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RUSH: Recent discussions of the Michael Flynn case — remember when the DOJ first told the judge, Emmet Sullivan (imitating Sullivan), “We’re dropping the charges, we’re pulling the case,” and Judge Sullivan said, “The hell you are. This guy’s a reprobate, and you can’t tell me to pull the case ’cause I don’t want this guy — you you you you.” And they said, “Nope, we’re dropping the case.” And then he goes and gets a friend of the court, friend of his to write some big brief on why the DOJ shouldn’t drop. He doesn’t have the power to tell the DOJ. Just a judge. Judge does not determine who gets prosecuted and who doesn’t.

Anyway, when all that went down, I posited a theory that the reason they had to get rid of Michael Flynn is because of what he knew. And as national security adviser what he would be privy to, what he would not only be entitled to know, what he would have to be on the loop on. And that would mean that he’d be aware of every aspect of this stupid, trumped up Trump-Russia collusion investigation. He would see from the get-go that it was bogus. And that could not be permitted to happen.

This thing, it had to be covered up, and it had to be ongoing. This investigation had to continue during the Trump presidency. So then we learned of the internal notes of members of the FBI discussing Flynn and they said, “So what are we gonna do with him here? Are we just gonna get him fired or do we want to get him prosecuted?” when they were discussing having this official, unofficial interview with him at the White House.

And that led me and a bunch of other people, they gotta get rid of guy. They cannot let him become Trump’s national security adviser because he would be privy to everything. Well, guess what? Michael Flynn, according to his lawyer, Sidney Powell — she was on the Fox Business Channel Mornings with Maria today, and Sidney Powell said that Flynn had intended to audit the intelligence agencies before the 2017 interview with him.

It was part of the job, how seriously he took becoming national security. He was gonna audit the intel. Well, no wonder they had to take him out. Audio sound bite number 26 yesterday. Maria Bartiromo says to Sidney Powell, “Why do you think Flynn was a target? Take us back to when Flynn was in the Obama administration. All these players knew Flynn, and they wanted him out of the way. Why, Sidney?”

POWELL: Flynn was a Democrat. He was trying to speak the truth and help President Obama get the foreign policy right, and instead he was persecuted and prosecuted and fired. Flynn was gonna audit the intel agencies. And that would have included some of the FBI’s work as well. I mean, they were all absolutely terrified of an honest person getting in the job of national security adviser and finding out what they’d all done in addition to all the other atrocities. They had to have him gone. They wanted him gone as much as they wanted Trump gone.

RUSH: There you go. We were right about that. That’s so exciting to know. Because it’s kind of going out on a limb and saying they had to get rid of him because they feared what he would know. But now he was gonna do an audit? Ho. They could not permit him to get anywhere near that job. So Maria Bartiromo. “Well, this is the biggest political scandal in our lifetimes, Sidney, biggest I’ve ever seen. And we’ve all had front-row seats. So much collateral damage, so many people’s lives have been ruined.”

POWELL: The history of the country was ruined. They changed the history of the country by taking Flynn out of that position and disrupting the administration of one of its most crucial leaders. And then they hid and suppressed all the evidence of his innocence and the innocence of the entire Trump administration on these issues for all this time, for three and a half years now. That’s obstruction of justice.

RUSH: Yeah. I sometimes wonder how Sidney Powell can maintain her composure given everything she has uncovered in her books and in the work that she has done for defendants. And, you know, if you had to pinpoint an area of expertise — and it’d be very difficult to do — but if you had to, “Well, who is Sidney Powell, what does she do?”

Sidney Powell, among many other things, specializes in finding exculpatory evidence the government has and suppresses. It was one of the foundations of her book, and it was at the center of getting the Flynn case dropped. They never had a shred of evidence on Flynn. They had to set up process crimes. They want to bankrupt him and threaten his son in order to get him to plead guilty just to shut it down.

And all of the exculpatory evidence — for those of you in Rio Linda, all the evidence showing he did not do it — Brady evidence was withheld. As I say, Sidney Powell is an expert in many things, but finding how the government suppresses, not only finding out how they do it, but finding the evidence that they have suppressed has become one of her big-time specialties. So kudos to her. This has just been a phenomenal amount of work.

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