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RUSH: The Washington Redskins are getting ready to change their name. Dan Snyder said they would never, ever, do it. The owner of the team. But now he’s got pressure from sponsors, his partners. Now there’s talk that Snyder may say, “You know what, the hell with this, I’m just gonna sell the whole thing, just sell the team and come up with a name that’s close enough to what it is now,” that they wouldn’t have to change their uniforms ’cause they don’t have time to change the uniforms. They don’t have time to change all the licensed merchandise. They’d have to do something about the logo on the helmet.

They’re being pressured by Nike. Nike has pulled Washington Redskins gear from their store. Then the Cleveland Indians are thinking about changing the name of their team because of all of this. And after all this happens, do you think people are gonna be happy? They won’t be. This isn’t gonna solve anything. It’s not gonna make Colin Kaepernick happy. It’s not gonna stop these planned protests, which now coaches are saying they’re gonna lead, they’re gonna join their players in kneeling.

The NFL has announced they’re going to play the black national anthem prior to week 1 games. It’s called “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” That is the African-American national anthem, just gonna play that, then they’re gonna play the national anthem for the white supremacists, O say can you see. And then they’re gonna kneel and the coaches are gonna lead the kneeling, the Redskins are gonna have changed their name. And everybody is just gonna be so happy. Everybody is just gonna be so excited.

Except they won’t be. It’s just like my dad used to tell me after I’d come in late on a Friday night. “You boys have fun?” “Oh, yeah, Dad.” “No, you didn’t. You think you did, but you didn’t.” These people are gonna think they’ve done something wonderful and great, but isn’t gonna change anything. When they change the name of the Washington Redskins to the Redtails or whatever it’s gonna be, there isn’t gonna be any magic happiness. There isn’t gonna be people, “Oh, man we’re so good, we are so nice, we’re so decent.”

And because of that, you know, it’s gonna be a letdown. It’s gonna end up being a letdown because it’s not going to have a substantive, positive impact. I mean, people will be running around saying it is, but it isn’t gonna be what they think it’s gonna be.


RUSH: The guy that did Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda? Well, you know, they put Hamilton on Disney Plus over the weekend. And Lin-Manuel Miranda is an accredited, accepted leftist voice in entertainment. They got mad at him. They got mad at him because he didn’t make a big enough deal at the outset of the play every night that Hamilton was a racist, slave-owning pig.

So Lin-Manuel Miranda has apologized for not properly acknowledging that Hamilton was a reprobate, slave-owning, racist pig. He did. I saw it over the weekend. It’s a bunch of accredited liberals. The libs love that play, that musical. They thought it was the greatest. I can’t tell you.

I first heard about it, I was out in Los Angeles playing golf at a golf club which has many members of the Hollywood entertainment community. And these guys one day, “Have you seen Hamilton?” I didn’t know what it was ’cause I don’t go to musicals ’cause I can’t hear ’em. “Oh, you gotta go, it is the greatest, oh, you gotta go, you gotta see it. I don’t care what scalp or price you gotta pay, you gotta go see it.”

This was a famous, famous, well known, pinnacle of the field Hollywood writer, sitcom TV writer telling me about it. “You gotta go, it’s the greatest thing on earth.” And a lot of people love it, think it’s the greatest. And now I just find it fascinating that even something as universally popular as that among liberal entertainment circles has now itself come under assault.

(interruption) No, only one person on my staff laughed. I got an email during the break. “Did your staff fall for it when you said the three presidents that like Boll & Branch sheets are George Washington, John Adams, and John Quincy Adams?” I said only one of them laughed in there, so either they weren’t listening or they didn’t know.


RUSH: Hey, if you think that the NFL playing the black national anthem before week 1 games is bad, get this. The NBA… “The National Basketball Association and its players union have agreed on 29 social justice messages players can wear on their jerseys during the games.

“Players will have a list of 29 statements from which to choose to put on the back of their jerseys in place of their names for the first four days of the league’s resumption in Orlando.” Do you think this is gonna make ’em happy? You think it’s gonna…? I guarantee you that this is gonna lead to, “Jeez, is that all there is?” types of reactions.

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