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RUSH: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Apple is closing some stores because of upticks in the coronavirus. Arizona and Florida, some stores. Let’s see what else is out there. Some casinos in Arizona are closing. Oh, and then there’s this! (shuffles paper) “Five Philadelphia Phillies Players Test Positive for the Coronavirus” here in Florida.

“Five Phillies players tested positive while training at the team’s facility in Clearwater, Florida. Three staff members also tested positive for the virus, a total of eight people. None of them are currently hospitalized. None have been publicly named. The Phillies facilities in Clearwater have thus been closed indefinitely as a result.

“The first confirmed case occurred this past Tuesday, June the 16th, the Phillies said in a statement to NBC.” So, uhhh, anybody think there’s gonna be a Major League Baseball season? I know. It’s tough.

Grab audio sound bite number 22. CNN sent a reporter, Martin Savidge. This guy I think’s been at CNN as long as I’ve been here. Maybe even longer, I don’t know.

Not that that matters to anything. Just an observation. But this what they’re doing on CNN. They sent a reporter out to Tulsa to find a line of people waiting to get into the Trump rally tonight to find out how stupid Trump supporters are. You think they ever did this at a Black Lives Matter protest during any of the looting, during any of the rioting?

Did they ever send reporters out to get into the crowd to tell us how stupid they were for doing this? No! In fact, it was just the opposite. We were told the virus does not go to protests. The virus does not go to lootings. The virus doesn’t show up at bombed-out, burned-out buildings. (interruption) No, we were. That’s what we were told.

Here’s Martin Savidge’s report…

SAVIDGE: Every single day it seems that there has been an increased concern about the pandemic in this community. But you wouldn’t know it by anybody here. In fact, there are face masks that are for sale in some of these stalls, but it doesn’t appear anybody is taking them.

And the worry is — by the health department and by the city officials — you will have at least 20,000 people packing inside of the OK Center. Even though they will be handing out masks and hand sanitizer, it’s not expected that many people — those that support this president — are going to adhere to that policy, definitely not social distancing.

RUSH: Why not?

SAVIDGE: So all those people packed in a close confine for hours on end in the middle of a pandemic spike in this city is just a recipe for disaster, according to medical officials. And right now, they don’t know how far it will spread after this event.

RUSH: So, you see? A bunch of idiots! They’re gonna be given hand sanitizer. Too stupid. They won’t use it. They are going to be — let’s see — given masks, but they’re too stupid! They won’t use them. And, of course, they’re too stupid to socially distance, so they won’t do that. And then they’re all gonna get the virus and spread it, and it’s all gonna be Trump’s fault.

Try this headline here at Breitbart: “Officials Cut Off Power, Water After Massachusetts Gym Defies Reopening Plan — Officials cut off a gym’s power and water,” the g-y-m, a workout place, “Thursday in Oxford, Massachusetts, because it refused to comply with the state’s coronavirus reopening plan. ‘Electricity and domestic water service were shut off in Prime Fitness & Nutrition, Inc. on Thursday after a judge granted the town the ability to shut down the gym,’ according to WHDH.

“Fitness centers were not allowed to reopen until phase three of Gov. Charlie Baker’s plan, which could begin June 29 at the earliest…” Now, do you think that officials will cut off power or cell service or water at a homeless camp or at a Black Lives Matter encampment or at that CHOP place in Seattle? Nooo, folks. No. You don’t have to wait long to answer that. No.

Free support services will never be cut off, because those who did it would be the epitome of what? Racists! It will never happen.

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