York’s gonna someday open as though none of this ever happened?

The rich cultural experience of New York is a thing of the past, like it is in every other city. These people doing their best to coerce everybody into shutting down again are destroying the rich cultural history and past of these great cities and states and places. They are continuing to scare the hell out of everybody with these numbers of new cases, they’re trying to tell everybody that they equal the number of deaths, which is not true.

What rich cultural experience? You’re gonna see people moving out of New York. People can’t afford to maintain businesses there if people can’t live there or work there. Look, it’s gonna have a breaking point, and Governor Cuomo and these specific Democrat cities and states are purposely staying shut down as their duty, as their contribution to defeating Trump in November.

It’s their contribution to keeping the national economy from reigniting. I don’t know what they think the payoff for them is gonna be, but if anybody expects all of this to just go back to normal the way it was — where nobody remembers the virus and where nobody remembers the lockdown and nobody remembers the shutdown — that ain’t gonna happen. Sorry, “isn’t.”

It isn’t gonna happen.

As long as these mayors and as long as these governors keep their states shut down on the premise that you’ll die if they open up, then somebody explain to me: Why go there? And make no mistake; they are doing everything they can to convince everybody that if you go there, you’re gonna die. If you go to Florida, you’re gonna die. Texas, you’re gonna die. These people, all of this… Folks, do not doubt me.

This is gonna come back and bite these people in ways they can’t even see yet because their entire future — what they see in their future — is tunnel vision: Beat Trump. That’s all they can see. They can’t see any other reaction to their action. They can’t see what they’re literally doing to their property value. They can’t see what they’re doing to the restaurant industry in their cities and states.

And they don’t care, ’cause all that matters is defeating Trump. All that matters is keeping this economy lagging and dragging so they can beat Trump, so they can regain power for themselves. So here comes Harvard canceling in-person classes. Guess what that also means? That sends a signal to every other college to do it, too, and high school.

So, you know, Trump’s out there saying, “We gotta open the schools. We gotta open the schools.” Guess what? The left doesn’t want the schools open. So what does this mean? That means you can’t go back to work. Your kids are at home; you can’t go back to work. What does that mean for the economy? What does it mean for your sanity? Your kids can’t go back to school. You can’t leave the house because the lockdowns in these states are gonna continue.

You’re gonna go insane.

You’re gonna go Looney Tunes.

Kids are moving back home with their parents, gonna be doing college classes from their parents’ house, from their basements. They’re not going to be living on their own. They’re not gonna be learning how to live on their own. They are gonna be getting an education by way of internet connected, and their university’s gonna tell ’em, “It’s just as good, just as valuable, just as impactful as if you were here on our campus.”

Well, that’s gonna be… Ah, they might be sell that; I don’t know. But if they try to charge the same prices for it, people are gonna soon figure it out. I think people are already figuring out how much money they no longer are going to have to spend to live and work in certain areas of the country. And who’s doing? Democrats are doing it to themselves. Pure and simple. It’s an amazing thing to watch. So you’ve got a…

Let’s say you’ve got a kid, you have a child, you have student at Harvard — and you’re really proud. Ohhh, it’s the greatest thing when your kid got into Harvard. So proud. Bragging rights, all that stuff. The kids’ future guaranteed. He’s gonna learn how to wear the right pants and the right shoes for the right job in Washington. Gonna know how to talk to people, gonna know how to behave, gonna know how to become an elite.

Oh, it’s perfect. And then Harvard sends out a note saying, “Oh, by the way, don’t bother sending your kid here because we’re not gonna have in-person classes,” which means Professor Dershowitz can teach in the nude if he wants. Did you know he goes to a nudist beach in Martha’s Vineyard? I read it in the New York Post today.


RUSH: Folks, I think this Harvard decision and much like people are learning that you don’t have to live where you’re working, that means you don’t have to pay what it costs to live near where you’re working, I think these leftists, maybe some of them are aware what they’re doing, I don’t know. But I think they are so blinded by their hatred for Trump and their desire to get rid of him that they are running risks of permanent change and damage that they may not be able to recover from in some of these states, large cities in these states.

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