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RUSH: Now, the head honcho of the Centers for Disease Control, Robert Redfield said, “Our best estimate right now is that for every case that’s reported, there actually are 10 other infections.” He said this in a conference call with reporters yesterday. So the Centers for Disease Control says that COVID-19 cases in America may be 10 times higher than reported.

Well, as of yesterday the total number of COVID-19 deaths — this according to Johns Hopkins University — is 124,355. That’s the number of deaths. If 23 million Americans have been infected, if that’s the 10-times number — we know number of deaths is what it is. We don’t know the number of cases. Obviously if he’s willing to say it’s 10 times more than what we thought, well, that would mean 23 million Americans have been infected. The death toll is 124,000. That means the fatality rate is 0.5.

Now, the flu fatality rate is 0.1%. This is a vastly different picture than what we were told. Remember, we were told initially that the coronavirus death toll was 10 times that of the flu. Dr. Fauci said that. It’s not true. Then we were told that the fatality rate for coronavirus was 6%, then it was 5%. Originally reported to be 6% fatality rate, the U.S. economy was all but shut down when those numbers were used. They were never accurate. They were never true.

The media didn’t question the 6% claim. And if you did, the media came after you. It drove clicks, it drove Twitter, it drove Instagram, it created viewers, readership through the roof. It was a full-fledged panic out there. They didn’t look at who was dying because that would have put focus on Andrew Cuomo and the nursing homes in New York.

So if 23 million Americans have been infected, 10 times more than what we thought — does the CDC not understand how incompetent this makes them look? Redfield goes out there, “Yeah, 10 times the infection rate than we thought.” Okay. So 23 million Americans. Right now the number, there are 2.3 million COVID-19 cases reported. And he’s saying, no, no, no, no, could be 10 times higher than that. So, okay, 23 million.

“This virus causes so much asymptomatic infection,” Redfield said. Most of these people don’t even have any symptoms, meaning they don’t suffer from it. Okay. So the Coronavirus Task Force got back together today and they’ve been task forcing. They’ve been having a press event up there the vice president, Mr. Pence. Dr. Fauci and the Scarf Queen. We have some audio sound bites. Here’s Dr. Birx this afternoon. This is at the Department of Health and Human Services. It’s not at the White House. Here is a portion of her remarks.

BIRX: And thanks to the Millennials who have been heeding our guidance, they have been coming forward and getting testing. And so whereas before we told ’em to stay home, now we are telling them to be tested. And this is a great change for us, because it allows us now to find the asymptomatic and the mild diseases. We also know who’s at risk for the highest mortality and because of that we’ve able to — the clinical care has dramatically improved.

RUSH: Yeah, since March we’ve learned so much more than we knew. So she’s very happy that Millennials have been heeding the guidance, they’ve been coming forward, getting tested, have to take time-out from the protest march. Speaking of which, she may have slipped up here. The protests, as you know, are not supposed to have anything to do with COVID-19. You can’t even mention COVID-19 in the same sentence as the protests because the virus knows to avoid looters and rioters and protesters. And yet Dr. Birx said —

BIRX: I just want to end by thanking, again, the Millennials who have come forward. And I know during the protests we asked a lot of them to go forward and get testing, and we see those testing rates really improving in the under-40 age-group. I want to really make it clear, no one is intentionally spreading the virus.

RUSH: No, of course not.

BIRX: But they don’t know that they’re positive —

RUSH: No, no.

BIRX: — they don’t have symptoms —

RUSH: No, no.

BIRX: — and need to be tested —

RUSH: No, no.

BIRX: — in order to have that awareness.

RUSH: That’s right. She’s not supposed to mention the protests, folks. Protests and COVID-19 never to appear in the same sentence, much less the same paragraph, much less in the same press conference. And just to be fair, just to be equal, to show that we are not discriminating, here is a portion of the remarks made by Dr. Fauci.

FAUCI: There are certain areas in the country — states, towns, cities, regions — that are doing very well, that have followed the guidelines and are opening up in a prudent way that’s been effective. However, as you can, we are facing a serious problem in certain areas. I don’t think there’s time enough now all day to try and analyze and figure out the multifaceted elements that went into that. Everyone feels the common feeling of being pent up for such a long period of time. So we’re not gonna say blame, everybody wants to end it, everybody wants to get back to normal, and everybody wants the economy to recover. I think we all are pretty common in that.

RUSH: No, see, Doctor, I know if you were in the room with me, Doctor, you’d disagree with me profoundly, but that’s not true. And I’m not accusing Dr. Fauci of lying. I’m simply saying that Dr. Fauci is confused about the Democrat Party. There is no way everybody wants the economy to recover. That’s the point. That is the point.

The blue state governors and mayors don’t want the economy to recover because of Trump. They don’t want the unrest and the rioting and the looting, they don’t want that to stop, the tearing down of statues. They are benefiting from this politically, or think that they are going to.

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