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RUSH: You know, there’s a point that I have been making — we’ve got some evidence just to show you — and some people have been irritated at this. I have talked about the number of conservative friends I’ve lost when their daughters, primarily, became old enough to go away to college, did so, and came back — and I don’t recognize their dads anymore. They’re friends.

Now, I’ve got a story here in The Stack of Stuff that incidentally just came up. It’s up next, and it’s about how the fact that we lost the education system is why we are where we are. If you want to try to find one thing — and there’s more than one thing, obviously. But if you wanted to find, say, the central point from which everything else explodes, it is the fact that we lost public education to the left, to leftist activities disguised as teachers.

I have no doubt about this, and it’s two generations worth now. One of the things that’s different, as I say, is that when my brother went away to school, there was no way… Even if he’d been indoctrinated as a liberal, there was no way he was gonna convince my dad of it when he came home from school to talk, but that’s happening, and particularly where the students are daughters.

Grab sound bite number 4. This is Robert Regan. This is Fox & Friends Sunday. Jedediah Bila was talking to this guy, Robert Regan, who is a Republican Michigan state house candidate. She said, “Your daughter tweeted out opposition to you running for the Michigan statehouse. Well, your house must be really interesting at holiday time, these holiday dinners, political discussions start.” So this guy’s daughter is campaigning against him, and here is his reaction…

REGAN: I was deeply hurt. That stung. When I first saw that, I was like, “Oh, my Goodness. Are you serious?” It has to do with the indoctrination from the liberal and leftist, socialist, Marxist universities. You have to understand what these college campuses are like today — and these young women and young men, they want to fit into the group. So the whole idea that this is a bastion of free speech and ideas? That just doesn’t fly anymore.

RUSH: Here’s the next one very quickly. He wasn’t finished…

REGAN: I really do applaud her. She’s one special young lady, and I’m sure none of us expected this to go as viral as it has. And especially as a father and a family, you don’t want this stuff going out to public. You know, families are supposed to be safe spaces —


REGAN: — and you have these discussions privately. I think it just kind of caught all of us off guard. But, yeah, she’s one special — special young lady, and, uh, I’m just really happy for her.

RUSH: All right. Stop it. So the point is, now she goes away to school, gets indoctrinated, realizes she’s been taught that her father is a scourge, and she starts actively campaigning against him. And what does he do? (sigh) And I’m not trying to get the guy in trouble, believe me. But he talks about how proud he is, special young lady, really happy for her. Don’t doubt me that this stuff is happening out there, folks.


RUSH: By the way, the Michigan state Republican candidate Robert Regan, he’s the guy saying that he is more conservative than I am, that he’s to right of Rush Limbaugh. I’m really not selecting him to be critical of him. It’s just that his story fits an agenda. It fits a series of events that’s happening all over the country out there.


RUSH: Lest anybody think that I don’t know what’s going on here, I’m gonna explain fully that I do know exactly what’s going on here. And even though I know exactly what’s going on, and even though I understand it, there’s a part of it that worries me because it’s… We’ve lost our country to multiculturalism, and that has happened in the schools. And we’ve lost our country to multiculturalism in the process…

I mean, multiculturalism exists for one reason, and that’s to destroy the dominant American culture, of which there is one and of which there has been since our founding. And it is among the greatest cultures in the history of the world, as evidenced by the American standard of living, Americans’ morality. I mean, just… But even if it’s no better than anybody else’s, it’s still ours.

It’s a distinct American culture that a vast majority of the world wants to be part of. Early immigrants came to this country to become Americans. They didn’t come here to establish their own cultures on American soil like is happening now. So I… Look, not to beat a dead horse, but I know what goes on in the homes of these families where there are young college co-eds, primarily girls.

I don’t think this is happening too much with sons, but with daughters I think this is going to town. The daughters go away to school, they come home to conservative families, and they’ve been radicalized. And it’s usually around the issue of race. The multicultural curricula has done its job of enforcing guilt on particularly affluent, white, female college students.

