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RUSH: I just got a note here. “Do I understand this right, Rush? It’s acceptable for Jimmy Kimmel to appear in blackface, and to use the N-word a lot of times? As long as he’s on a leftist channel, Comedy Central, nobody goes after his advertisers on ABC to show disapproval?” That’s exactly right. Jimmy Kimmel can wear blackface, use the N-word, and announce that he’s gonna take the summer off.

“Oh, it’s so much pressure doing a show every day for 18 years.” He’s got 25 writers and producers. “It’s just such a lot pressure, a lot of pressure need the time off.” Do you notice something about this? Did you notice that everybody that we have learned who has a history of dressing up in blackface is a freaking Democrat? Every damn one of them is, from Ralph Northam to Jimmy Kimmel.

Take… (interruption) Who? (interruption) Oh, yeah. Joy Behar, Maude Behar, and there’s a whole bunch of others out there that have been nabbed and caught recently — and they’re all Democrats, every damn one of them!

You never find a conservative Republican caught wearing blackface. Anyway, just an observation, folks. That’s all that is.

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