They’ve made them feel guilty as hell, and they’ve done it by evoking sympathy. I’ll explain this in a minute in greater detail. So the young co-ed comes home — and, look, I know a bunch of fathers, friends of mine, rock-ribbed conservatives who’ve given it up rather than lose their daughters. It’s that simple. Now, in some cases, these guys are themselves being converted, but more than that it is they don’t want to lose their daughters.

So their daughters come home and tell ’em, “Dad, you and Mom screwed up the planet. You screwed up the country. You’re racists, systemic racists. You don’t even understand it, but I’m gonna tell you how — and you are ruining America. You’ve….” Dad says (sputtering), “I just tried to give you the best life I could. I — I — I — What are you talking about?”

At the end of it, he doesn’t want to lose his daughter. He said, “Okay. Maybe you got a point.” So that brings us back to Robert Regan in Michigan. This is the state Republican official who’s described himself as to the right of me — and as if to prove what I’ve been saying about how young, white women have been indoctrinated at college, they come home and explain to their parents how their parents have been wrong all their lives.

Their parents are part of the problem: Systemic racism in America. And Mr. Regan is… I don’t know if he’s blaming, but he certainly is calling attention to college for his daughter coming out publicly against him, which is what she has done. She has come out against her own father in his election bid because he is part of the systemic racist problem in America. Now, stop and think of that for a second.

I know it’s not unique, and I know that kids have been turned against their parents since time immemorial. But for a bunch of left-wing jerk multiculturalist college professors to do this — and they don’t just turn these kids against their parents. They do it with hatred. They get these kids, these young women hating either their parents or other aspects of American culture. But he says he’s proud of his daughter.

He blames college for her anti-endorsement of him. He said, “When they go off to college, quite frankly, they get involved with these Marxist, socialist universities, start getting indoctrinated with things that are completely polar opposite from how you raised them.” His daughter’s name is Stephanie. She sent out a tweet last Tuesday that read, “if you’re in michigan and 18+ pls for the love of god do not vote for my dad for state rep. tell everyone.”

The tweet went viral with more than 177,000 likes by Thursday night, two days later. The candidate said, Mr. Regan said, “he was hurt by the tweet but he was proud of his daughter. ‘I’m the father. I’m human. You feel things like that. One of the things I did with my kids, all four of them, I always said focus on the truth. I’m really excited that they thought they had a solid enough relationship with me where they could diss me on social media and know that I’m not gonna disown them.'”

So that… (chuckles) I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Mr. Regan. I can’t imagine the… Well, I can imagine the circumstance you’re in, and (sigh) he’s proud that they have a solid enough relationship with him that they could totally disrespect him on social media and know that he’s not gonna disown them. (summarized) “Yeah, my dad won’t do anything. My dad won’t do anything to me! My dad, he knows the truth.

“He knows there’s systemic racism in America and that he’s responsible. He’s not gonna do anything.” And here it is. Regan told TheHill.com he and his daughter mainly disagree with the issue of systemic racism. “‘She’s a big believer in that,’ he continued, while adding, ‘The only place where I really see systemic racism would be the abortion clinic, ’cause they seem to target the African American community.’ … while adding he thinks President Trump has ‘done more for the black community than any president we’ve had in the last 20 years.'”

Absolutely true. But he doesn’t dare argue with his daughter about it, and this is thing that I’ve noticed. These dads — I’ve seen them — don’t dare argue, don’t dare try to reclaim ’em, don’t dare try to tell ’em, “Hey, maybe your professor doesn’t have your best interests at heart.” They don’t even try. ‘Cause I’ll tell you, I know what’s going on. I know exactly, without having been there. I can tell you what’s going on in the Regan household, probably.

Mr. Regan’s wife or one of his other kids is saying to him, “Look, we don’t want to lose her. She’s our daughter. Our sister. It’s not worth pushing her out of our lives, and that’s gonna happen if you’re not careful the way you handle this, Robert. We can’t push her out of our lives. Just suck it up. Just suck it up, Robert, and don’t say anything. Don’t engage her in any discussions. She’ll leave us if you do, Robert.

“We’ll lose her, and politics is not the reason to lose our daughter. It doesn’t matter what she says; it doesn’t matter how wrong she is. We just have to shut up or we’ll lose her,” and that is how it happens. It’s no different than a parent not wanting to confront an SOB teacher for totally destroying their students’ educational life for fear of the bad grade that would be forthcoming.

You just (sigh) swallow it and go away and hope that you can save your own kid some other way. But you don’t dare go to the school and raise hell ’cause of what might happen to your kid. Same thing here — and this, folks, is how it happens. This is why I say that teachers in public school who have control over the multicultural curriculum are the biggest secret enemy or weapon that we face, because they’ve got automatic mind control over your kids.

And they have the ability — and it is happening now; it’s not just poor Mr. Regan. It’s not just my friends. It’s happening all over. They are turning affluent, white college students against their parents and against everything they have been raised to be. And not only that. In addition to turning them against it, they are being poisoned about the way they have been raised as promoting systemic racism, bias, homophobia, anti-LGBTQ attitudes, and all the other stuff that gets tossed into this perverse left-wing melting pot.

Try this headline: “Teachers in Northern Virginia Are Demanding Hazard Pay for the Coming School Year.” Teachers who’ve been doing what since March? Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! Nothing. They’re now demanding special pay, and it’s ’cause of the virus. But, see, the people who’ve been stocking shelves in your grocery stores and trucking supplies and loading those trucks all over the country? They haven’t made these kinds of demands for hazard pay, special pay.

It’s not all teachers, either, by the way. You can never… They’re not all monolithic and you can’t incriminate an entire group. But I’m telling you, the multicultural curriculum crowd, this is where the root of all of this goes. Black Lives Matter, the rioting, the looting, it’s all rooted in hating America. It’s all rooted in false beliefs about the founding of America.

It’s all in converting white majority, affluent, college educated kids that their parents — and they, by extension — are to blame for the horrendous circumstances that everybody who’s not white faces in this country. And they’ve done a bang-up job. They’ve had two generations now to do this. And I remember when the multicultural curriculum was first formed.

I was hosting this program. It’s about 30 years ago when I first heard it, and I warned everybody what this was about, that multiculturalism back then was actually being spearheaded by a bunch of people who simply couldn’t find their way into the mainstream of American culture. For whatever reasons, they were outcasts or thought they were.

For whatever reasons, they were oddballs and weirdos, or thought they were, or made to feel that way. So it became time to get revenge. And they have done it. Academia has been particularly victorious. But, folks, you know, there’s an opening now. The virus has shut down schools. There’s an opportunity. Homeschooling is on the March. Homeschooling is on the increase. You know what else is being learned?

People are learning just what a rip off university educations are, that you don’t need to pay 200 bucks for a textbook that is available almost el freebo online. You don’t need to pay $20,000 a semester for room and board. You don’t need to pay this for tuition or that. The colleges and universities had to find a way to stay up and running, and so they did it like every other business is — virtual, online — and guess what?

People are learning you don’t have to spend whatever it is, $30,000 to $50,000 a year educating your kid all for the purposes of having their minds poisoned by a bunch of left-wing multiculturalists. So there’s an opening here. There’s an opening to reach in and grab — regrab, regain — control over education in this country. It’s not just universities, either.

They’ve got your kids once they get to high school in various classes. Like, I can’t tell you how many history classes have been punted in exchange for current events in the news. And all that is, for however long that class lasts, is what an SOB Donald Trump is. That’s history class in many public and private schools in America today.

I remember hearing stories of the teachers of these so-called history classes giving students the answers to the tests about which they hadn’t been taught anything. The tests were fake. They were given the answers so that they would pass these tests, so it’d make it look like the teachers had been teaching this stuff, but they hadn’t taught anything of history.

And the kids, of course, they liked it. It meant they didn’t have to study. They didn’t have to do anything. They were given the answers to the tests. It’s not just one place; it’s been happening all over the country. Everything for the advancement of the cause, you see.

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